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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

November 2017

The first days of November are transitional days, setting the stage for the remainder of the month as no less than three planets change signs in time for the full moon November 4th. In early November Mercury makes his move into sidereal Scorpio for a three week stay, a time when strategic thinking comes more easily to us, though we may need to guard against a tendency toward being unnecessarily suspicious of others. Shortly after, Venus returns to her home sign of Libra, emphasizing. . .


October 2017

October begins pleasantly enough, and though the second week things get challenging, the second half of the month brings a wonderful new moon opportunity for readers of every sign. Mercury–and Jupiter, too–delivers some good news throughout the month, adding some beautifully bright spots which are sure to stand out. The good news is that the challenges we face in the second week of October are opportunities for growth and learning, providing the necessary contrast we need in order to find the requisite clarity of purpose and desire to be effective going forward. Embrace the challenges, and open yourself to the lessons they contain. Refrain from. . .

September 2017


In like a lamb, out like a lion could be used to sum up September. The first half of the month is quite enjoyable on the surface, but an undercurrent of tension reaches a peak during the second half. September starts off enjoyably enough, what with Mercury still retrograde in Leo, smack in the middle of sidereal Leo season. News is possible on the 3rd when retrograde Mercury and Mars have business together in Leo. Be careful of saying something impulsively or having a knee-jerk reaction to news–try to keep. . .

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