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Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology.

I know why you’ve come.


I know where you’re at, because I’ve been where you are and I know what your choices are.


You’re not excited about life anymore, you’re deeply dissatisfied, and you might even feel a little bit guilty because deep down you know you have a lot to be grateful for.

You want to live a life filled with purpose, meaning, and personal growth.


You want to master your karmic lessons, uncover how you can be of greatest service, and finally—finally!—feel like you are fulfilling a higher purpose.


But still you find it difficult to navigate in uncertainty, to dispel the guilt and conquer the fear. You feel alone.


I’m Phaedra. I use the ancient wisdom of sidereal astrology to help you

  • recognize your soul purpose,
  • reveal your karmic life lesson,
  • and discover where you can be of joyful service in the world


I work with spiritually conscious individuals to

  • banish dissatisfaction,
  • reconnect with their soul purpose,
  • and live the life of joy and happiness they dream of!


The stars can guide you to the clarity you need so you can confidently begin creating the life of happiness and fulfillment that you deserve.


You don’t have to do it on your own.


Work with me.


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