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Printable Chart Templates

Observation Journal Printable Chart Blank

Create sophisticated tri-wheel astrological charts or any combination of wheels using this chart template, plus take thorough and detail notes. Perfect for students, field studies, or astrological and astronomical notes of any kind. 

Also available in a bound notebook or as disc bound notebook pages to customize your Ultimate Astrological Planner.

Single Wheel Chart Blank

Create virtually any kind of astrological chart using this chart template. Perfect for whole and equal house systems.

Bi Wheel Chart Blank

Perfect for synastry charts, transit-to-natal charts, and many other applications.

Editing Your Ultimate Astrological Day Planner

Follow these instructions to open the spine of your Ultimate Astrological Day Planner. Use the blank pages in the back of your planner to print your selections from the Bonus Pack and add them to your day planner.

Simply squeeze the comb binding back together to close the spine.

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