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Five Reasons You’ll Love the Ultimate Astrological Planner



The Ultimate Astrological Planner

Those of you in the Mystick Physick Sidereal Insights astrology community I host on Facebook have been waiting SO patiently for more than a month for this news.

And I have to give all of you in the group a big shout out and thank you for answering all my questions as this project came together. I just want to say I am sososo pleased to finally announce the release of The Ultimate Astrological Planner exclusively from Mystick Physick!

The Ultimate Astrological Planner is the result of a months-long effort to put together an astrological day planner you can easily use in your everyday life to plan your most important activities. It’s jam packed with so many goodies, I’m excited to use it myself!

I’m super happy with the result, and you will be, too. Keep reading to discover five reasons why.

Five Reasons You’ll Love the Ultimate Astrological Planner

The Ultimate Astrological Day Planner


Reason #1 – You Can Use It Anytime, Anywhere Regardless of Your Industry

Here’s a little back story for you: the planner came about as a result of my personal frustration with astrological planners and datebooks. I’ve used several, and I haven’t been truly happy with any. In fact, I haven’t purchased any of them twice.

They’re not easy to use, and usually you need to be well versed in astrology to really get much out of them. Often they’re an odd size, or super bulky, or don’t contain all the features you want in a daily or monthly planner (and really, who wants to carry TWO planners? not this girl!) and so they’re just not convenient.  Plus they usually have astrological “branding” to them, and not everyone wants to advertise their use of astrology in daily life. It’s an unfortunate truth that astrology still has a stigma in this day and age.

So, the Ultimate Astrological Planner absolutely had to be designed to be an attractive planner that you wouldn’t hesitate to walk into a meeting with.  You can choose from 10 gorgeously discreet cover designs and none of them scream “woo”.

Reason #2 – You Will Save Time and Hassle Finding the Astrological Information You Need

Now, I personally like to plan my actions, appointments, major initiations, et cetera around astrological cycles but that means EVERY MONTH I’m spending the time to write important astrological information in my monthly planner: new moons, full moons, sign ingresses, aspects, retrogrades, all that stuff.

Sometimes I get so busy that it’s a week or more into the month before I can carve out the time to do this. So late last year I hatched this idea that I could create a customized planner that would fit all my requirements for an easy-to-use astrological planner that could actually replace the planner I buy every year from the drugstore and save me hours of time every month.

The Ultimate Astrological Monthly Planner


The Ultimate Astrological Day Planner


Reason #3 – You Don’t Need to Be a Professional Astrologer to Use It

Here’s the real kicker: not only does it include all the retrogrades, sign ingresses, and major astrological aspects by transit (with one small exception) on each day BUT I also color coded the best days for love, luck and business and all Mercury retrogrades so you can see at a glance 1) when to plan your actions because astrological opportunities are knocking and 2) when to just hold off on your most important initiations and take the retrograde into account in your planning.

Now, that one exception I noted above has to do with aspects the moon makes, since she moves so fast. I go into that in this video:


Reason #4 – It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Use Sidereal or Tropical Zodiac Systems

Now, as a western sidereal astrologer, the Fagan/Bradley ayanamsa is my go-to choice—though I do use the western tropical zodiac on occasion, and I have clients who prefer I use that in their consultations. So it was important to serve BOTH needs, and you’ll find that every Ultimate Astrological Planner style comes in your choice of western tropical and Fagan/Bradley sidereal versions.  The calculations are based on Eastern Standard Time and all weeks begin on Monday, which aligns with international standard.

Get your free astrological calendar!

Know the best days for business, luck and romance at a glance. 

Reason #5 – It’s a Monthly Planner and a Daily Agenda

You can check out all the planner styles right here, but before you do, let me tell you a little bit about what I cooked up for you.

There are two main styles: a basic 13 month month-at-a-glance planner, like an executive day planner. It’s a slim 36 pages, saddle stitched, and includes a 2 page astrological symbol key with explanations and project planner pages at the back for your important notes. Each month is a two page spread so you have plenty of room to write appointments. And to give you the most room to write, the final size is 8.5 x 11 letter.

And for those of you who—like me—are planning maniacs, of course there’s a day planner version. It has all the features of the monthly planner PLUS 2-page week-at-a-glance appointment planning pages so you can plan your day down to the smallest detail. And there are some bonus features here I just couldn’t make a planner without. 😉

The weekly planning pages include space to write your 2-4 most important goals for the day, if you like to go all 4 Hour Work Week like Tim Ferriss and knock them out first thing each morning.  There’s space for your “Sharpening the Saw” activities, for those of you who follow Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and there’s even room for writing your daily gratitudes—something Bob Proctor recommends in both The Secret and The Abundance Factor movies.

And there are even more features that I haven’t really gone into—things like major holidays, Daylight Saving Time reminders, numbered days and weeks if you are in an industry where you might need those sorts of things, and more.

So go, right now, and order your favorite, whether you like a downloadable planner file you can print from home, or whether you want a professionally bound and printed planner shipped to you. And do hurry, because the introductory pricing won’t last long—only until the final test proofs from the printer land in my hot little hands—and that will be very soon.

To your success, with love.



P.S. You can also get a free copy of the November 2016 month-at-a-glance planner pages to use while you wait.  Later this month I’ll release a December 2016 version, too. Get ready to make 2017 your best year yet!

The Ultimate Astrological Monthly Planner


Are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?

Order your 2017 Ultimate Astrological Planner today so you can put the power of astrology to work for you and make your new year a brilliant success.
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