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2017 Sidereal Mercury Retrogrades

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Ancient astrology with a modern approach: Choose from our full selection of Western Sidereal or Tropical astrology reports.

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Read your sidereal forecast right here each month and get Phaedra’s helpful guidance by horoscope sign exactly when you need it.

Hand Painted Natal Charts

Commission your own unique hand painted and illuminated archival quality natal chart.
Sagittarius Natal Chart - Christina
Capricorn Natal Chart - Emily
Aquarius Natal Chart - Jennifer & Christopher
Astronomer's Natal Chart - Marlee

I rec’d my chart today…..and I was very pleased with the artwork and the informational booklet. I can’t wait to have it professionally framed so I can hang it in my office. When I removed the artwork from the shipping packaging, it was beautifully wrapped…it was just like X-Mas. Thx Phaedra for making this purchase a wonderful experience. I can’t believe how much work you put into this for me. What a great gift this would make….

Deborah W.

"Aries" Hand Painted Natal Chart

This artist was amazing to work with. She was prompt, my Chart shipped on time. She quickly answered all of my questions. I luv my chart!!! And we are planning on having one done for each of our family members and our wedding date. Thank you Phaedra for introducing us to a new interest 🙂

Sonja W.

"Libra" Hand Painted Natal Chart

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Phaedra was amazing with communicating with me not only in a timely manner, but with such patience. She guided me toward a better decision for my initial report and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon her wonderful self and shop! The report is thorough, just as described, shipping was quick and I adore my Exploration Report. Being able to see a side by side comparison of the two zodiacs put a lot into perspective for me! Can’t wait to order again!

Emma R.

Astrology Exploration Report

This was an extremely accurate Synastry Report that I will enjoy reading and rereading for years to come. Thank You Very Much!!

Robert K.

Sidereal Relationship Report

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