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Every consultation comes with a 6 or 12 Month Forecast Report customized especially for you.


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See What Others Are Saying

Here are just a few of the lovely things clients have to say.

You’re very down to earth and get the job done. I know my birth time and realise I’m a completely different Sun sign to what I’d been told! I can now go off and study my chart.

Sophie W.

I . . . am totally pleased by the depth and consideration of the insight I received. Phaedra and I consulted before she began working up my charts. It was a depthful, honest conversation about personal habits and experiences — not the easiest to have, but Phaedra was totally supportive, understanding, and kind. I felt at ease. I received a full report and many charts she used in considering my personal astrological profile. There are definitely difficult aspects in my chart that I felt a little maudlin while processing, but then we had another consultation once I had gathered my remaining concerns. I even have a recording of that consultation which is super helpful to refer back to! By the end of our final consultation I felt much more empowered to begin looking at tougher aspects like oppositions as learning opportunities and areas to challenge myself within. I would work with Phaedra again in a second!

Jill M.

Phaedra was quick to answer questions and provided in depth report on pros and cons of a specific location. She was super accommodating and a pleasure to do business with!

Cherie B.

Private Readings

Select the reading that best fits your needs. Choose from a variety of personalized services.

Your Private Reading Includes

Personal attention and hands-on chart analysis.
Private consultations allow me to offer a personal touch unmatched by the a la carte services available in the online store. I conduct the chart analysis and put together an overview of what the reading communicates, paying special attention to your top three areas of interest. Each stage of the process can take several days, and the result is entirely unique to you. The final summary in PDF format gives you a permanent record of your chart reading you can enjoy over and over again.
60 Minutes Video Consultation.

We’ll follow up your consultation with an hour long video consultation so you can ask questions and get greater insight into the results of your private reading.

You can book additional consultation time if you’d like to explore your chart in greater depth than an hour may allow.  Choose from multiple video chat platforms including Messenger, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Or, upgrade to a recorded consultation If you’d like a recording of our visit.

PDFs of all relevant charts.
At minimum, Personal Consultations include your natal chart, Relationship Consultations include both parties’ natal charts and synastry chart, Business Consultations include the querent’s natal chart and the business inception chart and the partner’s chart, if any. The 360° Astrological Survey includes all these. Other charts such as progressed, composite, transit-to-natal, etc may also be included depending on the nature of your consultation. You’ll find these charts helpful to refer to as you have future questions about astrology and your chart.
A generous refund policy.
I offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 24 hours of your purchase. Due to the individualized nature of your private consultation, I am unable to offer refunds for cancellations once chart work has begun. If you are unable to immediately reschedule your consultation, then simply send me an email  within 7 days of your original purchase and I will refund up to 50% of your payment and issue a voucher for the difference toward any new consultation booked within 12 months. If you are not thrilled with your consultation please let me know right away, I want you to be happy with your experience. =)
You can upgrade at any time after buying and before our follow-up consultation, just contact me for special invoicing. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks minimum for delivery of your report and read it thoroughly prior to scheduling your video consultation.  You may reschedule your video consultation anytime within 12 months of purchase.

The 360° Astrological Survey

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