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As my experience with astrology has led me over the years to recognize the wisdom in planting when it is time to plant and harvesting when it is time to harvest, I expanded that practice to the larger arena of my life—I apply it in practice and principle to planning all the various activities I undertake, from gardening to business planning to traveling, health maintenance, and even to the art I create.


The success of the harvest depends upon the timeliness of the planting. And so it is in business, and in all creative and pro-creative endeavors. Each particular astronomical painting I create is begun and concluded during particular astrological cycles, based on the subject and on what transits will be most beneficial to their creation.


With each painting, I document not only the aspects involved in creation but also visually document the stages of creation along the way, and typically write up a description of my process and the outcomes at each stage.


Each painting tells the story of a dance in the heavens, a dance of creation as unique and individual as each human being ever born. A dance that will not be repeated for another 4.3 million years.


You can find their stories here at my blog, Uranus in the 5th House, interspersed with musings on astrology and occasionally on humanity’s explorations of the world outside our celestial doorstep.


You can put the power of astrology to work for you in the same way. You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to be willing to learn a few of its fundamental principles. You also need a chart or two, which I can put together for you. All you need is your date, time, and place of birth. Time of birth is very important to the process, and you can read more about that in the FAQ.


If you’re interested in exploring astrology further, check out the recommended reading list I’ve put together (coming soon) or wander on over to Mystick Physick and explore the variety of astrological reports available for purchase.


I do offer personal and business astrological consulting on a limited basis, so if you have a particular business endeavor or personal concern you’d like assistance with, you can contact me to discuss it more in depth. Together we can use the astrological tools at our disposal to find a solution or craft a plan for the success of your goal.


Because my experiences with astrology and studies of its history have led me to give greater weight to the sidereal zodiac, that is what I primarily use in my practice. If you have a particular preference for the tropical zodiac, I’m happy to make the switch. The differences are subtle; the methodology is the same.


And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, I’ve put together a astrology Exploration Report especially for those who are uninitiated to the sidereal zodiac. BE WARNED. If you have extensive personal experience with astrology already—and I mean with western tropical astrology—your first exposure to western sidereal astrology can be quite traumatic. If you are not willing to set aside your preconceptions about yourself and about what you know about astrology, DO NOT buy the zodiac Exploration Report. If you have strong mental or emotional attachments to the sun sign you fall under with western tropical astrology, DO NOT buy the Exploration Report. In astrology the sun represents our ego self in the chart—I cannot stress enough how challenging it can be to the ego that has attachments to its sun sign identity to begin exploring western sidereal astrology, and if you feel that is the case then this is not for you.


It can, however, highlight the subtle but significant differences between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs. To fully understand the differences, a little astrological history lesson is in order. The quick and dirty explanation is that the sidereal zodiac is the actual zodiac of the stars, while the tropical zodiac is a construct based on a 2000 year old agricultural calendar. Some folks find that their re-calculated chart under the sidereal system shifts their planets—most notably the sun, moon, and/or rising sign—into the neighboring sign due to precessional shift. Often, these folks find the new interpretation to be more accurate, once the mental gymnastics are done and the initial shock wears off. Some folks find few differences at all. It all depends on what degrees your planets are in, and how long ago you were born.


To be fair, when the tropical calendar was first constructed, both systems were exactly the same. And, to be fair, there are fewer differences between the two systems than might be apparent at first. They are, however, crucial differences, and as I’ve said before, the differences will only become even more apparent over time.





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