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A Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

mercury retrograde

It seems there are a litany of things to not do when Mercury is retrograde:

Don’t sign contracts.
Don’t make important initiations.

Don’t make big purchases.

Don’t even think of buying electronics.

Don’t start a job (if you can help it).

I bet between you and me we could go on for a while. 😉

“Astrology is astronomy brought down to earth and applied toward the affairs of man.”

Now, that’s not to say that life doesn’t go on even when Mercury retrograde happens, and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. But keep in mind if you have to act under this influence that the results may not be lasting, at least not in their initial incarnation. Something is likely to change, often in a way that leaves you disappointed or feeling regret. But what about the things you can do? How can you best work with the energies of the celestial messenger doubling back on his own footsteps? Turns out there are plenty of ways to put Mercury to work.  

  1. Back up your hard drive.
  2. Proofread everything.
  3. Seriously. Proofread again.
  4. Double check all dates and appointments.
  5. Follow Susan Miller’s advice and tape your business card to every device you own–put your name on everything.
  6. Go back to work for an old boss.
  7. Do repeat business with past clients.
  8. Reconnect with an old flame.

  But let’s not stop there.

Here are 12 specific ways you can put Mercury Retrograde to work for you, depending on where you find him in relation to your natal chart. If you need your chart, you can get a free PDF copy from following this video tutorial. Simply locate the house by identifying the sign Mercury is currently retrograding through in your natal chart. Or you can use our helpful online tools to calculate your Fagan-Bradley sidereal placements or your western tropical placements, whichever you prefer.

1st House – Get in touch with yourself It’s time to take stock of your self and how exactly you’ve been caring for yourself. Have you been demonstrating loving self care or committing time for personal development and physical activity? Use this time for meditation and introspection.

2nd House – Get in touch with your finances Now’s a good time to take stock of your tangible, movable assets (anything except real estate) and even meet with a financial planner to make sure you’re not overlooking something. Be thorough.

“Here are 12 specific ways you can put Mercury Retrograde to work for you.”

Fig. A
3rd House – Get in touch with your siblings Reconnect with siblings or neighbors and catch up on life. You can also use this time to pay close attention to what you say and how you communicate with others. Are you being as effective as you thought or are there improvements you could make?

4th House – Get in touch with your mother Sometimes that means your cosmic mother. You may find yourself communicating emotional truths under this influence, rehashing what you may have thought you’d moved past. See this as an opportunity to put it properly to rest. Let the revelations come as they choose and wait to act until later, when you’ve had time to reflect. This is also a perfect opportunity to conduct a seasonal property inspection. Make note of everything that needs to be done around the house, inside and out. Write a list of any supplies you’ll need and include any special tools. Conduct winterizing, de-winterizing, or even basic emergency preparedness.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

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5th House – Get in touch with your heart How’s your love life? Ready for a refresh? Give your relationships an honest review. Check the integrity of your connections: are you spending quality time together? Having meaningful conversations? Encouraging each other in pursuit of your passions? You know that thing you really want in your relationships? Dedicate this time to discovering what that is so you can do more of it. Don’t be surprised if you bump into an old flame, Whether its a classroom, a craft room, a workshop or a studio, it’s time to clean it out and get organized. What projects have you outgrown? What new creative endeavors are you ready for?

6th House – Get in touch with your health When was the last time you had a health check up or had the pets in to the vet? Where are you health wise versus where do you want to be? Make a plan. Also consider conducting performance reviews during this time.

“It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens.”


“Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.”

7th House – Get in touch with your partner Be patient with partners, observe, take stock, and don’t be afraid to get clarification so you can be better prepared to make a decision or commitment once things get moving again. Are you showing up for your partner and are they showing up for you? Iron out your differences.

8th House – Get in touch with your own mortality Schedule a financial review so you can come up with a plan and stay on track. Time to look at everything: investments, loans, insurance, taxes, all of it! While you’re at it review your will and any other end of life and power of attorney documentation and make sure they’re all up to date.

9th House – Get in touch with the world Catch up on your reading, fulfill your CE requirements, make time to watch all those foreign films you’ve had on your list. If you’re a teacher or student (or responsible for one) take time for a review and assessment. Conduct a degree audit and compare credit requirements.

10th House – Get in touch with your career It’s time for a career assessment–and I don’t mean the kind you took in high school. I mean, where are you now? Where are you headed? How are you going to get there? What’s it going to take? Start asking questions.


11th House – Get in touch with old friends Go out to coffee, grab some lunch, or catch up over drinks! Spend some time catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. While you’re at it, take stock of your philanthropic efforts and volunteerism. Are you helping as effectively as you can?

12th House – Get in touch with God Your personal truths and long held beliefs may be tested. Don’t be surprised to find your perspectives shifting and old truths falling away. Sometimes things outlive their purpose. What’s important is to ask yourself, “is this still serving me?”

“Heaven sends down its good and evil symbols and wise men act accordingly.”

No matter where a retrograde affects you, there is a way you can use it constructively. Just remain open to it and remember to be willing to surrender to your highest good.
Shine on,



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The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Jam packed with everything you need to know to rock Mercury retrograde like a boss, including all Phaedra's best tips for how to align with any retrograde cycle, on sale now for just $12.99.
Reg. $17.99

Get yours today!

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