The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Your essential companion to surviving and thriving during Mercury Retrograde cycles.







Filled with everything you need to know to retrograde like a BOSS. . .

In The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, you will learn:

♦ What critical actions to avoid during every Mercury Retrograde cycle


How to protect your a$$ets so you don’t get burned


♦ How to turn any retrograde around and put it to work for you!

The MERCURY RETROGRADE SURVIVAL GUIDE tells you everything you need to know about Mercury Retrograde cycles and how to use them to your advantage, even  if


✔ you normally dread Mercury retrograde,

✔ you feel like what can go wrong will go wrong, and

✔ you think that’s just the way Mercury retrograde is




✔ Specific steps you can take to prepare for  the retrograde for smooth sailing

✔ How to get deliberate about using the retrograde energy in alignment with your own personal blueprint for maximum manifesting potential

✔ AND  how to know where to dive deep & consciously explore your life so retrograde Mercury is working with you and not against you


so that with a little advance preparation and a few basic precautions, you can align your actions and intentions with Mercury’s plans and take charge of your Mercury retrograde experience.


You’ll learn:

✔ How to get a copy of your birth chart if you don’t have one (I’ll show you how to get one for free)

✔ How to know the right zodiac sign and House for any Mercury retrograde transit (I’ll show you how to find out if you don’t already know)

✔ What energies the zodiac sign and House represent (so you’ll know exactly how to put them to use), and

✔ How to tie it all together


In order to make it SUPER EASY to align with each and every retrograde cycle,  this  two-part guide first teaches you the basics about what to do and what not to do, then takes you into a deeper exploration of Mercury Retrograde through the Houses–so no  matter where Mercury is retrograde in your chart, you know you’ll use your MERCURY RETROGRADE SURVIVAL GUIDE for helpful guidance over and over again.


The MERCURY RETROGRADE SURVIVAL GUIDE is for you if you are tired of struggling against Mercury Retrograde cycles, would use them to your advantage if you only knew how, and it will work for you even if you’re brand new to astrology.


You were born in alignment.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide is filled with everything you need to know to retrograde like a BOSS.

The tips I share with you in The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide provide
you with a simple map for navigating any Mercury retrograde cycle
with grace and a powerful intention for your chosen outcome .

With the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, you’ll be able to:


✔ Align your retrograde activities with your own natal blueprint

✔ Set intentions for what you would like most to manifest for yourself, and

✔ Take charge of your experience and get more enjoyment out of Mercury Retrograde


Plus you’ll get access to the Mystick Physick community, Sidereal Insights Astrology!



Keep shining,


Content © 1998-2017 Phaedra Mitchell and may not be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved.

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