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Children’s Tropical Natal Report | Astrology Birth Report



Explore your child’s natal potential, discover their strengths, and identify in advance any challenges and personal growth opportunities your child is likely to face in life with a Children’s Natal Report from Mystick Physick Astrology.

Deepen your understanding of your child’s psyche, talents, and any possible areas of weakness so you can parent more effectively.



Your child’s comprehensive natal report based on the Western Tropical zodiac offers a compelling glimpse into their psyche and innermost motivations. You’ll earn about your child’s personal strengths and challenges and discover opportunities for development in this full color 40 page birth report.


A Children’s Tropical Natal Report from Mystick Physick offers you an in depth analysis of your child’s natal chart using the traditional western tropical zodiac, including planet-in-sign, planet-in-house and planetary aspect interpretations. A highly detailed examination of their planetary midpoints reveals personality and environmental nuances that other astrology readings often leave out.


A natal astrology report from Mystick Physick includes interpretations for all the standard aspects, not just the Ptolemaic aspects.


Approximately 40 pages. Actual length may vary. Computer generated natal chart included.


Allow 1-3 days for processing.


Child’s name & date, time, and place of birth required at checkout.

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