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NEW! Fagan-Bradley Sidereal Ephemeris


Have you been looking everywhere for a sidereal ephemeris to use in your astrology studies or client work? Look no further!


Based on the Fagan-Bradley sidereal zodiac, each of these ephemerides covers an entire century and includes the 9 planets PLUS the asteroid Chiron, the Arabic Part of Fortune, and the Moon’s North Node.



A full 676 pages of daily planetary positions based on UTC time, this downloadable sidereal ephemeris charts the daily positions of the 9 major planets– the sun, moon, Mercury. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, PLUS the asteroid Chiron, the Arabic Part of Fortune, and the moon’s North node for an entire century, using the Fagan-Bradley zodiac.


This handy desk reference is excellent for student and professional astrologers alike, making it easy to practice casting hand-calculated charts.

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Time period

1900 – 1999, 2000 – 2099


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