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Flourish Mentor Session

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Need help to identify ways you can be more successful in your business? Together we’ll take a look at what you can do to kick your business into high gear.



Exclusively for members of Flourish with Sarah Sewell.


You’ll get a 30 minute video mentor session with Phaedra, focusing on your current business strengths and opportunities.

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1 review for Flourish Mentor Session

  1. Alice B.

    You seemed to know exactly what I was asking even when I was struggling to even articulate the issue and had fabulous strategies for me in all areas. I think you answered questions I didn’t even know that I had in addition to the ones I knew. I have greater confidence in knowing that I can close the back door and do a better job of retaining clients and collectors who are retainable. I know that’s not everyone, but at least I now know what to do and when!

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