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Personal Reading | Alignment Analysis

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Are YOU ready to shift into ALIGNMENT with your higher purpose? Ready to build a LIFE truly in sync not only with your spiritual VALUES, but also with the world around you? Unlock your highest potential with a Mystick personal astrological consultation TODAY. Using the astronomically accurate sidereal zodiac that the ancients used, Mystick Physick can help you discover your own true North and plan a life path that puts you in alignment with the natural rhythms of the universe, allowing you to minimize resistance and the obstacles causing you setbacks and setting you up to manifest the SUCCESS you DESERVE!


  • 60 minutes video consultation
  • Chart(s)
  • Personal analysis with written summary
  • 6 Months Forecast Report


Your Personal Reading Includes


Personal attention and hands-on chart analysis.

Private readings allow me to offer a personal touch unmatched by the a la carte services available in the online store. I conduct the chart analysis and put together an overview of what the reading communicates, paying special attention to your top three areas of interest. Each stage of the process can take several days, and the result is entirely unique to you. The final summary in PDF format gives you a permanent record of your chart reading you can enjoy over and over again.

60 Minutes Video Consultation.

We’ll follow up your reading with an hour long video chat so you can ask questions and get greater insight into the results of your private reading. I’ll be able to share my screen with you for a closer look at the details of your charts. Your video consultation will be recorded and you’ll receive a link to the recording after our session. 

You can book additional consultation time if you’d like to explore your chart in greater depth than an hour may allow.

PDFs of all relevant charts.

At minimum, Personal Readings include your natal chart, Relationship Readings include both parties’ natal charts and synastry chart, Business Readings include the querent’s natal chart and the business inception chart and the partner’s chart, if any. The 360° Astrological Survey includes all these. Other charts such as progressed, composite, transit-to-natal, etc may also be included depending on the nature of your reading.

You’ll find these charts helpful to refer to as you have future questions about astrology and your chart.

A generous refund policy.

I offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 24 hours of your purchase. Due to the individualized nature of your private reading, I am unable to offer refunds for cancellations. If you are unable to immediately reschedule your consultation, then simply send me an email  within 7 days of your original purchase and I will refund up to 50% of your payment and issue a voucher for the difference toward any new consultation booked within 12 months. If you are not thrilled with your reading please let me know right away, I want you to be happy with your experience. =)


You can upgrade at any time after buying and before our follow-up consultation, just contact me for special invoicing. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks minimum for delivery of your report and read it thoroughly prior to scheduling your video session.  You may reschedule your video  session anytime within 12 months of purchase.

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2 reviews for Personal Reading | Alignment Analysis

  1. Sophie W.

    “You’re very down to earth and get the job done. I know my birth time and realise I’m a completely different Sun sign to what I’d been told! I can now go off and study my chart.”

  2. Jill M.

    You are really thorough. By not looking at just the natal chart, you get such a broad view of everything going one with the individual and their history, story, challenges, and ways. You are super open to questions, you are a great listener, you don’t dilute the facts. You are very personable and delightful. . . a lot deeper understanding of myself. A deeper understanding or challenges, past life karma and areas to work in this life. In some ways I feel like there’s a confirmation of my experience that I’m kind of a late bloomer, in many ways. The first half of life was HARD, but the maturation and lessons I gained can aid the second half of life. Seeing that helps a lot.

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