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Sidereal Relocation Report for World Travelers| Astro-Locality Report



Perfect for frequent travelers or the more advanced student of astrology, the Extended Relocation Report provides the versatility you need as a member of today’s jet set. Easy to reference for various geographic locations using the Astro-Locality Map, the Extended Relocation Report includes all the same detail as our Relocation Report for your chosen locality, plus a complete breakdown of the influence of planetary positions at various locations throughout the world.


Traveling to Rome on business? Taking an extended vacation in Paris this year and the Bahamas the next? Quickly look up the effects of your relocated planets all over the world and know immediately what the impact will be. Or, maybe you’re simply curious to discover which locations bode best for your success in career or love. Know at a glance with the Extended Relocation Report for World Travelers. You truly won’t leave home without it.



Using the highly accurate ancient Sidereal zodiac, the 34 page Sidereal Astrology Extended Relocation Report for World Travelers is created for a particular geographic location and includes detailed planet-in-house interpretations for all relocated natal planets, the relocated ascendant and descendant, relocated Midheaven and Imum Coeli as well as direction lines, parans, and destiny crossings PLUS an additional 23 pages including an Astro-Locality Map and a full report of the effects of planetary positions at various locations throughout the world.


You’ll get essential information you need with our relocated natal analysis when you relocate from your original birthplace. This new location influences the way the planets and their natal aspects express themselves in your life. Accurate forecasting or natal chart readings must take into account the new location so that you can fully understand the astrological impact of living in your new hometown.


Due to the uniqueness of each individual’s chart, actual report length may vary somewhat.


Date, time, and place of birth required at checkout.


Remember to specify the relocated City/State/Country in the Notes to Seller at checkout.


Ships in 1-3 business days.


Questions? Check out our FAQ.

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