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The Lunar Living Guides for Conscious Creation


The Lunar Living Guides for Conscious Creation make manifesting easy!

Filled with actionable strategies to increase prosperity and manifest more of what you most want in life–essential New and Full Moon practices to supercharge your manifesting and help you step more fully into the life you truly want to lead.

The techniques I share with you in the New Moon & Full Moon Guides provide
you with a simple framework for your own personal manifesting practice
even if your experience with astrology is limited.

With the Lunar Living Guides for Conscious Creation, you’ll be able to:

✔ Align your intention setting with your own natal blueprint
✔ Set intentions for the astrological energy exactly as it happens, and
✔ Take charge of what you manifest and get more of what you want in life

Plus you’ll get my helpful step by step printable worksheets!

Keep shining,


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In these guides, you will learn:

♦ The key steps to manifesting what you want most

♦ How to supercharge your manifesting by aligning with your personal natal blueprint &

♦ How to dive deep and make room for abundant new energy to flow into your life


The LUNAR LIVING GUIDES TO CONSCIOUS CREATION, available separately for just $19 each, teach you how to transform your relationship with what you manifest,

even if

✔ you’re no good at manifesting,
✔ you don’t know enough about astrology, and
✔ you don’t have the time to learn



✔ Specific steps you can take to honor your intention setting with a sacred monthly practice
✔ How to get more specific with your intentions through visualization
✔ AND  How to know where to dive deep & consciously release whatever is holding you back

so that you can supercharge your manifesting by aligning your  intentions with your own personal natal blueprint, manifest what you want most out of all areas of your life (not just one or two), and make room for abundant new energy to flow into your life.


You’ll learn:


✔ How to get a copy of your birth chart if you don’t have one (I’ll show you how to get one for free)
✔ How to know the right zodiac sign and House for your practice each month (I’ll show you how to find out if you don’t already know)
✔ What energies the zodiac sign and House represent (so you’ll know exactly how to put them to use), and
✔ How to tie it all together


In order to make it SUPER EASY to align your practice with your own natal blueprint, each book includes a series of worksheets to guide you step by step through your intention setting or releasing practice. You can reprint them each month–so you know you’ll use your Lunar Living Guides to Conscious Creation over and over again.


The Lunar Living Guides for Conscious Creation are for you if you are tired of not manifesting what you really want in life, and yet you struggle to maintain a consistent intention setting practice because you feel you don’t have the time, and it will work for you even if you’re brand new to astrology.

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