The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide is filled with everything you need to know to retrograde like a BOSS.

The tips I share with you in The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide provide you with a simple map for navigating any Mercury retrograde cycle with grace and a powerful intention for your chosen outcome .


With the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, you’ll be able to:


✔ Align your retrograde activities with your own natal blueprint
✔ Set intentions for what you would like most to manifest for yourself, and
✔ Take charge of your experience and get more enjoyment (yes, more enjoyment!) out of Mercury Retrograde


Plus you’ll get access to the Mystick Physick community, Sidereal Insights Astrology!

Learn how to prepare and what to do to sail through with clarity, maximize your effectiveness, and catapult yourself forward once the retrograde is over.


Paired with the Ultimate Astrological Planner, you’ll be armed to navigate the coming year knowing exactly when to prepare and what steps to take to use every retrograde cycle to your fullest advantage, regardless of where Mercury is transiting in your chart.



Keep shining,


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