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Wedding Reading | Date Picker Analysis | Electional Astrology Reading


Begin your most committed, long term partnership on the right foot with a Wedding Date Picker Reading from Mystick Physick Astrology.
Phaedra will help you select from the most auspicious and supportive dates to tie the knot so you can confidently begin one of the most important adventures of your life, knowing you have energetic support of the universe to assist you as you and your partner embark on your journey to live, love, learn and grow together in your new life.


  • 30 Minute Wedding Consultation
  • 3 Best Days for Nuptials
  • Written Summary


Your Wedding Date Picker Reading Includes

30 Minutes Video Consultation.

A Wedding Date Picker Reading begins with a 30 minute video consultation to explore your wedding plans: Together we’ll clarify exactly what your situation needs, your desired time frame, and from there I’ll use your (and your partner’s) date, time and place of birth to provide you with your three best days for getting married.

Your video consultation will be recorded and you’ll receive a link to the recording after our session. 

Personal attention and hands-on electional analysis.

You’ll receive your results and a written summary of the benefits of each choice of dates (and any risks, as well as my recommendations on how you can best mitigate them) within two to four weeks of receipt of your payment.

You can book additional consultation time if you’d like to explore your marriage chart and potentials in greater depth than an hour may allow, or you may prefer a complete Relationship Reading to receive a full synastry reading, explore any additional questions, understand your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses more fully, and identify any future opportunities for growth and development within your most committed, long-term partnership.


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