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Saturn Enters Sagittarius



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There are fascinating current events taking place which illustrate the contrast between tropical and sidereal astrology quite well, and I want to share this with you because it’s such an illustrative moment.


Let’s take a closer look at Saturn’s ingress into sidereal Sagittarius, February 2017.

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“In astrology we teach to watch events taking place near sign ingresses for clues as to the themes and lessons that transit will hold. ”
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The massive protests at JFK airport over the immigration ban recently enacted in the US is a type of event we would typically study in mundane or political astrology, because it affects the world and the masses (mundane, every day events) and nations and national leaders (political).


In astrology we teach to watch events taking place near sign ingresses (when a planet or luminary is changing signs) for clues as to the themes and lessons that transit will hold.

What is significant about this event–both the ban and the protests–is that it happens just as Saturn, the planet of restriction and confinement, prepares to make his ingress into the sidereal sign of Sagittarius, the ruler of long distance travel, foreigners and foreign places, immigration and legal matters, religion, higher education, publishing and broadcasting on February 4th. So we are beginning to see restrictions placed both on movement from international origins to the US and imposed restrictions issued by the executive branch on communications to the public from US government agencies. This includes specific actions to institute information blackouts such as the one ordered for the EPA on scientific research, the general attempts to delegitimize the media as well as certain members of the press, and the rise of nationalist, anti-immigration attitudes. In addition, we are seeing legal challenges being brought by advocacy organizations such as the ACLU, highlighting the legal themes of Sagittarius in addition to themes related to foreigners, long distance travel, religion, and publishing/broadcasting.

All of these areas are suddenly under threat of restriction, from imposed limitations on travel and information blackouts, to talk of withdrawal from a global economy, trade agreements, and multinational organizations like NATO. Even the rejection and vilification of religious beliefs different from our own is reflective of the Saturnine influence on Sagittarian principles.

“Keep in mind the tropical zodiac is 25° advanced from the actual placement of the fixed stars.”
Keep in mind there is a 25° discrepancy between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, and due to the phenomenon of precession the tropical zodiac is 25° advanced from the actual placement of the fixed stars.
By the tropical zodiac then, Saturn made his ingress into Sagittarius December 23rd, 2014, by which reckoning we would have expected similar events to have begun at that time, and consequently we would expect to see these type of events taper off when Saturn leaves tropical Sagittarius and enters tropical Capricorn in December of this year.

While we did see the buddings of nationalist sentiment and protest against the receiving of refugees by various EU nations during the past few years, we never actually saw any of the proposed restrictions introduced as law.

By sidereal reckoning, we would expect to see see the theme of restriction and limitation around Sagittarian concepts and ideals like anti immigration sentiment, attempts to restrict the free flow of information, propaganda (a form of controlled education), religious idealization and perhaps even attempts to undermine the authority or limit the powers of the judiciary to continue until Saturn leaves sidereal Sagittarius in January 2020, three years from now.

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Watch the time around December 2017, when Saturn would be due to exit tropical Sagittarius, for signs of change in terms of a lifting of restrictions or a throwing off of limitations in these areas. My expectation is that--other than a brief reprieve when Saturn retrogrades back into sidereal Scorpio from early June to early November of this year--we will continue to see various attempts to impose restrictions in the Sagittarian provinces of long distance travel, immigration, publication and broadcasting, religion, law and higher education until early 2020, when Saturn makes his ingress into sidereal Capricorn. I invite you to share your thoughts and comments below. What is your take on current events and the astrological influences for them?

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“We'll see a brief reprieve when Saturn retrogrades back into sidereal Scorpio from early June to early November of this year.”

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