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Saturn in Sagittarius

Truth or Consequences



sidereal zodiac

Note: This article has been updated and expanded since it was originally published.

There are fascinating current events taking place which illustrate the contrast between tropical and sidereal astrology quite well, and I want to share this with you because it’s such an illustrative moment.


Let’s take a closer look at Saturn’s ingress into sidereal Sagittarius, February 2017.

Fig. C
“In astrology we teach to watch events taking place near sign ingresses for clues as to the themes and lessons that transit will hold. ”
Fig. A

The massive protests at JFK airport over the January 2017 immigration ban enacted in the US is a type of event we would typically study in mundane or political astrology, because it affects the world and the masses (mundane, every day events) and nations and national leaders (political).


In astrology we teach to watch events taking place near sign ingresses (when a planet or luminary is changing signs) for clues as to the themes and lessons that transit will hold.

What is significant about this particular event–both the ban and the protests–is that it happens just as Saturn, the planet of restriction and confinement, prepares to make his February 4th ingress into the sidereal Sagittarius, the ruler of long distance travel, foreigners and foreign places, immigration and legal matters, religion, higher education, publishing and broadcasting. So we are beginning to see restrictions placed both on movement from international origins to the US and imposed restrictions issued by the executive branch on communications to the public from US government agencies.

This includes specific actions to institute information blackouts such as the one ordered for the EPA on scientific research, the general attempts to delegitimize the media as well as certain members of the press, and the rise of nationalist, anti-immigration attitudes. In addition, we are seeing legal challenges being brought by advocacy organizations such as the ACLU, highlighting the legal aspect of Sagittarius in addition to themes around foreigners, long distance travel, religion, and publishing/broadcasting.


All of these areas are suddenly under threat of restriction, from imposed limitations on travel and information blackouts, to talk of withdrawal from a global economy, trade agreements, and multinational organizations like NATO. Even the rejection and vilification of religious beliefs different from our own is reflective of the Saturnine influence on Sagittarian principles.

“Keep in mind the tropical zodiac is 25° advanced from the actual placement of the fixed stars.”

Keep in mind there is a 25° discrepancy between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, and due to the phenomenon of precession the tropical zodiac is 25° advanced from the actual placement of the fixed stars.

By the tropical zodiac then, Saturn made his ingress into Sagittarius December 23rd, 2014, by which reckoning we would have expected similar events to have begun at that time, and consequently we would expect to see these type of events taper off when Saturn leaves tropical Sagittarius and enters tropical Capricorn in December of 2017.

While we did see the buddings of nationalist sentiment and protest against the receiving of refugees by various EU nations during the past few years, we never actually saw any of the proposed restrictions introduced as law.


By sidereal reckoning, we would expect to see see the theme of restriction and limitation around Sagittarian concepts and ideals like anti immigration sentiment, attempts to restrict the free flow of information, propaganda (a form of controlled education), religious idealization and perhaps even attempts to undermine the authority or limit the powers of the judiciary to continue until Saturn leaves sidereal Sagittarius in January 2020, three years from now.

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Think back to the time around December 2017, when Saturn would've been due to exit tropical Sagittarius. Do you recall signs of change in terms of a lifting of restrictions or a throwing off of limitations in these areas?


Or did you--other than a brief reprieve when Saturn retrograded back into sidereal Scorpio from early June to early November of 2017--continue to see various attempts to impose restrictions in the Sagittarian provinces of long distance travel, immigration, publication and broadcasting, religion, law and higher education? I invite you to share your thoughts and comments below. What is your take on current events and the astrological influences for them?


Then come back and read below for your sun and rising signs to better understand how Saturn transiting Sagittarius may affect you until January 2020.


Shine on,



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“We'll see a brief reprieve when Saturn retrogrades back into sidereal Scorpio from early June to early November of 2017.”


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Saturn in Sagittarius | through the Signs


Saturn in the 9th House

Saturn in Sagittarius teaches you about commitment, responsibility, structure, perseverance and self-discipline in 9th House concerns: long distance travel, foreign people & foreign cultures, higher education, publishing, broadcasting, religious or legal matters.

Your religious beliefs may come up for inspection and testing, and you may experience a kind of crisis of faith during this time. Your views about and attitudes to foreigners and foreign cultures could be up for examination, too. Expect beliefs and ideologies to fall away if they don't hold up to Saturn's intense scrutiny.

Academic and legal matters may be highlighted, too, either through the recognition of your achievements due to your dedication in the long term, or through consequences resulting from lack of commitment, accountability, or responsibility.

Sagittarius also rules philosophy, so it’s possible your lessons will relate to your philosophical beliefs or ways of thinking about the world. Now is the time for a close up inspection of your deeply held personal truths.


Saturn in the 8th House

Saturn in Sagittarius tours your 8th House of other people’s resources. If you’ve been relying on the financial help of others for some time, expect that assistance to become a little more scarce while Saturn transits your 8th House.

Saturn is here to teach you about self reliance and financial discipline, and you will need to heed his teachings to make any progress at all. If you demonstrate the responsibility he expects you to, you’ll be in a better position to achieve financial independence by the time he leaves.

Saturn is the taskmaster planet, so his lessons won’t be fun and games, and if you resist learning them the experience will be all the more difficult. Saturn demands we grow up, demonstrate maturity, and meet our commitments.

You may also find that a partner’s income is reduced or restricted during this transit, and you may be called on to step in and accept responsibility for filling the financial gap.


Saturn in the 7th House

Saturn in Sagittarius means you face your tests in the 7th House of partnership. He’ll be here to teach you about partnership commitments, whether in business or marriage.

This is a period when the committed relationships in your life will be up for inspection and assessed for their strength or weakness, giving you the opportunity to make repairs. You can choose to recommit where needed, with commensurate effort, or allow Saturn to do the distasteful work of pruning unnecessary, restrictive, or less-than-committed relationships from your experience.

Your own contributions to your relationships will be up for inspection and examination. You’ll be challenged to reaffirm your own commitment by demonstrating self-discipline and perseverance in partnership matters and joint ventures in the coming years.

Saturn transiting the 7th House can sometimes bring a marriage or other long term partnership commitment.


Saturn in the 6th House

Saturn is the taskmaster planet, here to teach you about self discipline and commitment in work or health related matters. 

You could find yourself putting in long hours at work for little reward, and that’s because one of Saturn’s lesson is delayed gratification. He wants you to earn your rewards and recognition, which doesn’t come until after you’ve achieved your goals. You may find yourself spending long hours building the underlying structure for stable, long term future employment or entrepreneurship. 

If this manifests in your work life, you may find you have little time for established daily routines, and health habits may fall by the wayside. You’ll have to be diligent if you want to maintain them under this influence.   

Alternatively, you may experience this transit in your health sector, and Saturn may challenge to to demonstrate how important long term good health is to you by asking you to show your commitment to good health practices. This could involve restricting certain foods from your diet or limiting your intake of certain foods or macronutrients.

The 6th House also rules pets and employees, you it’s possible you will be tested on one of these areas instead. It’s not likely you would facing Saturn’s lessons in all of these areas at once, but know that if you don’t willingly work with Saturn while he’s here, the coming two years will only be that much harder in one of these areas of life.


Saturn in the 5th House

Saturn will challenge you to demonstrate commitment in a love affair or to uphold your responsibility to a child and develop the self discipline to put another’s needs before your own desire for attention and love.

You’ll be asked to demonstrate a level of selflessness you’ve never considered before which will ultimately require you to set your own ego--and feelings--aside for the sake of those you love. You’ll be called on to develop a deeper empathy than any you might have experienced before and to recognize your own self-centered behaviors.

Saturn’s lessons are long term and last a lifetime–and the more you resist learning what he’s here to teach you, the harder this transit will be.

If you’re the creative type, you may find the demands of your commitments and responsibilities prevent you from spending much time at all on creative pursuits, especially those which serve to provide enjoyment solely to you.

Be willing to put your own creative drive on the back burner temporarily while you put others first, and Saturn will reward you before he leaves for good in January 2020. When he does finally go, you‘ll have six more months to enjoy Jupiter’s blessings in your 5th House of creativity, romance and children, so keep your eye on the prize–one of Saturn’s most important lessons is that of delayed gratification.


Saturn in the 4th House

Saturn in Sagittarius represents a more than two year long visit in your 4th House of home, family and property. He has challenges for you while he’s here, testing your sense of commitment to family and your willingness to take on the responsibility of your own home.

You may find yourself unsettled and frequently with no real home of your own, delaying gratification as you work toward your long term home ownership or lifestyle goals.

Saturn will ask you to work for what you want while he tours this part of your chart, teaching you the value of perseverance and dedication in going after what you want.

The 4th House also rules the parents, so it’s possible you may be asked to step in and care for a parent or uphold a familial commitment or obligation of some kind in the coming years. You may even be relied on to be responsible for your family during this time.

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Saturn in the 3rd House

Saturn returns to Sagittarius on the 4th of November, marking the beginning of a more than two year long stay in your 3rd House of travel and communication.

You could find your freedom curtailed somehow during this transit, whether through transportation difficulties or increased responsibilities at home.

You’ll be asked to work hard in the coming two years, perhaps so hard you find you have little time for fun or vacations. Saturn always tests our dedication through self discipline and lessons in perseverance. His transits ask us to live up to our responsibilities in the house he occupies by sign. Since November 2014 he’s been testing your financial self discipline and giving you challenging lessons related to your income and possessions, now he’s ready to move on to your travel and communication sector.

The 3rd House also rules neighbors, siblings and cousins, so if you have responsibilities to someone in one of these areas, you may need to live up to your obligations between now and late January 2020.


Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn, the celestial taskmaster, in sidereal Sagittarius brings you some much needed relief at long last. You have hosted demanding Saturn in your sign for more than two and a half years, since November 2014–with the exception of a brief reprieve when Saturn made his initial foray into Sagittarius from February to early June of this year.

Saturn has served you challenges during these past three years, in fact, Scorpio has had it harder than any other sign. Now he’s moved on to your solar 2nd House to teach you lessons around financial self-discipline and being a responsible consumer. You might adopt a minimalist approach with possessions during this time, or experience material loss.

For example, I first experienced this transit as a young child, and during that time my family moved across many states and put most of our belongings in storage. They would never make the trip, instead being sold at auction when my young parents faced dire financial straits. Many years later went through it again with my husband and children, and again we gave away much of what we owned and put the rest of our possessions in storage for several years during which we relocated multiple times before finally settling in to a long term home and being reuinited with our belongings.



Saturn in the 1st House

Saturn in your own sign of Sagittarius means a more than two year long stay in your solar 1st House of image, appearance, self expression, and the physical body.

Be prepared to be expected to work hard in the coming two years, as Saturn challenges you to physically demanding lessons. You’ll need to take extra care of your body during this time, and you may frequently feel drained or tired as a result of the work you’re doing.

It’s also possible you could spend quite a bit of time going it solo in the coming two years, as another way a 1st House Saturn transit could manifest. Saturn may ask you to demonstrate your independence and self reliance during this time.

You may find that you are naturally more reserved during this transit or that you have little opportunity for just "letting your hair down" and being  your natural self.


Saturn in the 12th House

Your ruler, Saturn, will be touring the most private part of your chart while he's in Sagittarius, teaching you the value of hard work, self discipline, and perseverance in very private matters. The 12th House rules privacy and seclusion, spiritual evolution, and our unconscious beliefs and thoughts. You’ll be challenged to mature in your spiritual journey, release limiting beliefs, and possibly to work long, hard hours alone on solo projects over this time.

This is a time for facing fears and shedding outdated thought patterns and escapist behaviors. It can also allow you the opportunity to let go of an addiction through the process facing your fears and sorrows, releasing guilt, and learning to develop greater self compassion. You can make great progress in working through unconscious self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors if you are willing to do the work.

If not, you’ll likely find this transit difficult and filled with restrictions and limitations. Your spiritual dedication may be tested in some way, or you may encounter obstacles to observing your regular spiritual practices.


Saturn in the 11th House

Saturn is here in your 11th House  to test you and your commitment to social causes that are important to you, and you likely won’t have much time for social activity with friends in the coming years. You do have an opportunity to demonstrate your maturity and willingness to make a difference through volunteering with humanitarian issues that move your heart.

You’re likely to make long lasting connections to others through your involvement with an organization, and while you may not become social friends with the people you meet, you’ll forge lasting bonds with people you can respect based on your shared values, a truly priceless experience.

You coud decide to really commit to pursuing your dreams under this transit, an undertaking which requires persistence, perserverance and no  small measure of self discipline.


Saturn in the 10th House

Saturn's transit of sidereal Sagittarius means a tour of your career sector betwen now and January 2020. He’ll be testing and teaching you while he’s here, pushing you to demonstrate self discipline and your commitment to your professional aspirations. It will be challenging, but if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll find at the end that it will be rewarding, too.

You may be required to make sacrifices in pursuit of your career goals, or to delay personal or professional gratification in some way.

Saturn always rewards us for making a real effort to learn tough, lifelong lessons and demonstrating maturity and responsibility. When we don’t, he gives us obstacles, limitations and restrictions just like a stern father figure.

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Now more than ever I see the need in the world for the life and soul guidance that astrology can offer to those who seek to understand its sublime language. Collectively we are waking up and determined to find meaning and purpose in our daily lives. This is the gift that astrology offers us.


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