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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

January 2018 Forecast


Monthly Details

Sun in Sagittarius
December 16th, 2017 – January 15th, 2018
January 7th
Mercury enters Sagittarius
January 13th
Venus enters Capricorn
January 15th
Sun enters Capricorn
January 18th
Mars enters Scorpio
January 28th
Mercury enters Capricorn
January 1st
Full Moon in Gemini
January 16th
New Moon in Capricorn
January 31st
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
Dates of Note
January 2nd
Uranus stations direct
January 3rd
Mars conjoins Jupiter
January 9th
Venus conjoins sun
Venus conjoins Pluto
Sun conjoins Pluto
January 13th
Mercury conjoins Saturn
January 24th
Mercury conjoins Pluto

Monthly Overview

Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use our easy online sidereal calculator to find out for free.


January ushers in the new year under a number of relaxed, easy transits, but gets more challenging in the second half of the month as we shake off the last of the year end holiday celebrations and collectively get back to the more serious business of living life and tending to our responsibilities.


The first full moon of the new year greets us January 1st, encouraging us to tie up any loose ends left over from 2017 so that we may focus our attention fully on the future, the new. The full moon, in sidereal Gemini, forms a grand air trine to Neptune in Aquarius and both Jupiter & Mars in Libra. This grand trine represents a certain ease of communication and free flowing ideas, allowing us to tap into our imagination and creativity and access a deep well of inspiration which we can then translate into balanced and harmonious expression, provided we take action to do so.


Trines by their very nature allow the free and easy flow of energy, yet do little to spur us into action and the resultant sense of ease can lead us to fritter away the opportunity, or to make less of it than its potential simply by our failure to challenge or push ourselves with any real sense of urgency.


At the full moon, however, we may feel the impulse to capitalize on the opportunity and an effort to do so, especially in relation to any activity which requires deep research or investigation, the uncovering of mysteries, or intellectual exploration, could pay off beautifully.


If you need to wrap up any mental pursuit, communication or writing project, or make a pitch of some sort, this full moon could allow you the opportunity.


Uranus stations direct in sidereal Pisces on the 2nd, just as Neptune and the sun reach out to each other, bringing sudden insight and inspiration to mental activities in the early days of the month.


His his return to direct motion is significant for two reasons–Neptune and Uranus are once again in mutual reception, as Uranus’ retrograde took him back into Pisces for  brief return visit, and also because Uranus was the last remaining planet in retrograde.


Planets in mutual reception tend to behave a little bit like one another, making this an opportunity for creative “eureka” moments on which we feel the impulse to act.


With Uranus direct we now have a somewhat rare window of ten and 1/2 weeks when all the planets of the solar system are in direct motion at the same time. This span of time encompasses two new moons and two full moons, good for making initiations (the new moons) and launching new projects into the world (the full moons) with the full support of the solar system behind our endeavors. You’ll want to use these four opportunities to their fullest advantage.


This is especially significant as we are once again entering eclipse season, which can bring permanent change to our lives in the affected house if the eclipse touches us directly. This is an unusual opportunity for profound, permanent, positive change, provided we are proactive about going after what we want and vigilant about avoiding distractions in the coming ten and 1/2 weeks.


Recall that eclipses have an influence of up to two months before and after the eclipse event– this means some folks will already have received or be receiving their eclipse news, especially so if the natal chart shows a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° of water signs Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus, or for those who were born in the days around August 2nd and 3rd. A very small percentage will have heard their eclipse news last month, at December’s full moon, and a slightly larger number will hear their news now, within the week before or after the January 1st full moon.


The rest of us, if affected, will discover what’s in store for ourselves in the days around the full moon lunar eclipse at 16° Cancer at the end of January.

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On the 7th of January Mercury begins his tour of Sagittarius, joining Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the sun there for a three week stay. Readers could experience an increase in either communication or travel related to the house Mercury occupies in the natal chart between now and January 27th.


In the days near January 9th we could experience unexpected transformations in our partnerships, our relationships, and in our personal values. Radical changes in what’s important to us could be profoundly influential on how we move forward. We can use these three weeks while Mercury tours Sagittarius to rethink both our ideas about the big picture and our trajectory.


Its possible we’ll find it necessary to make sudden adjustments to our long term plans in the days near January 13th as our ambitions shift and evolve in response to these changes.


Venus makes her move into Capricorn this day, and in the following three and 1/2 weeks those same partnerships could become intimately tied to our professional plans or career ambitions. An effort to cooperate could be mutually beneficial during this period.


Then on the 15th, the sun enters Capricorn for his annual tour of the sign of the goat-fish. Our long term goals come into focus quite clearly at this time, but the onus is on us to act in pursuit of those desires. If we are willing to make that effort and diligently persevere in the coming days, the rewards can be worthwhile.


The Capricorn new moon arrives the next day, January 16th, a powerful time to get clear about what we want and set our intentions for our desired outcome as we prepare to make our most ambitious initiations at the first light of the new moon, in just a few days.


Mars makes his entrance into Scorpio on the 18th for a seven week long stay, giving us a wide window of opportunity for strategic action. The coming two months will be the best time to implement our new master plan.


An influential VIP or foreigner could be the source of good news near the 24th and 25th, when Mercury conjoins Pluto in Sagittarius just as Jupiter sends Mercury his support from his current residence in Libra.


Just a few days later, on the 28th of January, little messenger Mercury–the planet of communication and travel–leaves fun loving Sagittarius for a three week visit to serious, workaholic Capricorn.  


Finally on the 31st, the very first eclipse of 2018 brings the first major changes of the coming year at the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer at 16°. Remember to check your chart for planets or personal points at this degree of a water or earth sign to see if you will be directly affected. Planets or points within up to five or so degrees either side will be activated by the eclipse.


Remember that eclipses bring change beyond our power to control, for better or for worse, demanding we adapt to whatever new circumstances in which we find ourselves. Watch for news to arrive in the last week of January and the first week of February.


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Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit

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Wrap up a writing project or make a sales pitch near the full moon January 1st, or take a trip to somewhere nearby to ring in the new year. Then take the first steps to initiate a new career project or professional partnership in the days around the January 16th new moon. At month’s end, a family situation could come to an end, or you could finally put the finishing touches to a home or property related project.


An income source may be coming to an end at the start of the month, or, if you took steps to begin a side hustle at the new moon in Gemini back in June, then you may finally begin seeing the payoff. You’ve an excellent opportunity to begin making travel plans or to apply for university or a certification program near mid month.


The January 1st full moon lights your 1st House of appearance and self expression, bringing an opportunity to finalize a highly personal project or to step fully into what may have been up until now an unfamiliar–or uncomfortable–role. If you’ve been considering a comprehensive financial review with an eye toward putting your long term financial plans in order, mid month brings the perfect opportunity to begin creating a debt management, retirement, estate, or long term investment plan–or all of the above. The full moon lunar eclipse at month’s end activates your 2nd House of earned income, possibly bringing changes to how you earn money or to your attitudes about it, or to your personal values and sense of self worth.


You may be wrapping up a solo project near the start of the year, dear Cancer, or reaching the culmination of a spiritual journey or your work with an institution of some kind. Later, near the new moon January 16th, watch for a partnership opportunity within +/- 4 days. The full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer at month’s end promises to bring profound changes to your life in the coming year. Take steps to care for your health and physical body in the coming twelve months.


The full moon January 1st lights your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams. A friend may exit your life near this time, or your association with an organization may come to an end. Alternatively, if you’ve been working towards realizing a long held hope or dream, put the finishing touches on it and launch it into the world now. Then at mid month, take your first steps toward a new job or work related project, or begin a new health or dietary regimen.


You may be recognized for your professional contributions near the start of the month, dear Virgo, or you could reach the end of one stage of your career development as you prepare to begin the next. Then at mid month watch for the new moon to light your 5th House of romance, creativity and children. Use this opportunity to begin a new creative project, or if you’ve been hoping to make a romantic connection, be sure to be out and about near the new moon to increase your chances of meeting someone special.

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A publishing, broadcasting, legal or higher education matter may be coming to a culmination as the year opens, or you could take a trip to someplace far from where you live. Watch for news regarding a parent near the 16th, or take the opportunity to begin a home improvement project or to begin the search for new digs. Then at month’s end, the full moon lunar eclipse highlights your 10th House of career, signaling a professional change which could come your way, such as a female coworker moving on from your place of employ, for instance.


The full moon January 1st lights your 8th House of other people’s money. If you’ve applied for a loan of some kind you may finally receive the funds you need, or you could pay off a debt if you’ve borrowed money in the past or if you have an unpaid tax obligation, for instance. Inheritance or insurance matters could also come up at this time. Then at the new moon on the 16th a travel opportunity could arise, and if so, consider taking a romantic partner along for the ride. The two of you could enjoy a short trip away together to somewhere nearby.


Early January is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on a joint project, dear Sagittarius. Dive in with a partner and get ready to launch your brainchild into the world. When the new moon comes mid month you can turn your efforts to income and financial matters, especially if you take steps to add to your earning capacity within +/- 4 days of January 16th.


A work or health related matter is nearing a conclusion as the year opens, a perfect opportunity to finalize a work project and present it to the world–or your boss. Part of your daily routine could end, too. Your birthday new moon comes January 16th, and this one you get to use any way you want, so take your first steps towards something really special to you. Then at month’s end wrap up a joint project and get ready to launch it. But don’t issue any ultimatums to a partner–that could backfire badly and leave you regretting your words.


If you have a child they may be reaching the end of a stage of development near the start of the month, Aquarius. Or, it’s possible you and a lover or romantic interest are ready to consider the next step in your relationship. Wrap up any creative projects you have in the works in the first week of January and get ready to spend some time in retreat and solitude come mid month. You deserve some time to yourself. You’ll be grateful for the opportunity to rest and relax by the time next month’s solar eclipse in Aquarius arrives.


A home or property related project may be winding down at the beginning of the year, or you may be finishing up tending to matters involving a parent or parents near this time. This is good timing, as the new moon January 16th lights up your social sector, triggering a flurry of social activity. If you’ve been looking for love, check your sidereal natal chart for planets or personal points at 16° Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, as the new moon solar eclipse at month’s end could open a life altering doorway for you.

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Now more than ever I see the need in the world for the life and soul guidance that astrology can offer to those who seek to understand its sublime language. Collectively we are waking up and determined to find meaning and purpose in our daily lives. This is the gift that astrology offers us.


I’m Phaedra, astrologer and artist of Mystick Physick. I make my home in Idaho’s gorgeous Treasure Valley with my husband of 18 years, our dog Rocket and cat Jet. In my natural habitat I can usually be found meditating, continuing my ongoing astrological explorations, painting to the astrological rhythms of the solar system, or reading about the latest discoveries in the science of consciousness or astrophysics. You can find me at and

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