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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

2018 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Libra
October 18th – November 17th

November 7th
Mars enters Aquarius
November 17th
Sun enters Scorpio

November 12th
New Moon 20° 11′ Libra
November 27th
Full Moon 5° 52′ Taurus

Dates of Note
November 2nd
Mercury out of bounds

November 16th
Venus stations direct
Mercury stations retrograde
November 24th
Neptune stations direct
November 26th
Sun conjoins Jupiter
November 27th
Sun conjoins Mercury Rx

November 2018 Monthly Overview – Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

Welcome to Sidereal Insights, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free.


Mercury out of bounds


November is a busy month for little messenger Mercury, affecting readers of all signs. Early on, Mercury throws politesse to the winds and heads out of bounds for much of the month. Already in the shadow of his retrograde, he’ll reverse course later on in the month for his final retrograde this year before encountering the sun and Jupiter near month’s end.


An out of bounds planet is one which has passed 23° 27’ north or south declination–that is, more than 23° 27’ north or south of the equator–the maximum northern or southern seasonal path of the sun as we trace our orbit in the sky through the year. That is to say, a planet is considered out of bounds when it travels north beyond the Tropic of Cancer or south beyond the Tropic of Capricorn.


Out of bounds planets don’t play by the commonly accepted rules of society, rather, they are considered to “walk to the beat of their own drum”. They are the planetary mavericks: eccentric, unconventional, and unorthodox, for better or for worse. They are “beyond the pale” so to speak.


Mercury will remain out of bounds until November 20th, reaching his maximum southern declination on November 12th. During these weeks we are inclined to innovative thinking in any field requiring a skill for analysis, problem solving, or communication. On the flip side, it’s easy to become obsessed with stories, whether in literature, film, or even the stories we tell about our own lives. We are prone to misconstruing words and blowing things out of proportion.


Sun trine Neptune Rx


The 6th could turn out to be a dreamy, nostalgic sort of day, the kind perfect for an evening out with a romantic interest if it didn’t land in the middle of the work week. Dreams could provide insight into waking life, and creative imagination and visualization are favored, as are arts and creative activities. Enjoy taking in, creating or performing in the visual arts, film, photography and theater.

Mars enters Aquarius, New Moon in Libra


Mars finally makes his move into Aquarius on November 7th, the same day as the new moon in sidereal Libra. He’ll spend the coming six and 1/2 weeks in the sign of ingenuity, insight, and rebelliousness, driving those with Aries sun and rising sign to more impulsiveness than usual.


Mars and Uranus will host each other in mutual reception until late December, when Mars moves on to water sign Pisces. Planets in mutual reception tend to behave like one another as they are transiting each others’ home signs.


The new moon in Libra finds Venus still sleepy late in her retrograde through Libra, the sign of her rulership. Mar is reaching out to energize her as he moves into Aquarius, signaling the need for action and initiative to make the most of  this new moon.


Keep in mind all the regular strictures for Venus retrograde still apply, and if you need to refresh yourself as you plan this new moon, you can read up about Venus retrograde in the October Overview + Short Reports.


If you do decide to take action towards an initiation, you can use the 9th to do so, when Venus receives full support from Mars.


Luminaries transit eclipse degree at 20 Libra


The coming 2019 new year will usher in the next stage of eclipse season with eclipses in Sagittarius and Cancer. Remember from the our video discussion last July the Cancer – Capricorn eclipse  series is drawing to a close and the Gemini – Sagittarius series is beginning. The January 10th new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius continues the Gemini – Sagittarius series and the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer January 21st will mark the end of our Cancer – Capricorn series.


What’s most important to know for November is that a small portion of readers with a planet or point at one of the January eclipse degrees will feel the earliest effects of those eclipses as early as this month, beginning in the days around November 8th when both the sun and moon transit the eclipse degree at 2o Libra. Readers with a planet or point near 20 Sagittarius will  want to keep alert for news, as will those with a planet or point near 5 Cancer in the days around November 22nd, when the sun  transits 5 Scorpio activating the January 21st eclipse.


Remember that for those affected, eclipses can trigger permanently life changing events both pleasant and unpleasant, depending on the nature of the eclipse.


We’ll talk about the upcoming eclipses in more detail in a future live stream, so be sure to sign up for email updates and stay in the loop. For a general refresher on how eclipses work and how to navigate them, you can check out the video, 3 Important Eclipse Essentials You Need to Know.


Venus trine Mars


Business and domestic partnerships and artistic types can be especially productive near the 9th, when Venus and Mars join forces to spark cooperative activities.


Sun sextile Pluto


November 11th is a day for stepping into leadership by meeting our commitments. We may tend to wield our influence or authority for practical rather than frivolous purposes.

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Mercury square Neptune Rx, Mars sextile Uranus Rx


The 13th is a dynamic day, and especially fruitful for Mars, Aquarius and Scorpio readers, as planets in these three signs connect across the sky.


Aquarius lies at the crux of the day’s setup, hosting Neptune and Mars as they both connect with planets on either side. We might be tempted to share secrets or very personal information about ourselves only to change our minds when the time comes.


Either way, the 15th stands to be a day of inventiveness, advocacy, social activity, and progressive equality–full of impulsive energy and unexpected activity.


Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde


Venus stations direct on the 16th, the same day Mercury begins his third and final retrograde of the year. In Scorpio, Mercury retrograde could bring secrets to light and reveal occult or hidden things, and signals a time for reviewing research findings or the results of investigations.


Financial dealing or debts could come into the open, and if the opportunity arises to review your financial picture as it relates to debts, taxes and investments, take it. Just don’t take on any new debts or make any new or major investments., or file new estate paperwork until after mercury resumes direct motion.


For the full picture about Mercury retrograde, be sure to read your November Full Horoscope by Sign for both your sidereal sun and rising sign. You can get my best advice for how to use any Mercury retrograde in the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.


Sun enters Scorpio


The sun moves into sidereal Scorpio on the 17th of November, marking his annual four week tour of the sign of rebirth, regeneration and metamorphosis. The potential for change is in the air until mid December.


Mars square Jupiter


Unexpected arguments or disagreements could erupt near the 19th, possibly over long held grudges or other perceived slights. Hash out your differences and set your relationship on an entirely new track.


Sun transits eclipse degree at 5 Scorpio


Again, if your sidereal natal chart hosts a planet or point near 5 Cancer, watch for possible eclipse news in the days around November 22nd, when the sun transits 5 Scorpio activating the January 21st lunar eclipse in Cancer.


Full Moon in Taurus


Venus, now back to direct motion, rules our full moon in Taurus from her second home in Libra. This is a well supported full moon with a high likelihood of unexpected benefits, and innovative or unusual outcomes. Tides could turn in our favor under this full moon.


Take active steps to meet commitments, or to demonstrate maturity, good sportsmanship, and ethical competition. Be or seek out a mentor

Neptune stations direct


Neptune stations direct November 24th after many months retrograde in Aquarius. While retrograde he’s brought to light many previously unknown or unclear details about our social platforms and how they use our private information. Now that he’s returning to direct motion, we are forced to be more conscious of how we use these platforms and interact with technology in the future.


Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Jupiter


The 26th is a very lucky day for just about everyone, but most especially for Leo babies–if you have Leo sun or rising you may want to mark November 26th with a gold star.


Egos could run high this day, too, though, creating the potential for conflict when we identify too closely with our ideas and opinions. Don’t allow yourself to be provoked if someone challenges your worldview. Instead, try to consider things from their perspective.


Mars sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Mercury conjunct Jupiter


The very next day is a bonus lucky day for readers with Gemini or Virgo sun or rising, when Jupiter reconnects with Mercury in his retrograde. You’ll have one more of these special days after Mercury resumes direct motion in December, and you may notice a common theme connects all three days if you’re directly affected.


There’s a chance arguments or disagreements could develop; channel this energy constructively through competitive sports or high energy activities like boxing.


Thankfully, Jupiter’s influence offers a measure of protection from Mar’s challenge to Mercury that same day, suggesting things are likely to work out in the end. Whatever benefits Jupiter brings may require initiative or courage to unlock.

All readers will want to check their sidereal natal charts for planets or points at either 9 or 10 degrees of Scorpio, where Jupiter meets up with the sun and Mercury over those two special days in late November.

Remember, you must take action to capture the benefit from the most supportive transits–actions taken this on day will be rewarded in multiple ways. .


Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Sun square Mars


Disagreements could flare unexpectedly in relationships and long term partnerships near month’s end, when Venus faces off with retrograde Uranus the same day the sun and Mars challenge each other. With Mars and Uranus in mutual reception, the day’s dynamics compound in ways that can express in impulsive, headstrong and contentious behavior.


Be sure to visit for a more detailed monthly forecast and highly customized advice for every sign.


Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit


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The November 7th new moon in Libra activates your partnership sector, potentially bringing a new joint project or venture your way. With Venus retrograde, reunite with a partner you’ve worked well with before for this new adventure and you’ll be set up for a good outcome. If no opportunity manifests within +/- four days of the lunation, make your own opportunity by initiating your new venture on the 9th. Later, at the full moon November 23rd, an income source may draw to an end or you may finally pay out for an expense.


The new moon in your 6th House November 7th offers you a head start on turning over a new health leaf instead of waiting to make it a New Year’s resolution. If you’re considering returning to a diet or lifestyle you found beneficial to your health in the past, you’re especially well positioned for success. You do, however, have to take action to make change. Do that on the 9th. Something dear to you may come to fruition near the full moon November 23rd.


Reignite your romantic or creative life in the days just after the November 7th new moon. Go back to an unfinished art project or creative undertaking and take a new direction. Take a calculated risk. You could receive a spiritual blessing or gift of some kind near the full moon in Taurus on the 23rd, or reach the end of a significant inner journey. Take some time to yourself and relax.


If you have an unfinished home improvement project, renovation, or redecoration underway use the November 7th new moon to renew your attention to it. You can see it through now, and with fresh eyes you can easily take things a new and improved direction. Then, enjoy an evening out with friends and a romantic partner if you have one at the full moon on the 23rd.


If you had been in talks which previously stalled, you may find negotiations renew after the Libra new moon November 7th. Or, if you’ve set aside a writing project or travel opportunity, you may be inspired to come back to your interest with renewed enthusiasm. Use the 8th or 9th for action. At the full moon November 23rd finish up or update a professional project and relaunch it for your existing and past audience.


An income opportunity could come your way near the November 7th new moon in Libra, This once yearly activation of your earned income sector could bring a boost to your earning potential. Watch the days within +/- four days of the new moon, or make your own opportunity by taking action toward an old business idea, service, or product–offer a service or product which you’ve sold successfully in the past. Give an old business idea an update, and reach out to past clients to gauge interest and make your first offers on the 8th and 9th. A travel or publishing opportunity could culminate near the Libra full moon November 23rd, or you could complete a course of study or a legal proceeding in late November.

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It’s your birthday new moon, dear Libra! Do anything you want except make upgrades or changes to your appearance, or buy or ask for expensive or designer gifts. Ask for gift cards for your birthday this year and wait to do your shopping until well after Venus, your ruler, resumes direct motion on the 16th–but you’ll still want to avoid buying expensive items, appliances or electronics. Then, near the full moon in Libra November 23rd, you could pay off a debt of some kind, whether a loan or tax obligation, or even release a psychological debt you may be carrying.  


Have you been wanting to make a change in your life, dear Scorpio? The November 7th new moon in Libra offers a sterling  opportunity to make a change to an unconscious belief or to visualize a new outcome for your life. You can embark on a new spiritual path, journey, or lesson in the days near November 7th. Or, begin a new solo project in the days just after the new moon. Then at the full moon put the finishing touches on a joint project.  


Your social life undergoes a rebirth of sorts with the new moon in Libra, dear Sagittarius. You could experience a surge of activity in your social sector includes the chance to make new contacts or a new friend. Be out and about to make the most of this new moon. The full moon in Libra November 23rd lights up your work and health sector, dear Sagittarius. Finish up a project at work or go for an annual health checkup. Take a close look at your diet too, and use the full moon to eliminate any foods which aren’t supporting your best health.


Watch for a career opportunity to come up in the days near the Libra new moon November 7th–the ideal opportunity would see you reprising a role, partnership, or reconnecting with those you’ve worked with professionally in the past. Or, you could make your own opportunity by taking action to do any of the above on the 8th or 9th of November. Doing business with past partners, clients, and colleagues is best supported at this time. Get out and do something fun with a lover or a child in your life near the full moon in Libra, dear Capricorn. All work and no play makes life dull.


Your international sector is highlighted at the new moon November 7th. You could decide to go back to school to finish a degree or program of study which you previously started, or to take a return trip to somewhere you enjoyed visiting in the past. Or, finish writing that novel or screenplay you began so long ago. If you have an unfinished home improvement or redecorating project in the works, dedicate some time near the November 23rd full moon to finishing things up.


The new moon in Libra November 7th stimulates your 8th House of other people’s resources. If you’ve been needing a resource or funds for something, you may notice an opportunity to make your request. For best results, make a follow up request to someone who has helped you in the past, and if a contract is in order, delay signing any papers at all until early next year, when Mercury has returned to full strength. Then, at the full moon November 23rd you can finish up a writing project, meet a deadline, or take a trip nearby.

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Want to rock the retrograde like a BOSS? Get your copy of this invaluable guide now for only 17.99!

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