The Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes


 With the SIDEREAL MONTHLY HOROSCOPES  from Mystick Physick you get advance access to everything you need to know about upcoming astrological transits and other events.


 The Mystick Physick SIDEREAL MONTHLY HOROSCOPES will give you

✔ Specific strategies for using current planetary transits and significant events,

✔ Advice on when to take action and when to work behind the scenes,

✔ AND  tips for customizing your practice with your natal blueprint so you can make astrological cycles work with you and not against you


so that with a little advance preparation and a few basic steps, you can align your actions and intentions with the universal rhythms and take charge of your experience, even  if


✔ you feel like most horoscopes don’t really apply to you, 

✔ you don’t know much about astrology, and

✔ you think that it’s too complicated and that’s just the way astrology is


You’ll learn:

✔ How to get a copy of your birth chart if you don’t have one (I’ll show you how to get one for free)

✔ How to know the right zodiac sign and House for any planetary transit (I’ll show you how to find out if you don’t already know)

 ✔ What energies the zodiac sign and House represent (so you’ll know exactly how to put them to use), and

 ✔ How to tie it all together


In order to make it SUPER EASY to align yourself with the planetary cycles, the Mystick Physick SIDEREAL MONTHLY HOROSCOPES first provide you with an overview of the upcoming month, then take you into a deeper examination of how each sign may experience the month’s transits through the Fagan-Bradley zodiac–and no matter what your sidereal sun or rising sign, you’ll get advance access to the SIDEREAL MONTHLY HOROSCOPES 2 – 4 weeks before the month begins so you can plan ahead.


The SIDEREAL MONTHLY HOROSCOPES are for you if you are tired of struggling against astrological cycles, would use them to your advantage if you only knew how, and it will work for you even if you’re brand new to astrology.


Get a full year for just $49! 

Sign up for an annual subscription and get two months free each year. Just $49 annually. Cancel anytime. Join today and get a two week free trial.

With the Mystick Physick Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes, you will get:

♦ Advanced notification of critical upcoming transits you’ll want to plan for,

Important alerts about major astrological cycles and how they affect you, and

Helpful tips about the best ways to put the ancient wisdom of astrology to work for you!

Exclusive access to my private Mystick Physick community, the Lunar Living Collective


Sign up now and get a two week free trial!

You were born in alignment.

The Mystick Physick Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes show you astrology in a whole new  way.

Before you sign up, I want you to know the SIDEREAL MONTHLY

 HOROSCOPES from Mystick Physick aren’t for everyone!

 They’re especially not for you if:


Phaedra✔ You are super attached to your traditional astrology sign and are just not willing to consider alternatives

✔  You don’t like change or exploring new (or really old) things, or

✔  You think astrology is dumb



 If any of the above statements is true, these

 horoscopes are not for you. Check out the Lunar

 Living Guides for Conscious Creation instead! =)



Keep shining,





P.S. When you join you’ll also get exclusive access to my private Mystick Physick community, the Lunar Living Collective!



Let the stars be your guide.

Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes from Mystick Physick



Discover what’s coming before anyone else. . .















Get advanced access to all twelve monthly horoscopes by sign for just $4.99 a month. Sign up now and get two weeks free. Cancel anytime.

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