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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

September 2019

September is a month long whirlwind of astrological activity for readers of every sign, and especially so for those with Virgo, Gemini, Libra, and Taurus sun or rising signs. The latter part of the month brings greater challenges, so take advantage of the potential the first half of September holds. Planets in such close proximity to the sun as Venus, Mars and Mercury are for the next couple of weeks express themselves differently than normal. The sun is considered to “burn up” the planet in question, weakening it. We are more likely to feel the influence of combust planets on an energetic level rather than through their influence on. . .

August 2019

August opens on the heels of the July 31st new moon in sidereal Cancer, just as Mercury returns to direct motion. The month brings several sign changes for the faster moving personal planets, shifting the focus of our collective attention, consideration, energy, and priorities as August progresses. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, joins Mercury in returning to direct motion August 11th, after a longer four month retrograde which began last April. With both planets ruling over mental activities such as thinking, learning, reasoning, and communication returning to normal orbit at long last, progress comes more easily, with less need for. . .

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July 2019

July arrives full of changes, and full of lunar activity, too. With three lunations coming up, this month will bring a rather rare combination of events: a pair of new moons to both usher in and close the month, with a second full moon in Sagittarius midway between them. . . all while mischievous little Mercury slows, then retrogrades.  At this time we find ourselves fully within the mid-year eclipse season, a period which can affect our thinking and beliefs, bring opportunities to travel near or far, or put us in touch with others, whether family, colleagues, or friends old and new. The July eclipses arriving on the 2nd and 16th activate the Gemini – Sagittarius axis, influencing mental activity and highlighting travel related themes in the world at large, but especially so for. . .

June 2019

June opens with Mars and Mercury out of bounds and several of the heavier-hitting planets retrograde. Individually and collectively we are beginning to feel the influence of the July eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, all of which combines to create a state of flux and uncertainty in which we tend to be reactionary and confrontational. This reactivity is likely to keep us on edge until mid June, when Mars and Mercury return to normal orbit on the 12th and 17th of June, respectively. This is not a time to force things, so anywhere you experience obstacles and slowdowns or uncertainty matters are best met with an open mind and a receptive attitude towards possible solutions or alternative ways forward. Attaching to a. . .

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about me

My astrological explorations began in 1994 and have taken me on an amazing, decades-long journey of discovery beginning with the teachings of Sybil Leek and continuing with those of Joanna Woolfolk, Nicholas Campion, Max Heindel, Ptolemy, Susan Miller, Carol Rushman, Steven Forrest, Cyril Fagan, Robert Powell, and Dane Rudhyar, to name just a few. I began reading privately for family and close friends in 2003 and following a profoundly transformational spiritual experience opened my practice to the public through Mystick Physick in 2014.


Now more than ever I see the need in the world for the life and soul guidance that astrology can offer to those who seek to understand its sublime language. Collectively we are waking up and determined to find meaning and purpose in our daily lives. This is the gift that astrology offers us.


I’m Phaedra, astrologer and artist of Mystick Physick. I make my home in Idaho’s gorgeous Treasure Valley with my husband of 20 years, our dog Rocket and cat Jet. In my natural habitat I can usually be found meditating, continuing my ongoing astrological explorations, painting to the astrological rhythms of the solar system, or reading about the latest discoveries in the science of consciousness or astrophysics. You can find me at and

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