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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

August 2018

Tempers could flare quite suddenly early in the month of August, with an elevated risk of accident resulting from aggressive or impulsive behavior. Venus begins her four and 1/2 week long  visit to practical Virgo on the 1st, gracing daily life with a welcome atmosphere of cooperation during the coming month. Focus your efforts on partnering with others and emphasize win-win outcomes if you’d like to make progress during August, but don’t enter into any long term agreements just yet–wait to see what the month holds first. Both Mercury’s retrograde and the ongoing eclipses will have lingering effects throughout the  month. While we might not feel equipped to deal with everything we have on our plates heading into the second week of August, teaming up with allies to. . .


July 2018

Most months bring multiple sign changes by the faster moving personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as the two luminaries, our sun and moon. With both Mars and Mercury about to retrograde, July is an exception to that pattern. Despite that, July is an astrologically busy month as eclipse season gets into full swing, multiple planets change direction, and Mars acts up even more when he goes out of bounds early on–Mars’ best and worst qualities will be on display in all of us through late September. A spirit of generosity is in the air July 5th, and yet we may find ourselves more inclined toward arrogance if we aren’t careful. There may be. . .



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June 2018

 June begins with creativity in the air, as Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all link hands in the air signs as the month opens. Painting, writing, photography, and even music are graced with added ambiance and appeal in the days around June 1st. If you’re an artist or creative type, plan some studio time on or near this date. Venus is still out of bounds for the first week of June, preparing her return just as Mercury goes out of bounds June 7th. Recall from last month that an out of bounds planet is one which. . .


May 2018

 May opens in the wake of our late April full moon, a time for finishing up joint projects and finalizing business dealings, fulfilling our end of partnership arrangements. A cooperative approach can work wonders now, especially

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