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April 2018

Aquarius Sun
Aquarius Rising

A debt could come due in the days around the late March full moon, or you could take steps to pay off a financial obligation in the early days of April.

Mars Conjunct Saturn


You may be asked for a loan or need to cover an expense for a friend, possibly one to whom you owe a favor of some sort. Or, you could receive a social invitation from an older friend or mentor and you may feel obligated to attend. Watch near the 2nd for something to come up.


Mercury Square Saturn


You may hear more news near the 5th, involving either an obligation or commitment you’ve made, or regarding that older friend or mentor.


Sun Square Pluto


Don’t let financial hardship destroy your dreams near the 11th, rather see if you can find a new way to approach financing them.


Sun Enters Aries


Travel and communication will be in the spotlight until mid May when the sun moves into Aries and your solar 3rd House on April 14th. The next four weeks could have you scrambling, dear Aquarius.

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New Moon in Aries


Surprising new changes could be coming to your neighborhood near mid month, dear Aquarius, and the effect on your social life could be transformative. Alternatively, something may come up unexpectedly with a sibling or other extended family member.  


Mercury stations direct the same day, so be prepared for the possibility of travel delays and hiccups around expenses which come up or purchases you make near the 15th.  


Saturn Stations Retrograde


Saturn stations retrograde on April 17th at 14° Sagittarius in your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams. Progress may slow in these areas, or you may find yourself restricted from spending much time with friends between now and early September. Your social activities may be curtailed, possibly due to your workload or location, or for some other reason.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“It’s possible that while new business or new clients are canceling or rescheduling, depending on your line of work, that you suddenly hear from old clients or past customers who want to pick up their professional relationship with you right where you left it off.”

Sun Conjunct Uranus


Travel and communication surprises come up out of the blue when the sun and Uranus meet up in your 3rd House on the 18th of April. Accidents and unanticipated disruptions while traveling are more likely during this time, so take precautions if you’ll be in the road or in the air.


Venus Enters Taurus


When Venus moves into Taurus on the 20th prepare to be inspired to beautify your home and surroundings in the three and 1/2 weeks to follow. You’ll be tempted by sumptuous and luxuriant additions to your living space.

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Pluto Stations Retrograde


Pluto stations retrograde on April 22nd, at 26° Sagittarius. Your hopes and dreams come up for inspection and transformation in the coming months. It’s possible you could reconnect with an influential friend during the next five months, especially if you have a planet or personal point at 26° Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini–you will be most strongly affected.


Mars Conjunct Pluto


You could make a social connection with a VIP or someone highly influential near the 26th, so be on your best behavior. You’ll want to make a positive impression.



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Full Moon in Libra


At the full moon April 29th, take a trip, publish a book, launch a publicity tour, complete a course of study, or present your case in court.

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