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April 2018

Aries Sun
Aries Rising

The late March full moon in Virgo presents an opportunity to take a second look at the details of what you’ve been working on daily for the past six months and make corrections and adjustments as necessary before you launch or wrap up.


Hindsight being 20/20, you may find a second look with renewed clarity highlights some areas for improvement.

Mars Conjunct Saturn


When Mars, your ruler, and Saturn meet up April 2nd an obligation comes calling and you’ll need to work hard to meet it. Saturn likes your initiative, but he wants to see you demonstrate follow through and commitment, too. This can be a challenging but rewarding day for you, dear Aries. If you need help, reach out to a partner.


Mercury Square Saturn


You could privately receive difficult news near the 5th, news which may have to travel quite a distance to reach you. This could be related to legal, religious or educational matters, or publishing & broadcasting ventures you’re involved in. Alternatively, it could relate to work you do for or your involvement with an institution, such as a school, hospital, or correctional institution.


Sun Square Pluto


The 10th and 11th aren’t good days to butt heads with authority figures, but if you have to do so, do it privately–it won’t go over well to air grievances in a public setting. Instead, be fair, impartial and discreet in your dealings with the world at large today and keep your thoughts to yourself.

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Sun Enters Aries


April 14th begins birthday month for you, dear Aries, and the day promises to make a lovely start to it. Your friends may want to do something special near this date, so enjoy some time out with them and a partner if you have one.


New Moon in Aries


The new moon on the 15th greets the start of birthday month and because it’s your birthday new moon, you get to use it any way you want–with one caveat. Mercury will station direct the same day, so you’ll want to give that date some space before making your initiation.


Aside from Mercury’s hi-jinks, this is a lovely new moon for you, dear Aries, with support from benevolent Jupiter and inspirational Neptune behind whatever you begin this month.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“You could score beautiful and valuable new possessions while Venus visits your 2nd House, beginning April 2oth.”

Saturn Stations Retrograde


Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius April 17th, potentially triggering delays around long distance travels and communications. Progress may be slow regarding legal, immigration, or higher education matters, too. You may need to take time out to address any unmet obligations or commitments you have in these areas between now and early September.


Sun Conjunct Uranus


Watch for surprises near the 18th, when the sun meets up with Uranus in your sign. Be vigilant, too as there’s a risk of accidents, especially to the head, when the sun and Uranus get together in Aries.


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Venus Enters Taurus


Venus’s three and a half week long tour of Taurus is good for your wallet, bringing you business, money, and income opportunities. You could score beautiful and valuable new possessions while Venus visits your 2nd House, beginning April 2oth.


Also, help out a neighbor or your sister–or other female  relative–if you have one.


Pluto Stations Retrograde


Pluto’s retrograde in Sagittarius on the 22nd affects Aries born May 11th and and 12th or those with a planet or personal point at 26° of sidereal Sagittarius most heavily, but all Aries will likely feel it to some degree. This begins a hugely transformative period lasting more than five months which has the power to completely alter your personal philosophy, ideologies, religious beliefs, or your attitudes toward foreigners and immigrants, for example.



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Mars Conjunct Pluto


Act from your inner authority near the 26th. If you need to give a presentation, training, interview, or demonstrate your expertise in any other way this is your day to do it, when Pluto will lend you an aura of personal power and influence.


Full Moon in Libra


Financial benefits flow through the partner at the full moon April 29th. A partner may be able to help with a legal, academic, or travel commitment.  

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