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APRIL 2018

Capricorn Sun
Capricorn Rising

The days around the late March full moon are perfect for publishing a book, giving a presentation or interview, taking a trip, or making a legal argument.

Mars Conjunct Saturn


You could find yourself actively working toward your most private, personal ambitions near the 2nd when Mars and Saturn meet up in your privacy sector.


Mercury Square Saturn


A neighbor or sibling could share difficult news with you in the days around April 5th, and you probably need to be circumspect about it. If someone tells you something in confidence, keep it.


Sun Square Pluto


You could experience a transformation in your unconscious thinking when the sun and Pluto face off on the 11th. A formerly unconscious habit, belief, thought pattern, or behavior could become glaringly obvious and you suddenly see what it is you need to do in order to change.


Alternatively, be aware of the potential for power struggles near this date, especially between neighbors or siblings, if you have them.

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Sun Enters Aries


Your home and family will be in the spotlight from April 14th through mid May while the sun makes his annual springtime tour of Aries and your real estate sector.


New Moon in Aries


The April 15th new moon highlights your career sector, potentially bringing you a career opportunity. If you have the chance to do something totally new, wait to make your decision until the 20th or 24th. If your opportunity is a chance to go back to work for an old boss, client, or reconnect with an old business partner, go for it. Just give the 17th and 22nd some space.


Mercury stations direct the same day, and once he finally gets back up to speed you’ll find it easier to make progress on travel plans or transportation needs, or on dealings with neighbors, siblings, or other extended family.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“You could undergo transformative spiritual shifts or a change in deeply personal beliefs during this time, or you could feel called to privately study occult subjects and divine mysteries.”

Saturn Stations Retrograde


Your ruler, Saturn, stations retrograde on the 17th of this month. Life will slow down and you may not have to work as hard in the coming four and 1/2 months. You just won’t want to slack off too much or you may regret losing ground by late September.


Don’t plan for making any major initiations until late September, either. Progress could be slow in the coming months. You may have less stamina during this time, or you could find yourself wrapping up final obligations on a solo project you’ve been working on.


Sun Conjunct Uranus


Watch for surprises in your home and family sector near the 18th, and take extra precaution if you are working on a property upgrade near this date, especially if it involves electricity. Accidents are more likely when these two meet up, and also Uranus rules electricity.


The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Venus Enters Taurus


Venus moves into your love and romance sector on the 20th, embarking on a three and 1/2 week long stay. If you’re the creative type, this is a wonderful time to be in the studio. Clear your schedule and make studio time a priority.


Pluto Stations Retrograde


Pluto stations retrograde in Sagittarius at 26° on April 22nd, triggering a five month long period when you may have an increased tendency toward introspection and self-examination.


You could undergo transformative spiritual shifts or a change in deeply personal beliefs during this time, or you could feel called to privately study occult subjects and divine mysteries. You might even discover secrets, and if you have a planet or personal point at 26° of Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini you will be most strongly affected.



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Mars Conjunct Pluto


You are actively undergoing very personal transformation In the days around April 26th, when Mars and Pluto meet up in your most private sector.


Full Moon in Libra


Finally, at the full moon April 29th a career matter comes to culmination. You could be recognized for your professional contributions at this time, and you may even be privately rewarded.

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