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APRIL 2018

Taurus Sun
Taurus Rising

The March 31st full moon in Virgo is still fresh as the month begins, giving you the first week of April to take steps to reconnect and reconcile with a romantic partner or a child, if you have a strained relationship with either in need of repair.


You can also use this time to revisit a creative project which you began but never finished,

Mars Conjunct Saturn


Watch the 2nd, when you may need to meet a financial obligation. Borrowing may not be an option, especially if you’ve failed to meet repayment commitments in the past. With Mercury retrograde it’s a poor time to sign papers, anyway, so finding an alternative way to bring in the funds you need may be the best solution. A partner may be able to help you find a solution.


If you do enter a financial arrangement near this date, it’s likely to be a long term arrangement requiring much work on your part.


Mercury Square Saturn


Definitely avoid signing papers or entering agreements of any kind near the 5th, when Saturn will challenge retrograde Mercury in your social sector. If you’re looking to borrow money from a friend, you may need to keep looking. Likewise if a friend comes to you with an investment opportunity: politely decline and preserve your friendship instead, even if it causes some tension in the short run. You may find cause to regret it otherwise.

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Sun Square Pluto


The 10th and 11th are a challenging pair of days when power struggles are possible, especially regarding resources which you rely on others to provide. An authority figure with control of the purse strings may not be receptive to requests for help, whether that means loans, or insurance claims, or any other type of funds you may need.


If you do need to borrow money, April isn’t the best time to ask–too much is working against you. You’re better off waiting until after Mercury resumes direct motion–in fact, you may be better off waiting to solicit funds until the new moon in Taurus next month, or the one in June, which lights your earned income sector.


Sun Enters Aries


When the sun moves into Aries on the 15th your private life will take on greater prominence. You may find yourself involved in dealings with institutions, such as schools, hospitals, corrections facilities or even nursing homes, or you may simply find you feel pulled to give more energy to your spiritual practices.


The coming four weeks provide an excellent time to withdraw and relax before the new moon in Taurus re-energizes both you and your role in the world.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“The coming four weeks provide an excellent time to withdraw and relax before the new moon in Taurus re-energizes both you and your role in the world.”

New Moon in Aries


The April 15th new moon opens a path in your 12th House of spirituality and seclusion, giving you an opportunity to retreat from the busy-ness of life in a healthy way. You can begin a new path of exploration on your journey of spiritual growth.


This new moon in the house of your unconscious mind offers a fantastic opportunity to consciously create a new belief within yourself. Hypnosis and guided meditations can help you cultivate beliefs which more accurately reflect the life you want to live than those beliefs you’ve been carrying around since childhood.


Saturn Stations Retrograde


Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th of April, signaling a four and 1/2 month long period where you may be called to account for your use of and reliance on the resources of others. If you have any unmet financial obligations, especially involving someone else’s money, you’ll be called on to meet them or experience the consequences.



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Sun Conjunct Uranus


You could have a sudden insight regarding a private matter near the 18th, when the sun and Uranus meet up in your privacy sector. Alternatively, a stroke of genius may be just what it takes to have you impulsively jumping into a new solo project.


Venus Enters Taurus


Your ruler, Venus, enters your own sign in late April, on the 20th, bestowing you with an attractive allure and making you a sought after partner in the the three and a half weeks to follow. You can use this time to upgrade your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle, or otherwise change your look.



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Pluto Stations Retrograde


Pluto stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the 22nd, putting your access to and use of other people’s resources under the microscope in the coming five months. You may need to dig deep for financial records or estate papers, or otherwise review your finances during this time.


A partner or benefactor may be able to help in your efforts to transform your financial situation, and with Mars and Pluto meeting up in just a few days time, this is a hugely powerful time to take action in support of that transformation.


Full Moon in Libra


The full moon April 29th lights your solar 6th House of work, health, pets and daily routines. Some part of your daily routine may come to an end in the days around this full moon, or you may be wrapping up a project at work.


Alternatively, a health matter may come to a head and need your attention. You can put this full moon to best use by releasing a bad habit at this time.

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