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Aries Sun
Aries Rising

Your ruler, Mars, is only halfway through his retrograde as the month opens, dear Aries, and you may feel like progress is next to impossible right now.


Have patience, and if not patience then at least have faith and all will be well in its own good time. You’ll leave the month in far better circumstances than you enter it.

Venus enters Virgo


Venus moves into your solar 6th House on the first of the month, and she’ll stay here for remainder of it. You’ll find success in joint projects and cooperative ventures, so make yourself into a valuable partner during the month of August.


Sun square Jupiter


Is too much of a good thing possible? You’ll have a shot at finding out near the 6th, when Jupiter challenges the sun from your partnership sector. You could take on a central role at home at this time, while a partner is busy with other demands. Or, a partnership could be needing your participation in order to grow, yet you are unable to give it your full energy at this time.

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Uranus stations retrograde


Accidents and identity crises are possible as Uranus stations direct in your solar 1st House on the 7th of August. Protect your head, and handle knives or other sharp objects with care near this time.


Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde


The 8th is likely to be an intense day, best used for audits, reviews and revisions especially related to real estate or family businesses. News from a parent is possible, too–you could find yourself rehashing conversations you thought were over.


Alternatively, you can use this day to reach out to an estranged parent or father figure in an effort to reconcile your differences.


Look for planets or personal points at 21 or 22 degrees Cancer to see if you will be directly affected.

“You’ll find success in joint projects and cooperative ventures, so make yourself into a valuable partner during the month of August.”

New moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer


Something about your home or family situation is changing, dear Aries, and you may be having a hard time with the adjustment. It’s possible your relationship with a parent is going through changes at this time. Trust that there are benefits in it for you, too, even if you haven’t identified them just yet. A family secret could be revealed.


Check your sidereal natal chart for planets or personal points at 23 or 24 degrees of a water or earth sign–Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo–to see if you will feel the effects of this eclipse directly.  


Sun enters Leo


On the 17th the sun moves into your romance and creativity sector for his annual four week tour. Your creative drive is stimulated, and you seek to satisfy it. This can be a productive time for art or hobbies and you may feel more inclined to take risks, through mid September.


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This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Mercury stations direct


Mischievous little Mercury will finally station direct on the 18th, and travel and communication related dealings will finally get sorted. He’ll be a little erratic near this date, but expect that to settle down as Mercury gets back up to full speed during the remainder of the month.


You may finally get your message through on a family matter, especially if you’ve felt a bit like a broken record over the past few months.


Sun trine Saturn-Uranus


If you could ever teach an old dog new tricks, it would be on a day like the 25th, so consider how you might use that knowledge for good. Upend traditions and forge new ways of doing the same old things.



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Full moon in Aquarius


Then, use the full moon at month’s end to finish up a group project. Perhaps you attend a social event instead. Or, if you’ve been working steadily on a long held hope or dream, this full moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to launch your creation into the world.


Mars stations direct


You’ll feel your energy return as Mars, your ruler, stations direct on the 27th, dear Aries. Just beware of the heightened risk of anger, irritation, and argumentativeness near this date, but otherwise take heart that you’ll finally begin to see progress in your life and career.

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