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Gemini Sun
Gemini Rising

Your ruler, Mercury, will station direct this month, dear Gemini, and when he does life will begin to pick up the pace.


It starts off with a surprise social invitation at the beginning of the month. You just might enjoy yourself if you do go out.

Venus enters Virgo


Venus moves into Virgo and your solar 4th House of home and family on the 1st of August, setting you up for a month of enjoyment of beautifying your own home.


Sun square Jupiter


The 6th could bring an expense related to a hobby, or a child’s needs, or perhaps you give an extravagant gift to a lover. You could purchase a valuable and beautiful piece of art, or take a financial risk in some other way.

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Uranus stations retrograde


You could run into an old friend quite unexpectedly when Uranus shifts gears in your friendship sector on the 7th. Choose to be spontaneous. Have fun, just don’t over do things.


Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde


The 8th is likely to be a very important day for you, dear Gemini, as your ruler, Mercury, backtracks across the path of the sun. Use this day to focus on reexamining important details, or to present findings, though you may choose to avoid making any recommendations at this time.

“You could experience sudden insights which expand your perspective in an a whole new way in the days around this full moon.”

New moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer


Watch for an income opportunity to present itself in the weeks just around the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer. Or, make your own opportunity by taking action to generate revenue in the days just after the August 11th new moon.


If you’ve been considering a side hustle, get going on it now. Likewise if you’ve been toying with ideas for alternate sources of income, or even for passive income streams. Petition the boss for a raise, and be sure to highlight your contributions when you do.


Check your sidereal natal chart for planets or personal points at 23 or 24 degrees of a water or earth sign–Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo–to see if you will feel the effects of this eclipse directly.


Sun enters Leo


The sun moves into your transportation sector on the 17th of August, as you enter a four week long period of increased emphasis on travel and communication related matters.


Activities involving siblings or encounters with neighbors may come up during this time as well.


The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Mercury stations direct


Mercury, your ruler, stations direct on the 18th, signaling to an end to the worst of his mischievous behavior. Your energy levels will begin to return to normal in the coming weeks, and you’ll be better positioned to move forward on your most important projects.


Mercury will be back up to speed by the time September arrives–so be prepared for action.


Sun trine Saturn-Uranus


If you receive a last minute social invitation near the 25th, accept and invite a partner to join you. The conversation is sure to be compelling, include nontraditional topics, and you’ll likely enjoy yourself.



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Full moon in Aquarius


The full moon at month’s end could bring a decision in a legal matter, or perhaps you finally embark on a trip you’ve been planning. Alternatively, you could complete a course of study at this time.


You could experience sudden insights which expand your perspective in an a whole new way in the days around this full moon.


Mars stations direct


Mars stations direct in your solar 8th House of other people’s resources on the 27th, triggering an expense, perhaps through taxes, loans, or other debt. Mars could bring an influx of money, too, and if so, it would likely come to you through other people–a partner or lender, for instance, or through a bonus or commission.


If you found it difficult to make much progress financially in the past two months, Mars’ return to direct motion will propel you forward once again.

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