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Virgo Sun
Virgo Rising

Finances could be a source of tension between you and a romantic partner early in the month of August, as could the needs of a child or of a creative project of yours.  

Venus enters Virgo


Venus moves into your sign at the 1st of August, bringing an opportunity to reconsider your image and personal style and update your look if needed. With Mercury and Mars still retrograde, it’s not the time to implement major changes (especially those involving scissors, knives, needles, or scalpels–nothing that cuts or punctures).


That said, you certainly can explore style inspiration and even try out some new looks digitally, and you can hit up thrift shops for designer or classic finds, waiting to settle on a new hairstyle or implement a major style change until the final days of August, after Mercury and Mars return to direct motion,


People may find you naturally agreeable and attractive during Venus’ stay in Virgo.


Sun square Jupiter


The 6th could bring a big expense stemming from a social engagement or your membership in a club or other organization. Or, you may decide to splurge on a long held hope or dream in some way.

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Uranus stations retrograde


Uranus begins his five month long retrograde on August 7th, potentially triggering a surprise or sudden reversal in your financial circumstances, especially regarding your access to other people’s resources. A loan offer could be withdrawn, for instance, or one made which initially was refused.


Whatever happens is likely to be rather unpredictable, but could involve loans or taxes, insurance or inheritance, or your partner’s income (if you have one). If you earn income by bonus or commission, that could be involved, too.


Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde


The 8th could be an important day for you, dear Virgo, as your ruler, Mercury, will retrograde conjunct to the sun on this day. You may find yourself in the spotlight (for good or ill) and you may be reviewing or defending past social behavior, actions, or your words. A friend may be involved, and if you need to reconcile, you can do so now.


Your ability to focus inwardly rather than outwardly is highlighted, so use this transit to analyze, receive information, and collect data to review rather than trying to do something new.


Alternatively, you could hear from an old friend or receive a social invitation, or you may have a cancellation affect your social calendar in some way.


Look for a planet or personal point at 21 or 22 degrees of Cancer to see whether you will be directly affected.

“Networking opportunities come now, and you can benefit from the connections you make through them so be sure to be out and about.”

New moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer


Jump start your social life at the new moon solar eclipse August 11th and enjoy a six month window of increased social activity. Networking opportunities come now, and you can benefit from the connections you make through them so be sure to be out and about.


Check your sidereal natal chart for planets or personal points at 23 or 24 degrees of a water or earth sign–Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo–to see if you will feel the effects of this eclipse directly.


Sun enters Leo


You may need to take extra time for rest and relaxation while the sun makes his annual four week visit to Leo and your 12th House of privacy and seclusion beginning August 17th.


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Mercury stations direct


Your ruler, Mercury, stations direct on the 18th marking a shift towards forward progress as you finally wrap up corrections and revisions you’ve been working on for the past several weeks.


Expect your energy levels to improve over the coming weeks as Mercury gets back up to full strength by month’s end.  


Sun trine Saturn-Uranus


A windfall could come to you unexpectedly near the 25th, potentially due to a calculated, long term financial risk which you took long ago.



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Full moon in Aquarius


A work project may be coming to an end with the full moon in Aquarius August 26th. Alternatively, if you’ve a bad habit you’d like to be rid of–especially one which harms your health–you can take steps to release it with this full moon. Consider tools and tactics you can employ, such as self hypnosis or meditation,  to encourage different behavior.


Mars stations direct


Activity will return to your 8th House of other people’s resources once again as Mars finally stations direct August 27th, after eight long weeks retrograde. You’ll find delays and obstacles easier to overcome and much less irritating going forward.v

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