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Capricorn Sun
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Watch for an uptick in career related activity in the coming seven weeks, beginning quite suddenly near December 1st when Mars opposes Uranus as both planets change signs. Mars is taking his tour through Libra until late January, driving the increase in activity in your professional sector.

At the same time, Uranus’ retrograde takes him back into Pisces and your solar 3rd House of travel and communication, reactivating the Neptune-Uranus mutual reception and bringing unexpected invitations and travel opportunities through February 2nd, when Uranus resumes his tour of Aries.


Mercury stations retrograde just in time for the full moon in Taurus December 3rd, when a creative project may be coming to fruition. It’s possible a love affair is coming to the end of one stage of its evolution, or you’re celebrating a child’s achievement at this time. Alternatively, if you need to complete a creative project begun at the new moon last May, you can use the ten days following this full moon for the finishing touches.


The first week of Mercury’s retrograde is likely to have you spending time in quiet reflection, reexamining private commitments or solo obligations and your approach to meeting them. You may need to make revisions to your strategy depending on the nature of your goals.


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The 3rd may not be the best time to spend money, as Neptune challenges the sun from your solar 2nd House of earned income and expenses. You may not be in a position to clearly assess the wisdom of your purchases near this day so put off any expenditures for a few days if you reasonably can (longer if you’re facing a major purchase or needing electronics, appliances, or anything with moving parts–Mercury retrograde is the worst time for these types of purchases and you’re likely to come away disappointed).


Mercury conjoins Saturn, your ruler, in your solar 12th House of privacy and seclusion on the 6th of December, a day when you could make headway on a writing, communication, or highly analytical task you’re working on independently, if you’re able to tune out the distractions. You may be reviewing or revising work you’ve done previously, making corrections or revisions as necessary.


Then on the 10th Mercury returns to Scorpio and your social sector, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with friends you haven’t visited with in some time. This is one of the loveliest and safest ways to enjoy Mercury retrograde, and especially if you’ve had a falling out with a friend you have a wonderful chance to reconcile while Mercury is retrograde in your 11th House.


You could receive surprising news near this date, possibly from a sibling or neighbor, or need to travel unexpectedly due to last minute changes to your plans as Mercury reaches out a friendly hand to Uranus in your travel and communication sector. Money may be an issue, though, especially if you’re having difficulty putting a dollar figure on the potential expense.

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“You could quite successfully beautiful your personal sanctuary in this time, whether that’s an office or studio, a bedroom or a master bath–wherever you consider your most personal secluded retreat.

Mercury conjoins the sun on the 12th, putting you in touch with a friend or social connection, or possibly bringing news from an organization which you belong to that affects you personally. Alternatively, you could hear news about a long held dream you’ve been working on bringing to life.


Three days later, on the 15th, he meets up with Venus in your social sector, bringing valuable news from a social connection or friend which could help your career.


The sun enters Sagittarius the very next day, December 16th, beginning a four week tour of your privacy sector. You’re likely to be out of the public eye during this time, attending to private obligations and taking some time for self care.


You may receive news or information from a sibling or neighbor out of the blue near this date, as the sun sends a friendly beam to Uranus in your travel and communication sector, or alternatively you may to take an unexpected trip to somewhere nearby to deal with private matters.


The new moon in Sagittarius December 18th activates your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, bringing an opportunity to begin a personal spiritual or meditative practice or a solo project within +/- 4 days.


If you’d be returning to an old practice or project you let fall by the wayside, you’re safe to begin in the days just after the new moon. If you’re pursuing a new spiritual study or a brand new project, it’s better to wait to begin until just after the Christmas holiday, when Mercury will be back to direct motion.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

You could hear news from a friend out of the blue near the 20th, when Venus in your social sector reaches out to Uranus in your travel and communication sector. Consider a lunch date to catch up if you haven’t seen each other in a while.


The sun conjoins Saturn in your privacy sector on the 21st, one of the most important days for you all year, dear Capricorn. Something big could be taking place for you behind the scenes, and if so, launch it into the world at the full moon next month in Gemini or Cancer, or at the full moon in Capricorn in July, whichever is more appropriate.


Venus enters Sagittarius the same day, joining the sun, Saturn and Pluto there and adding a harmonious undertone to your very most private life for the coming three and 1/2 weeks. You could quite successfully beautiful your personal sanctuary in this time, whether that’s an office or studio, a bedroom or a master bath–wherever you consider your most personal secluded retreat.


Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, ending his last retrograde of the year just ahead of the Christmas holiday and affording you the opportunity to take advantage of the new moon in you privacy sector by making your initiation in the days just after Christmas. You’ll be able to give Mercury some space and a few days to settle down and still catch the energy of the new moon as you begin your next solo project or spiritual journey, if you’re embarking on something brand new.


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Then at Christmas Venus conjoins your ruler, Saturn, suggesting a delightful holiday for attached Capricorn babies. You could commit (or reaffirm your commitment) to a romantic partner, or simply enjoy the holiday spirit in an ambiance of cooperation, appreciation and harmony. Single Cappies and those not celebrating holidays at this time will still feel the lovely energy of this day.


Finally on the 28th, Mars, currently in your professional sector, extends a friendly hand to Neptune in your 2nd House of earned income, when career activity could pay off for you financially, potentially scoring you an income opportunity.

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