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Mars enters your sign on the 1st of December, signaling a surge of activity in your 1st House of image, appearance, self expression and the physical body in the coming seven weeks. You’re likely to find yourself very busy and physically active during this time, and in fact it’s a good time to engage in  competitive sports or other exercise. You may feel more driven than normal, and you can certainly use that to your advantage over the coming seven weeks.

There’s a risk of accidents near the beginning of the month, so be sure to take basic safety precautions and avoid unnecessary risks to your health or safety near this time.


The full moon in Taurus lights up your 8th House of other people’s money just as Mercury stations retrograde in your 3rd House of travel and communication. You could be called upon to finally fulfill a loan or tax obligation, or you receive money that’s owed you in the form of bonus or commission income, or perhaps an insurance claim.


You could experience travel delays, so be sure to carry a phone in case of emergency or or notifying someone of your late arrival.


You may find yourself engaged in vehicle repairs with Mercury, the ruler of travel, retrograde in your travel sector. Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a writing or communication project you could enter the review and editing stages at this time.


Don’t enter into a contract or other agreement near this date, though, as you could have a hard time changing the terms and with Mercury retrograding it’s likely you could end up disappointed with the arrangements.


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There’s also a risk of deception or misunderstanding with a child or lover over finances near the 3rd, too as the sun squares off with Neptune in your 5th House. This wouldn’t be a good day to purchase art, either. There’s a likelihood you just don’t know something that you need to know to make a good decision.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 6th, when you may have to revisit a responsibility you thought you’d met, or maybe one you ought to have met by now but haven’t. This could be a responsibility to a neighbor or sibling, or to a deadline or other writing commitment you may have made. Either way, Saturn will require that you make an active effort to meet it.


On the 10th Mercury returns to Scorpio, sending a greeting to Uranus in your 6th House of work, health and daily routine. News of a money making opportunity could come up, and if it’s one involving a previous employer you could confidently accept it, even though it could throw an unexpected wrench into your daily routine.


If this were a wholly new income opportunity to you, know that something about the situation is likely to change later on.

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“The new moon in Taurus December 18th activates your 8th House of other people’s money, inaugurating one of the best opportunities you’ll have all year to tap into the resources of others.”

Mercury conjoins the sun on the 12th of December, bringing unexpected news related to an income opportunity which may affect you directly. Alternatively, you could hear news of an expense, possibly related to a pet or employee if you have either of them.


Two days later, on December 15th, Mercury conjoins Venus in Scorpio and your solar 2nd House, activating your income sector once again. It’s possible you could have an expense come up related to your image or appearance, though it’s not the best time to make changes to how you look. If something should come up, it’s best to stick with what’s tried and true rather than try out anything new.


Surprises are possible on the 16th, when the sun reaches out a friendly hand to Uranus in your workaday sector. Your routine may be thrown into disarray quite unexpectedly.


The sun moves into Sagittarius the same day, and for the coming four weeks you may take on a leadership role in your neighborhood or among your extended family, like siblings, cousins or even aunts and uncles.


Alternatively, you may act as the messenger or help facilitate communication in some way during this time.


The new moon in Taurus December 18th activates your 8th House of other people’s money, inaugurating one of the best opportunities you’ll have all year to tap into the resources of others. This is good for applying for a loan or mortgage, making investments, updating your financial plan with your advisor, or earning bonus or commission income.


If you’re thinking of applying for a loan, hold off until just after Christmas, after Mercury has stationed direct. Likewise, if  you’re meeting with a financial advisor or estate planner, review your options now but don’t rush to a decision and plan to wait until the 26th or so to implement your new plans, when Mercury is in a better position.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

An unexpected opportunity could come up at work near the 20th, one which could add to your earning potential, and you’re in a better place to act on it now that you might have been at the last opportunity. This one may bode well for your image and self esteem as well, so if you chose to wait to commit earlier, you could discover you made a good decision.


Then on the 21st the sun conjoins Saturn, a challenging or perhaps demanding day when you may be called on to meet an obligation to a neighbor, sibling, or even a deadline or travel commitment. You may find this day quite tiring, so be sure to take care of yourself.


Venus enters Sagittarius the same day, joining the sun, Saturn and Pluto there and adding an atmosphere of cooperation to any mutual obligation you may have.


Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, but it’s best to give the unpredictable final days of his retrograde a wide berth before undertaking any Mercury-ruled activities or making any big initiations. Hold off until after Christmas when things will have calmed down.


astrologer & artist

On Christmas day Venus conjoins Saturn, highlighting the value of local customs and community over flashy celebrations and consumerism during the holiday. You may find you prefer to celebrate the holidays in a low key, more traditional way this year.


Finally, on the 28th, Mars reaches out a friendly hand to Neptune in your 5th House of creativity, children, and true love, a day when you’ll be full of life and passion and can appreciate a dreamy, romantic moment with a lover or romantic interest. Alternatively, you could discover a great deal of artistic inspiration and creative motivation is yours to use this day.

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