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Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

Your social sector is the hub of activity beginning December 1st, dear Sagittarius, when you could decide on the spur of the moment to spend time out with your friends. Expect the trend to continue through late January while Mars tours Libra for the coming seven weeks. ‘Tis the season for holiday get togethers,  and for birthday celebrations, too, soon enough.

Jupiter sends holiday greetings to Neptune in your travel and communication sector on the 2nd, and you may find yourself inspired to throw a holiday celebration for your neighbors at the community center or connect with your siblings over dinner or drinks. Either way, you can expect to have a lovely time–just be careful of the consequences of enjoying the holidays spirit–or spirits–just a little too much, as you could have cause to regret it the next day if you over indulge.


The full moon on the 3rd lights up your solar 6th House of work, health and daily routine just as Mercury stations retrograde in your own sign of Sagittarius. Some part of your daily routine could be coming to a conclusion. Or you may be putting the finishing touches on a work related project within +/- 4 days of December 3rd.


At the same time, you may find yourself having difficulty expressing yourself, though some time over the next week spent in introspection about what it is you really wish to communicate may help you better articulate your thoughts and ideas. Don’t let worry or fear run away with you, instead reach out to a friend for assistance if you need.


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Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 6th, in your solar 1st House of image, identity, and the physical body. You’ve just begun a challenging transit early in November, that of Saturn through your sign, and you may have news from him near this date which you must act on. This message may echo news you received when Mercury and Saturn first met up November 27th, so think back to that date and see if you recall any clues.


Saturn is here to teach you about self discipline and commitment and facing your fears in the coming years, and he’ll have another message for you on this subject once he and Mercury make their last conjunction in this retrograde series come mid January, after Mercury goes direct.


Mercury reenters Scorpio on the 10th, and you may find yourself revisiting private talks or negotiations begun last month when he traveled through your 12th House of privacy and seclusion the first time. If for some reason you were unable to come to terms the first time, you may find that a review or a bit of introspection unexpectedly turns up previously overlooked information or ideas which may help you move forward in the coming weeks. You’re due for a eureka moment.


There’s a risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication around something intimately or spiritually valuable to you at this time, especially in regards to a neighbor or sibling, or about what you need and value most in your immediate environment in order to get proper rest and be your most effective.


Be patient, as you will likely be better able to articulate your needs later, near the 12th or 15th.

“Sudden insight into your own unconscious attitudes and beliefs is possible near the 16th when the sun reaches out a friendly hand to Uranus from your 12th House of privacy, seclusion and the unconscious mind.”

Mercury conjoins the sun on the 12th, bringing you the ideas and insights you need to make headway in behind the scenes negotiations or in articulating your own private thoughts and ideas.


Then on the the 15th he meets up with Venus, giving you the opportunity to communicate what’s most important to you regarding a spiritual or private matter.


Sudden insight into your own unconscious attitudes and beliefs is possible near the 16th when the sun reaches out a friendly hand to Uranus from your 12th House of privacy, seclusion and the unconscious mind. It’s possible a family revelation triggers your illumination and suddenly you see things–yourself included–in a whole new light.


The sun enters Sagittarius the same day, signaling the start of birthday month for you, dear Sagittarius, and once a year opportunity to make a fresh start in life. You can use this time to step into personal responsibility and to demonstrate a level of maturity you perhaps haven’t yet found necessary, but likely will as Saturn puts you through your paces.


Watch for an opportunity to arise within +/- 4 days of the new moon in Sagittarius December 18th, but if you can, wait to act until just after Christmas when Mercury will be direct and somewhat stronger.


Alternatively, you can make whatever initiation you like as this is your birthday new moon, so if you have a personal ambition for the coming year, make your start in the days between the 26th and 28th, when your initiation will be better supported.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Valuable insight is possible on the 20th, when Venus reaches out to Uranus from your 12th House of privacy and seclusion. You may have a “light bulb moment” which allows you to provide discreet assistance to a parent, especially if they are needing financial help or institutional care, or perhaps make an impulsive contribution to your home which quietly and unobtrusively adds to it value or to your appreciation of it.


Then on the 21st, Saturn makes his biggest demand of you of his transit so far when the sun conjoins him on his tour through your sign. This has the potential to be a very demanding or physically exhausting day, so be sure to take care of yourself and get adequate rest.


Venus joins Saturn, the sun and Pluto in your solar 1st House the same day, beginning a three and 1/2 week transit you can use to bolster your image or refresh your appearance, provided you wait until just after Christmas to do so. 


You’ll want to give Mercury the opportunity to return to direct motion, which he does on the 22nd, but also to give him a few days to regulate his orbit, as he can be quite unpredictable and erratic at the beginning and end of his retrograde periods.


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Venus conjoins Saturn on Christmas day, and you may feel somewhat reserved in expressing your affections during this time. You might come off as rather somber and serious, when in fact you can’t help but take a mature, long term view of romantic commitments right now.


And finally, on the 28th, Mars reaches out in friendly greeting to Neptune in your 3rd House of travel, communication and immediate environment. You could find yourself escaping to somewhere nearby for a dreamy weekend retreat, possibly near water or to a cutting edge locale.

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