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Mars moves into your 12th House of privacy and seclusion for a seven week stay beginning December 1st, a period for rest, retreat and relaxation for you, dear Scorpio, and with Saturn finally having moved on from your sign for good in early November, you deserve it. You’ve been tested and challenged in highly personal, physical, and energetic ways over the past nearly three years, and you are ready for a break from the toil and labor. Take it while Mars tours your privacy sector now through late January and replenish your vital energy.

You may have an unexpected opportunity to do so come up near the beginning of the month when Mars opposes Uranus in your 5th House of creativity, children, and romance. You could  spend an impromptu evening cozied up with a loved one, enjoying some private time together.


Be careful of the risk of accidents to the feet under this influence, though. Keep tripping hazards out of the way and wear appropriate foot protection as needed for your daily activities, whether that means aqua socks or steel toed boots (or anything in between).


Taking time for yourself in private could be useful when inspiration strikes near the 2nd, as you’ll be in a better position to act on your massive creative urge if you’re already chilling at home. In fact, you may just feel moved to remake your home into a welcoming retreat from the world.


The full moon in Taurus December 3rd coincides with the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde. The end of a partnership or the culmination of a joint venture could see you taking stock of your finances and reviewing your budget and expenses, a wise activity with the potential to leave you with a much more solid long term foundation for your financial future come January.


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If you and a marriage or business partner have been working together on a project, you have the ten days following December 3rd to complete the finishing touches.


You could experience a bit of disillusionment near this time, either about yourself and your identity or involving parents or family, and it could affect how you see yourself.


Retrograde Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 6th, when news of a financial obligation comes up. If you’ve been putting off an expense, you may not be able to any longer.


Think back to November 27th, when we first experienced this conjunction. If you have unfinished business from that day, you may be revisiting it now. It could be challenging to make the kind of progress you want to see before mid January, when Mercury and Saturn meet up for the last time in this series of conjunctions. Make the effort to honor your commitments and and Saturn will leave you in a much more stable position come January 13th.


Mercury reenters Scorpio on the the 10th, a time to reexamine who you are and how you show up in the world. How are you coming off to other people? Does it reflect how you’d like to be seen, or even how you see yourself? And who is that, exactly?


Give yourself some time with these considerations while Mercury retraces his steps in your sign between now and the second week of January. The answers you come to may bring you to new beliefs about yourself or insights into how you’ve been approaching life up until now and acting to make highly meaningful and intimate changes.

“If you’re single and looking, you could meet someone, and if you already have a partner you could enjoy romantic time together.”

Surprises are possible on the 10th, too, when a child or love interest could do something unexpected. You may find yourself examining your personal values around home and family near this time.


Mercury conjoins the sun on December 12th, a day when you could receive news which impacts you directly.


On the 15th Mercury conjoins Venus, also in your 1st House, and valuable information comes your way which could help further your most private desires.


The very next day, December 16th, the sun moves into Sagittarius for a four week tour of your 2nd House of earned income. You’ll be in money-making mode under this influence and on the look out for income opportunities. For the next few weeks, though, you’ll want to direct your efforts to previous employers and old bosses before looking for totally new opportunities. You’ll have better chances of success with new ventures after Mercury stations direct, in late December and the first half of January.


An opportunity could come up suddenly near this date, or within +/- 4 days of the new moon in Sagittarius December 18th. If it’s an opportunity to go back to work for a previous employer, go ahead and take it, if it’s what you’re looking for.


If you receive an unexpected offer from a potential new employer, you can try to delay responding until the 26th or later if you can, or you can accept knowing something about the position is likely to change. You can always keep looking for something better to come up when Mercury is out of retrograde and back up to full strength. He’ll leave the shadow of his retrograde by January 10th.


Alternatively, you could choose to begin a side hustle at this new moon or to start a business venture of your own, and if so you’ll want to wait until after Christmas to begin. Mercury stations direct on the 22nd of December and you’ll want to give this date the space of a few days and allow him time to settle down before making your initiation.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Positive transformation could come out of whatever you begin at this new moon, so even though Mercury is retrograde you won’t want to waste the opportunity. There’s a small window for taking action between the 26th and 28th which you can use to your advantage.


The 20th has the potential to be an unexpectedly romantic or creative day, depending on how you choose to use it. If you’re single and looking, you could meet someone, and if you already have a partner you could enjoy romantic time together. Happily single Scorpio can use this energy creatively, pursuing music, painting, photography, film or other artistic pursuits.


The sun meets up with Saturn on the 21st, highlighting a financial responsibility or commitment you may need to meet, just as Venus joins the two of them (and Pluto) here in your solar 2nd House of income and expenses for a three and a half week tour.


Venus is in her detriment here, and you may feel tempted to make extravagant purchases, though it will behoove you to demonstrate restraint and self discipline. Find creative ways to remove yourself from temptation.


On the 22nd Mercury stations direct, and you’ll find in the following days you are more effective at communicating your thoughts and expressing yourself than you have been in the past few weeks. If you’ve had trouble making yourself clear or understood, try again in the days just after the Christmas holiday. Just skip trying to do so today, as Mercury will be erratic and his square to Neptune makes the chance for misunderstanding or confusion higher than it has been even in the past few weeks.


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On Christmas day Venus conjoins Saturn, activating a love of tradition over consumerism during the holiday. You’ll appreciate heirlooms and the history they carry over brand new, expensive gifts with little personal value this holiday season, especially if financial obligations weigh on your mind at this time.


Finally on the 28th, Mars reaches out in friendly greeting to Neptune in your 4th House of home and family, making it the perfect time to retreat to the sanctuary of your own home and relax in privacy, whether alone or with loved ones. Rest up for a fresh start to the new year come the January new moon.  

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