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You’ll likely see an uptick in expenses over the coming seven weeks as Mars begins his tour of Libra in your solar 2nd House of earned income and expenses on December 1st, dear Virgo. The good news is that Mars typically brings an increase in income with him, so any expenses that come up aren’t expected to set you back financially. It’s more likely you’ll see the funds you need to cover any additional expenses come in between now and late January.

Watch for unexpected financial dealings to come up suddenly at the end of November or early December, when Mars opposes Uranus just as they both change signs. 


As an added bonus you have Jupiter transiting your income sector until early October of next year, helping to add to your financial health during this time. He’ll extend a friendly invitation to Neptune in your 6th House of work and health on the 2nd, suggesting you could see extra funds come in due to a work opportunity as the month opens. Alternatively, inspiration about a work related project could add to your bottom line, if you act on it.


The full moon December 3rd arrives just as Mercury, your ruler, stations retrograde in your 4th House of home, family and real estate. You could be finishing up a publishing, broadcasting, legal, educational or travel related affair at the same time your attention is called to unfinished business on the home front. Unknown variables at work may be adding to the challenge.


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It’s also possible you could be dealing with a responsibility you have to one or both parents near this time, watch the 6th of December for news when Mercury conjoins Saturn. Think back to the 27th of November when Mercury and Saturn first met up for clues as to what you are being called to revisit.


Something which needs modification or revision is likely to be called to your attention right now, and in the coming weeks you can puzzle out the proper approach to retooling with the final pieces falling into place when Mercury and Saturn meet up for the third and final time near January 12th.


Mercury reenters Scorpio on the 10th, bringing unexpected news as he does so.


You could hear news which touches you personally near the 12th, when Mercury conjoins the sun in your 3rd House of communication and travel. You may have to take a short trip nearby, or you could near from a sibling or neighbor.

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“You could be in for a surprise if you exchange gifts with a partner near the 20th.”

Then on the 15th Mercury conjoins Venus, possibly bringing news of an income opportunity from within your local community. Alternatively, you could exchange gifts with a neighbor or extended family member.


The sun enters Sagittarius the following day, on December 16th, and for the coming four weeks you’re likely to be engrossed in being a homeowner or attending to home and family life.


Surprises are possible this day, as the sun exchanges greetings with Uranus in your 7th House of partnership. A partner may surprise you, or you could jointly decide on a spur of the moment upgrade to your home.


The new moon in Sagittarius on December 18th highlights your home and family sector, giving you the opportunity to begin a new family activity, home improvement project, or undertake a real estate search. Watch for a related opportunity to come up within +/- 4 days of the 18th or make your own opportunity by taking action after the new moon.


If you choose to begin a home improvement project, wait to begin until after Christmas when Mercury has regained direct motion and instead use this time for repairs .

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

You could be in for a surprise if you exchange gifts with a partner near the 20th.


The sun conjoins Saturn on the 21st, the same day Venus makes her ingress into Sagittarius for the coming three and 1/2 weeks. She’s joining the party of planets already here: Pluto, Saturn, and of course, the sun.


Saturn is here to keep us grounded though, lest the party get out of hand, so don’t expect anything outrageous. You’ll be hard at work on projects around the house: beautifying, improving its value, and investing in your property’s care. It’ll be worth it though, in spite of the hard work and learning curve. You’ll be picking up skills which will last you a lifetime.


On the 22nd Mercury stations direct, and you breathe a sign of relief as your ruler makes an about face, knowing that soon you’ll be making progress once again.


astrologer & artist

You take pleasure in the familiarity of holiday traditions this year, and in what there is to appreciate in life. Flagrant consumerism likely won’t hold much appeal and you’ll be most content spending the holidays at home.


Finally, on the 28th watch for an income opportunity to come up. You’ll want to make sure you iron out all the details of the job, so be sure to ask probing questions–though it’s likely you’ll find the work inspiring and stimulating, as well.

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