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Early February could have you feeling scrambled and harried, dear Aries, as Uranus reenters your sign hot on the heels of the January 31st lunar eclipse.

This is the second eclipse in a series of four affecting your home and family sector, a series which began a year ago and will continue to play out until January 2019.


Last year, late born Aries were most affected–those born near the end of the sign by the sidereal zodiac. This time around, mid born Aries babies–those born between April 28th and May 7th–will feel the eclipse most.


Uranus’s reentry into Aries on February 2nd begins in earnest a seven year long transit which you first got a taste of between May and December of last year.


Uranus bestows a certain inventiveness, and you may find yourself even more full of great ideas than normal in the coming seven years, and you may feel the urgent need to put them all into motion right now.


You may be even more impulsive and impatient during this time, so you may need to make a conscious effort to reign yourself in during this transit–which of course doesn’t sound like much fun, but is likely to prevent any number of headaches if you can manage it.  

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It’s also possible you feel the urge to reinvent yourself during the coming seven years, or experience an identity crisis of some sort.


Take extra precautions to prevent accidents during this time–especially to the head and for Aries rising, to the body in general, especially when Uranus approaches his transit to your ascendant.


Uranus is the planet of accidents and other sudden events, so when he transits a sign it’s best to take extra care with the part of the body ruled by that sign. If you’re doing anything which calls for safety gear, wear it and keep what safety equipment is necessary on hand and in good repair.


You could hear good news near the 3rd, possibly affecting your public image, professional reputation, or a partnership of some sort.


Venus and Jupiter, the lesser and greater benefics, will square off in the heavens on the 4th. If there were ever a “too much of a good thing” aspect, this one would qualify. Relationships or partnership matters could be vying with your career desires for your time and attention, leaving you grateful but juggling a lot all at once.

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“You could run into a dear friend quite unexpectedly, or even receive a gift of some sort from a valued associate.”

Venus will make her move into your friendship sector on the 6th, for a three and 1/2 week stay, just as she catches a helping hand from Uranus in Aries. You could run into a dear friend quite unexpectedly, or even receive a gift of some sort from a valued associate.


If you’re single and looking, you could encounter someone socially who attracts you during Venus’s transit of Aquarius, or if you already have a partner you may find yourselves active socially during this time.


A partner may need you near the 10th, or you could find yourself needing to travel for business, possibly long distance.


Watch for something unexpected to come up just before Valentines Day, on the 13th, when the sun catches a friendly wave from Uranus just as the great luminary enters Aquarius for the coming four weeks.


Mercury and Jupiter square off the same day, so whatever comes up could have you scrambling to respond to communications in your career sector while you and a partner work to iron out details.

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Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 15th, a day when surprise news could land in your lap–and it’s likely to be good news, too.


This is the same day as the new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius, opening a path in your 11th House of friendship, hopes and  dreams. Eclipses bring powerful lunar energy to bear, and if ever there was a time for you to take steps towards achieving a long held hope or dream, now’s the time.


Give the eclipse the space of a day or two, but then take definite, decisive action in the direction of your dreams, dear Aries.


Mercury and the sun meet up in your social sector on the 17th, a day when financial expenses could compete with your desire to either enjoy your social life or invest in your dreams in some way.


You could find yourself with a head full of ideas to bring you closer to your dreams but needing to actively pursue the resources you need in order to implement them. The challenge here is, others may not see your vision as clearly as you do and so may be less willing to commit resources to your cause.


If you’re in a romantic relationship and have to delay your Valentine’s Day celebration, get together on the 21st instead–you’ll have just the right planetary energies at play for a enchanted evening out enjoying foreign cuisine, or for a romantic getaway for two.


astrologer & artist

Financial resources could be an issue again near the 25th, and travel could be a part of the picture too, though with Mercury and Neptune meeting up this day you’ll want to double check itineraries, schedules, and routes to prevent delays.


An important foreigner could introduce you to a valuable social contact near the 27th.


And finally on the 28th, an important academic contact, VIP, or influential foreigner could be helpful if you’re having trouble getting access to the resources you need–you could also seek advice from a legal professional if necessary

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