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Early February will be marked by profoundly personal changes in the private life of some Leo babies–changes with the potential to impact your daily work life and routines, and perhaps your health.

You may be challenged to balance your personal needs with your daily tasks and responsibilities in a new way, due to unforeseen circumstances in your private life which crop up in the week just before or just after the January 31st eclipse.


This change in your private life could mark a permanent shift if you are directly affected by the full moon eclipse in Cancer.


Then on the 2nd, Uranus finally reenters your 9th House of international affairs for a seven year long tour of your publishing and broadcasting sector, which also governs legal matters, higher education and international travel–all things which expand our horizons.


You may find yourself having the sudden urge to pack your bags and hit the road during the coming seven years, or even to find new ways to enlarge your education or your experience of other cultures.


If you do any kind of publishing or broadcasting, cutting edge technology could become your best friend as you expand your audience. Keep an eye on the industry for new platforms, apps, and technologies which you could leverage by becoming an early adopter.

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You may be asked to help out a parent near the 3rd, a day when you might also be busy juggling work related communication–you know, the profitable kind. You find a way to strike a balance between your clients’ needs, your business’s needs, and those a little closer to home.


Venus shifts into your partnership sector on the 6th, bringing the possibility of an unplanned getaway or a surprise dinner out to that new foreign restaurant you’ve been talking about trying. If you have a business or romantic partner they may become rather spontaneous in the next three and 1/3 weeks, and if you don’t, you could meet someone quite unexpectedly during that time–possibly a foreigner or someone from a culture quite different from your own, or someone from academia, or perhaps with a legal or ecclesiastical background.

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“Relationships could suddenly become a significant part of your experience in the coming six months.”

You could find you have a difficult time getting your message across at the office near the 10th, and if so, don’t fret–it’s not because people don’t like you, it’s just that there may be an awful lot of noise you have to cut through.


Keep the faith and don’t give up–there are lessons for you to learn about your audience which could come up near the 13th when you have a sudden insight. Use those lessons to zero in on exactly what you need to communicate and you’ll be able to refine your message, an effort which will be rewarded with better results in the future.


The sun moves into Aquarius on the 13th, too, shifting your attention from work or health related matters to your partner, or to your role in the partnership. Single Leos may find other long-term relationships–business or platonic–are highlighted instead.


In fact, with Mercury moving into Aquarius just in time for the new moon solar eclipse in your partnership house on the 15th, relationships could suddenly become a significant part of your experience in the coming six months.


Check your natal chart as outlined in the February overview to know if you are likely to be directly affected, and if so watch the dates mentioned for news, especially the week just before and the week just after the February 15th eclipse.

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Uranus rules this eclipse and while he is somewhat well supported in terms of the final outcome, Uranus is also unpredictable and an eclipse on the moon’s south node can be more challenging, signaling an ending of some sort is possible.


You won’t want to issue any ultimatums in the weeks around this eclipse, as it wouldn’t likely work out in your favor–in fact, it could backfire, badly.


Instead make an extra effort to be patient with others and do your best to reign in any rogue impulses you might feel, lest they lead to unanticipated difficulties.


Give the 17th some space, too, as it brings challenges of its own. There’s a potential for misunderstandings on the home front, probably involving a partner. It may be that a parent and your partner aren’t communicating well, leaving you to act as the mediator. You can always suggest coming back to the issue later, when Neptune and Mars aren’t tangling with each other in the heavens.


The 21st is a much better day, when at least certain parties my be feeling more cooperative. With a little effort and awareness you may find a harmonious resolution.


Watch for residual confusion, miscommunication or disillusionment again on the 25th, when Mercury and Neptune in your partnership sector team up against fiery Mars in your home and family sector.


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Take heart, though, as you may get some support from Jupiter, Venus, and the moon working together in the air signs to shift the atmosphere in a more cooperative direction, one where all parties can reach an understanding.


Watch for a potential breakthrough on the 28th, one which, oddly enough, may require absolutely no intervention by you. Whatever the differences may be between a parent and your partner (if you have one) may resolve easily enough on their own.

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