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February begins with the January 31st full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer still reverberating intensely through your 11th House of friendship, hopes and dreams.

This is the second eclipse in a series of four affecting your friendship sector, a series which began a year ago and will continue to play out until January 2019.


Last year, late born Virgo were most affected–those born near the end of the sign by the sidereal zodiac. This time around, mid born Virgo babies–those born between September 28th and October 7th–will feel the eclipse most.


If you’ve been working towards a cherished dream you’ll likely reach the end of one stage of that dream in the weeks around January 31st.


If not, you may feel this instead in your social life, perhaps through friends, or in the work you do with other groups or organizations to which you belong, including corporations, clubs and professional associations.

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This can manifest as a surge of energy, bringing renewed attention and activity to what it touches, revitalizing that area of your life and shifting out old, stagnant energy–what doesn’t serve you will fall away, and you’ll find the Universe all too willing to fill all that freshly emptied space.


Your friendships are evolving right now, and will continue to do so over the coming year–let your personal growth and evolution be a part of that, whether through your evolution and  growth acting as an example for your friends or through what you yourself are able to learn from others’ examples. You can be a lighthouse for others–the truest, purest definition of what it means to be a “lightworker”.


Uranus resumes his journey through Aries on February 2nd, after making a brief detour back into Pisces late last year. This is a seven year transit impacting your 8th House of other people’s resources.


You may may find it wise to increase your financial self-reliance during the coming years, as your access to other people’s money and resources could become quite unpredictable while Uranus tours this part of your chart.

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“If you’ve been working towards a cherished dream you’ll likely reach the end of one stage of that dream in the weeks around January 31st.”

Uranus is known for triggering sudden reversals of fortune, so trying to find secure footing while at the same time relying on the goodwill and generosity of others is likely to be fraught with uncertainty during this time. Do what you can on your own to shore up your income and financial situation so that the unanticipated changes Uranus brings are less likely to throw you off course.


An invitation from a lover or child could have you traveling near the 3rd, though likely your travels will keep you fairly close to home. Perhaps you travel for a sporting event or competition of some sort. Either way, if you go it’s likely to be a pleasant trip, provided you make it as much about their enjoyment as about yours.


Venus moves into Aquarius on the 6th of February, possibly bringing unexpected business or a partnership opportunity at work. Venus will grace your health and workaday sector for three and 1/2 weeks, leading you to seek greater work/life balance and temperance in your daily life, and bringing a cooperative atmosphere to the office at this time.


The 10th & 13th could bring news regarding a large expense, possibly for the needs of a child or romantic partner, or related to a hobby or interest of yours, or both.


The same day could trigger a surprise windfall thanks to Uranus in your 8th House sending a friendly beam to the sun just as the sun enters Aquarius for a four week tour of your solar 6th House of work and health. An opportune bonus or commission could enter the picture just when you need it most.


You may need to travel for work near this date. Alternatively, you may be engaged in communication regarding the work you do or a health concern, either of which is likely to be surrounded by confusion or uncertainty. Get clarification or a second opinion if you need.

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Two days later, on the 15th, Mercury finally joins the party in Aquarius just in time for the new moon solar eclipse in your 6th House of work, health, pets, and daily routines. Something in one of these areas is likely to end or undergo a change in the weeks around this eclipse–for instance, the 6th House also rules employees, so if you have employees one of them may leave your employ near this time.


This is just one example, of course–there are other ways you might experience this eclipse, such as a male boss leaving your place of employment, or perhaps a doctor you’ve been seeing decides to retire.


If you’re wanting to make a permanent change to your daily routine, your health or exercise practices, or find new employment, hold off a little longer than normal–this new moon eclipse may be a bit challenging, and the 17th is a potentially difficult day, too.


Instead, wait to make your initiation or begin your job search until the 21st, when things will have settled down a bit and the planets are a little more supportive.


If you’ve been looking for a home you can settle into for the long haul, you could get good news about a property (and potentially about the funding for it) near the 21st, too.


Alternatively, you could finally get that bonus or a windfall that gives you the financial elbow room to begin some long awaited home improvements.


astrologer & artist

The 25th you’ll want to be on your toes at the office. You could learn of a secret or uncover hidden information or other knowledge, possibly related to a subject there’s already a great deal of discussion or communication happening around.


Finally near the 28th, watch for a nice paycheck to arrive or possibly even a pay increase–perhaps you’ve been putting in overtime hours? Either way, it seems like you’ve been actively demonstrating your value in your workplace, and financial compensation may come your way near this date.


An important change at home could benefit your daily routine in a whole new way near month’s end, too.

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