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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

February 2019 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Capricorn
January 15th – February 13th

February 6th
Mars enters Aries
February 7th
Mercury enters Aquarius
February 13th
Sun enters Aquarius
February 25th
Venus enters Capricorn
Mercury enters Pisces

February 4th
New Moon 20° 45′ Capricorn
February 19th
Full Moon 5° 42′ Leo

Dates of Note
February 13th
Mars conjunct Uranus
February 18th
Venus conjunct Saturn
February 19th
Mercury conjunct Neptune
February 22nd
Venus conjunct Pluto

February 2019 Overview - Sidereal Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use our easy online sidereal calculator to find out for free.


Early February is a prime opportunity to think ahead to March’s Mercury retrograde and prepare, as we’ll collectively begin to feel the effects of that retrograde before month’s end.


The first half of the month is best for a last ditch push to advance Mercury-ruled activities before the slowdown gets underway, and the final two weeks are a good time to prepare for the retrograde by backing up data and devices and double checking appointments, schedules, and travel itineraries.  


If you have any big ticket purchases to make, automobiles or electronics to buy, either do it now, before mid-month, or consider waiting until after the retrograde is over and Mercury is back up to speed.

If you need a refresher on what Mercury retrograde is all about, and how you can best navigate the retrograde, read the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide right here.


Mars square Pluto


The month opens under a confrontation between Pluto and Mars, squaring off from fire and water signs, respectively. This bodes for challenges to authority and conflicts over control. Actions taken in secret could be caught out by higher authorities, and could land a person in hot water.


Venus trine Uranus


Near the 2nd, a sudden impulse could have unexpected benefits, so consider taking a calculated risk in love or business. Artistic genius gives way to unorthodox beauty under this influence. Do something spontaneous with a partner near this date.


Mercury sextile Jupiter


Big news is possible, too, when Mercury and Jupiter team up February 3rd. Expect positive news and ease of transport & travel. Good for commerce, too.


New moon in Capricorn


An ambition undertaken with the new moon in Capricorn February 4th has the potential to be influential, and influence campaigns can be highly persuasive at this time. There may be tendency to workaholism, so make the effort to establish clear boundaries between work time and down time.

Mars enters Aries, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury enters Aquarius


Mars’ entry into Aries on the 7th energizes the warrior planet, as he returns to his home sign for a six and 1/2 week long stay. Courage, bravery, and an adventurous spirit mark Mars’ influence in the coming weeks.


Consequences could arise near the 7th if we are unable to meet our obligations--reputations are vulnerable as secrets are revealed, and there’s no hiding.


Mercury moves into Aquarius the same day, bringing news through friends and acquaintances. Gossip and social commentary are on tap during Mercury’s three weeks in the sign of the water bearer.  


Mercury sextile Uranus


Surprise news could move like wildfire on social media near the 9th, when Mercury and Uranus connect. If you have a surprise announcement to make, you can use this day for added impact.


Mars conjunct Uranus, Sun enters Aquarius


Accidents with knives, guns, explosives, and head injuries are all risks when Mars and Uranus meet up in the sky with violent potential, as they will in Aries on February 13th.


Channel this urgent energy constructively through physical pursuits such as sports, or embarking on radical new adventures into unexplored territories of all types--anything with a spark of ingenuity to it.


Impulsiveness and unpredictable behavior are the order of the day, as pent up energy seeks release and we are more likely to rebel in protest against the status quo.  


Just after, the sun moves into Aquarius for a four week stay, and providing a channel for Mar’s erratic and volatile energy: exploration and the search for knowledge. A willingness to venture into new territory in the coming four weeks could bring surprising results.

Venus sextile Neptune, Sun sextile Uranus, Venus Conjunct Saturn


The 16th and 17th bring a magical atmosphere for socializing, Make waves with an unorthodox approach or an eclectic vibe, but save space for celebrating traditional cultural values.


Mercury conjunct Neptune, Mercury sextile Saturn, Full moon in Leo, Mercury enters retrograde shadow


A revelation could bring disappointment and consequences or a chance for forgiveness and redemption near the full moon in Leo February 19th. Focus on serving others rather than on self pity.


Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury approaches sextile Venus, Venus conjunct Pluto


Women can step into the fullness of their power to influence change and make their collective voice heard as powerful Pluto and Venus meet up in the sign of truth and idealism February 22nd. This is a day when hidden machinations can be exposed and secret information or hidden knowledge can come out.    


Mercury sextile Pluto


Influencers of all kinds find an audience when Mercury and Pluto exchange greetings on the 23rd.


Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Pisces


With Venus moving into status-conscious Capricorn on the 25th and Mercury entering Pisces not long after, secrets which emerge can have bearing on public perception. Private conversations may not stay private while Mercury tours Pisces, a three week long event.  


Sun sextile Mars


Then on the 27th, the sun and Mars team up for a high energy day. Courage and an adventurous spirit can lead to new understandings and discoveries.


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Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit

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Start an ambitious new professional project at the new moon in Capricorn January 4th, dear Aries. Reaching a broader audience can help build your reputation. Later in the month, at the February 9th full moon, do something fun with a lover or child, or spend the day in your studio. Be proactive.


You could decide to go back to school to advance your career with the new moon in your higher education sector, or decide to take a trip, or even undertake an ambitious writing project. Whatever you choose to do could bring in a nice sum of money as a result, provided you’re determined to see it through. Use the days just after the February 19th full moon in Leo to put the finishing touches on a home improvement project. Your efforts could raise your profile.


This new moon brings an opportunity in your financial sector, dear Gemini, so if you need to tap into resources, set your intentions and make your move now. A powerful partner may provide the leverage you need. A conversation or negotiation draws to a close with the full moon in Leo on the 19th, or perhaps you put the final touches on a writing project. or take a short trip you’ve been planning for some time.


A partnership opportunity could come your way in the wake of the February 4th new moon in Capricorn, one with the power to transform your daily life and habits. Then, near the full moon in Leo lighting your financial sector on February 19th, an income source could come to an end. If you took steps to add to your income at the last new moon here six months ago, you could see your efforts begin to pay off now. An expense could arise, as another possibility.


Watch for an employment opportunity near the new moon in your workaday sector, or make your own, if you’re wanting one. You can switch roles or employers right now in a quest to do what you love, but you’re not likely to advance up the ladder. Something deeply personal is coming to an end near the full moon in your sign February 19th, dear Leo. You may shed a part of your identity, your image, or a role you’ve outgrown.


Take advantage of the new moon in Capricorn to kindle some romance, dear Virgo--that is, unless you’re happily unattached, in which case do something special with a child, or even begin a new creative endeavor. Virgo babies who are looking for love may want to be out and about or mixing online near the 4th and 11th for the best chances to meet someone. Then at the full moon on the 19th, spend some time putting the finishing touches on a solo project or simply enjoy some quiet time alone.

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 The February 4th new moon brings in its wake the urge to make a fresh start in your home and surroundings, dear Libra, and you can do that quite successfully at this time. Whether beginning a remodel to add a home studio, relocating to an influential zip code, or simply rearranging your furniture and adding a new piece to update your living space, your efforts are likely to transform how you experience your surroundings in a profound and permanent way. Get out and enjoy some social time with the full moon, and bring along a romantic partner if you have one.


A travel opportunity could come your way with the new moon in Capricorn February 4th, perhaps, or you could decide to take a short trip to somewhere not too distant, one with luxury accommodations or near a significant body of water. Or, crack open a good book--a mystery, perhaps, or something on psychology or even more esoteric studies. Put the final touches on a professional project near the 19th, and your initiative could earn you accolades, dear Scorpio.


 Be on the lookout for an income opportunity to come your way near the new moon in Capricorn, dear Sagittarius, as it activates your solar 2nd House of earned income. If one doesn’t materialize, make your own by taking action to make one in the days just after the new moon--February 7th is ideal. If continuing education is part of your credentialing requirements, spend some time near the 19th finishing up your studies and coursework. Or, submit your closing paper work or arguments in a court case. You can even use this time for a long distance get away, or simply finish that book you picked up to read so long ago.


Your birthday new moon arrives on the 4th, dear Capricorn, so make the most of this once yearly gift, and get specific about your biggest ambition for the year. Then, on the 7th, take inspired action to make it happen. The full moon in Leo lights your solar 8th House of other people’s money, dear Capricorn, so conveniently near tax time for US readers. Use the days after the 19th to get your financial paperwork in order and make an appointment with your tax preparer or other financial professional.


Begin a new solo project in the early days of February, dear Aquarius, and you could attract both wealth and influence as a result. Take action on the 7th if there’s something you’ve long wanted to do. Then, put the final touches on a joint project near the 19th and the days after. A partnership effort may be winding down.


A new social connection made near the February 4th new moon could evolve into a long term, deep, and influential friendship over time. If you’ve been wanting to expand your social circles, make the effort to mix and mingle--near the 7th, especially. Then, at the full moon February 19th devote yourself to finalizing important work you’ve had on your desk. You can wrap up details and tie up loose ends.

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