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Cancer Sun
Cancer Rising

You may be wrapping up a solo project near the start of the year, dear Cancer, or reaching the culmination of a spiritual journey or your work with an institution of some kind.

Remember that some of us could be receiving eclipse news around this time, so if you have a planet or personal point at 16° (or 17°) of Cancer or of a water or earth sign–the same as the eclipse degree for the lunar eclipse coming at the end of January–keep watchful for news.


Uranus stations direct on the 2nd, marking the beginning of a ten and 1/2 week period when all the planets of the solar system will be in direct motion at one time.


Recall that a retrograde planet is considered to be in a weakened state, and that we spend far more time with at least one planet (if not more) retrograde than with all of them direct. When they are all direct often the window isn’t this big.


Take advantage and make your most important initiations during the new moons mid January and mid February, and roll out new projects and partnerships at the full moon at the end of January and the beginning of March.


The coming two and a half months will be essential to the  progress of your most important initiations and the outcomes of your greatest potential culminations in the next year.

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It begins with the first week of January, an excellent opportunity for leveraging powerful aspects, provided you are willing to make the effort rather than succumb to lazy impulses or hedonistic influences. You must take action in order to see the good effect of these transits in your life.


You could spark changes in your home and financial lives through efforts made to commit to disciplined habits right now. Transform your daily routines and find yourself feeling reborn into a new found financial and domestic security. The 8th, 9th, and 10th are especially powerful for taking action.


Mercury conjoins Saturn for the third and final time January 13th, when they meet up in your 6th House of work, health and daily routines. You may finally be able to move forward on something related to one of these areas, or involving pets or employees. Think back to November 28th and December 6th, when this issue  may have originally come up for clues as to what to watch for.

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Current Planetary Positions

2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“The full moon lunar eclipse at month’s end promises to bring profound changes to your life in the coming year. Take steps to care for your health and physical body in the coming twelve months.”

Venus moves into Capricorn for a three and 1/2 week visit the same day, highlighting partners and partnership matters especially as regards to your home and family life.


The sun joins Venus there two days later, on January 15th, and partnership matters and roles take on renewed significance over a four week period while the sun tours Capricorn.


Later, near the new moon January 16th, watch for a partnership opportunity within +/- 4 days. Work with an older mentor or VIP could lend you authority or influence at the office.


Mars leaves Libra and his sign of detriment on the 18th when he enters Scorpio for a seven week stay in your 5th House of love and romance, lending a passionate air to creative endeavors of all sorts.

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Mercury has all sorts of news to deliver the fourth week of January as he makes a series of friendly aspects to first Neptune, then Pluto, Jupiter, and finally Uranus all in a short span of ten days, just before Mercury makes his move into Capricorn.


The first full moon lunar eclipse of the year comes January 31st, at 16° of your home sign of Cancer, something you’ll feel especially strongly if you have a natal planet or personal point at 16° or 17° Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo, or if you have a birthday near August 2nd or 3rd.


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The full moon lunar eclipse at month’s end promises to bring profound changes to your life in the coming year. Take steps to care for your health and physical body in the coming twelve months.


You could experience a significant shift in a relationship with a parent or a medical or mental health professional, or a shift in your career, home or family, a marriage or partnership, legal affairs, or contracts. This is an emotional time, which may be uncomfortable for those who are naturally more emotionally reserved.

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