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The month opens on a challenging note, dear Leo, as you face what is typically the most difficult day of the year right off the bat. Thankfully the sun and taskmaster Saturn meet up only once a year–this time in your true love sector, on January 2nd.
Often when Saturn transits our 5th House we are learning lessons about commitment in love and the responsibilities of parenthood and raising children. Whatever transpires for you near January 2nd will likely echo one of these themes.


Or, you may be struggling through the messy creative process with its attendant birthing pangs. Either way, you’ll likely find that something or someone you care about deeply is now at the center of attention, where you’re accustomed to being. You may need to be content with being out of the limelight just now.  


The 4th is a dreamy kind of day when you can enjoy a romantic interlude with a partner, if you have one. A creative collaboration can have a mystical or fantastical result.

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Your romance and creativity sector plays host to January’s new moon solar eclipse, dear Leo, bringing opportunities for love and fun in the weeks near January 6th. You could take up a new hobby, or start a creative project you’ve been dreaming of.


Just keep your eyes open if you’re looking for love, as Neptune will be hiding something of great importance to your home life and interpersonal relationships. He’ll be clouding the issue at least through the 19th, though the eclipse in fire sign Sagittarius may reveal it sooner.


For Leos who want to add to their family, this is a great time to try for a baby.


The sun and Pluto meet up on the 11th of January, an important day as Pluto is the most influential of all the planets, with the potential to bring change and transformation, destruction, wealth, authority, and influence.

“A creative collaboration can have a mystical or fantastical result.”
Pluto is the planet of regeneration and healing, and of rebirth, making this once-yearly meet up one full of many different possibilities. Readers with Leo sun or rising will be more strongly affected, so watch your romance and creativity sector for activity.


A child or romantic interest could be influential in your life at this time, or a creative endeavor could take on a life of its own. You may find yourself experiencing profound metamorphosis in one of these areas.


At mid month your attention shifts to your workaday sector, and you find yourself concerned with schedules and details and being productive–with diligence you can leverage this trend for four weeks, through mid February, and accomplish a great deal in that time.

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Travel delays and disruptions are possible near the 18th if you need to travel long distance for work or for your health needs. Be prepared to be flexible if things change at the last minute.


Uranus can bring accidents, unexpected events, and sudden reversals of fortune, so anything is possible–especially those involving 9th House matters such as long distance travel, communication, international affairs and legal matters.


Later, at the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer January 21st, put the finishing touches on a solo project you’ve had in the works during the past year or even two. Then, take some time to yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labors.



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You could hear news that affects you directly near the 29th of January, dear Leo, when the sun and Mercury meet up in your solar 6th House of work and health. This could be related to your employer, for instance you may need or travel for work or meet with the boss. Or, you could receive health news which affects your schedule or daily routine, such as if you began or ended a course of medication, treatment, or dietary regimen.


If you need to give a presentation or interview, you can use this day to command attention and deliver your message.


Then on the 30th, Venus will move on to your true love sector, gracing romantic connections, creative projects, and children’s activities with a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for most of February, just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

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