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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

2018 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Gemini
June 16th – July 17th

July 5th
Venus enters Leo
July 17th
Sun enters Cancer

July 12th
New Moon Solar Eclipse 25° 41′ Gemini
July 27th
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 9° 45′ Capricorn

Dates of Note
July 7th
Mars out of bounds
July 8th
Jupiter stations direct
July 26th
Mercury stations retrograde

Monthly Overview

Welcome to Sidereal Insights, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free.


Most months bring multiple sign changes by the faster moving personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as the two luminaries, our sun and moon. With both Mars and Mercury about to retrograde, July is an exception to that pattern.


Despite that, July is an astrologically busy month as eclipse season gets into full swing, multiple planets change direction, and Mars acts up even more when he goes out of bounds early on–Mars’ best and worst qualities will be on display in all of us through late September.


A spirit of generosity is in the air July 5th, and yet we may

find ourselves more inclined toward arrogance if we aren’t careful. There may be disagreements, or at least some competitive banter.


Venus moves into Leo the same day, beginning a three and 1/2 week period when romantic encounters, love, and partnerships take on a lighthearted and childlike optimism. We feel stimulated to pursue creative pastimes, including acting and theater, music and dance.


These types of activities make the perfect outlets for Mars’ energy and aggression, especially once he goes out of bounds on the 8th. Take advantage of Venus’ time here in the next three weeks to give renegade Mars a healthy and constructive outlet. If creative activities don’t appeal, try competitive sports or other high energy outlets.


We may also find it easier to connect with children through fun and through activities involving performing arts. It’s easier to tap into our own childlike inner nature during this time as well.


When Mars is out of bounds, meaning when he orbits north beyond the Tropic of Cancer or south beyond the Tropic of Capricorn–we have a tendency to become more headstrong, driven and ambitious than usual. Our courage runs higher, though with Mars retrograde that may be a courage to face our inner adversary over an outer one.


We can also be far more self centered, impulsive and overly aggressive than we might otherwise be, and coupled with the tendency of Mars retrograde to make us collectively irritable and frustrated with delays and detours, out of bounds he’s even more likely to influence us to over react in rash and perhaps uncharacteristically violent ways.


We pick fights unprovoked, and overreact in anger. Be aware of this tendency and cultivate patience and compassion for yourself and for others. Practice forgiving and forgetting. This influence lasts until late September, when Mars returns from out of bounds travel on the 24th.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and luck, stations direct on the 10th of July after a five month long retrograde. The world begins waking from its collective slumber, even as our ability to act is reigned in by Mars’ retrograde.


We can set ourselves up for growth later by using these first months of Jupiter in direct motion–while Mars is still retrograde–to reassess our approach instead. This is the perfect opportunity to look for new approaches to accomplish important objectives when what we’re currently doing isn’t working.


Pleasant surprises are possible on the 11th of July, though we may feel a bit reserved and hesitant in expressing how we feel. Even if we try, we may have difficulty communicating our meaning, Try patience and persistence.


This month’s new moon in Gemini marks a solar eclipse opposing retrograde Pluto, the planet of rebirth and resurrection. We are presented with an opportunity to rise from the ashes of our own destruction, to return from the dead, to be reborn, transmuted, having been consumed in the heat of the crucible.


Eclipses expose secrets and hidden things, and opposed the ruler of the underworld those secrets could very well involve sex, death, or manipulation, machinations, and secret agendas. Watch for exposures of this nature which result in the destruction of whomever or whatever they expose.


Eclipses can bring new beginnings, and they can herald endings as well, when people we know leave our lives for good. The change ushered in by an eclipse is permanent, and often forces us to move on from something we’ve been holding on to longer than necessary.


They are powerful lunations, far stronger than a typical new or full moon, bringing upheaval and change where stagnation has settled in.


This new moon solar eclipse occurs at 25° 41’ Gemini, and will affect those readers with a planet or point at 25° or 26’ degrees of an air or fire sign such as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius most of all. We’ll feel the effects of this eclipse through Gemini-ruled themes and areas of life, such as sudden changes to travel plans or unexpected visits from siblings.


In Gemini, eclipses can be erratic, affecting our thinking and the mind, writing and writers, communication and communication equipment, travel and transportation. Gemini eclipses can be intensely insightful. Avoid taking people a their word and disregard any promises made to you in the days weeks around this new moon.


Keep your schedule free and open during this time, so that you can better react to any unexpected changes which are bound to come up at eclipse time. If you are traveling, keep room in your itinerary for delays, reschedules, and detours.


Intense birthing pangs may accompany this new moon. As with all eclipses, avoid issuing ultimatums as they are likely to backfire, badly.

The sun moves into sidereal Cancer on the 17th of July, marking the beginning of birthday month for those born under the sign of the Crab. With the sun in Cancer familial connections and feelings are highlighted, and our loyalties take on greater importance. We may feel more inclined to retreat from the strange and unfamiliar in suspicion, rather than explore it in excitement as we might if the sun toured Aries, for instance.


Mercury will retrograde for the second of three times this year on the 26th, at 28° Cancer, but we’ll feel his slowdown before then–beginning on the 6th, when he enters the shadow of his retrograde.


He’ll be retrograde until late September, and in that time all the typical Mercury retrograde admonitions and recommendations apply. You can get a free excerpt of the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide for tips on what to do and what not to do between July and September, and how you can adjust your approach if you just have no choice about proceeding during the retrograde.


The late July full moon in Capricorn marks the month’s second eclipse, bringing sudden structural change and upheaval, altering our traditions and potentially forcing the matter as it relates to unmet obligations. Reputation can be affected, especially when private behavior is made public.


There is an element of surprise associated with this eclipse, and a likelihood of unexpected outcomes and sudden turns of events.


The week before and after the July 27th full moon are when we’ll feel this eclipse the strongest, especially so for readers with a planet or personal point at 9° or 10° degrees of an earth or water sign, such as Capricorn, Taurus Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.


Read on for your July Short Report by sign. 


Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit


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The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

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This month, go back to a previous goal or structure armed with knowledge you’ve acquired since establishing it and create a new approach. The new moon solar eclipse July 12th could bring life changing news or travel experiences. Get together with friends, and bring your partner if you have one. A major professional project may be coming to a culmination near the late July full moon lunar eclipse.


An income opportunity could arise within the week before and after the new moon solar eclipse July 12th. This opportunity would likely have a profoundly transformational impact on your debt picture and overall finances. You’ll have no worries about job security or lack of employment. Alternatively, a benefactor at work could be secretly acting on your behalf to paint you in a favorable light. Later, the July 27th full moon lunar eclipse will light your long distance travel and communication sector. This is a great time to take a trip if you’ve been planning one, or to host a visitor from a distant place. You can also finish a course of study.


Mercury, your ruler, stations retrograde this month, and you’ll feel his slowdown personally, dear Gemini. You could experience a mini identity crisis in connection with the new moon solar eclipse at mid month. Watch for an opportunity to reinvent yourself or to step into a new role within +/- one week of July 12th. The full moon lunar eclipse later in the month augers structural changes to your financial picture, especially in regards to your access to or use of other people’s resources.


The chance to explore an new path of spiritual transformation could arrive with the mid July eclipse, or perhaps you find yourself undergoing profound changes in your private life. Alternatively, you could begin an influential new solo project, one you would be working on largely behind closed doors. Then, the July 27th full moon lunar eclipse a significant joint project reaches conclusion or a partner may be wrapped up in the final details of an endeavor which has consumed their time and attention over the past year or longer.


Focus on socializing and expanding your network near the new moon solar eclipse July 12th and a life changing friendship could blossom. You may decide to move on from a place of employment in the weeks around the July 27th full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, which would be a major change for you. Alternatively, you could use this time to wrap up a long term work project you’ve been focusing on in preparation to move on to new undertakings. Release an old habit permanently with this full moon.


Mercury, your ruler, stations retrograde this month, possibly affecting your energy levels, so be sure to take care of yourself. Watch for a professional opportunity to arise this month, and if one doesn’t, make your own by taking action towards a career goal or by making a change in the days just after the July 12th eclipse. If you’ve been uncertain about a romantic interest you may finally break it off near the full moon a t month’s end, but more likely the universe will do that for you, especially if the connection is one you’ve outgrown or is otherwise holding you back and you’ve been resisting making the change.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Want to rock the retrograde like a BOSS? Get your copy of this invaluable guide now for only 17.99!


If you’ve been wanting to travel, write a book, or go back to school, make your initiation in conjunction with the new moon July 12th. What you gain from doing so could be profoundly life changing. More change is on the way at month’s end when the full moon lunar eclipse could force a real estate, home, or family matter to its conclusion.


You have the potential to utterly transform your financial picture in the wake of this month’s new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, in a way that has permanent long term impacts. Use this valuable opportunity by acting to take control of your financial picture in the days near July 12th. A neighbor or sibling could move away as the late July lunar eclipse brings an ending in your solar 3rd House in the weeks around July 27th.


Jupiter, your ruler, will finally station direct this month, helping to bolster your energy after five long months retrograde. Embark on a new adventure in partnership this month, whether for business or pleasure. You could play an influential role in a partner’s life in the coming year. It’s been a challenging past eighteen months for you, dear Sagittarius, as you find yourself loaded up with long hours, lots of hard work, and plenty of responsibility. Now, an income source could be coming to a permanent end–unless, of course, you took steps to add to your income at the new moon in Capricorn last January, in which case your efforts may finally be bearing fruit as the late July eclipse lights up your earned income sector.


An employment opportunity could come your way in the week before or after the July 12th new moon solar eclipse, one that could be influential in establishing your authority and expertise. This is more of a lateral move, but one which could profoundly affect what goes on behind the scenes for you. Then at the full moon lunar eclipse in your sign July 27th you could finally move on from a role you’ve been fulfilling, or even find yourself forced to let go of a part of your identity which you’ve outgrown or is otherwise holding back your own personal evolution.


Romance is in the air at the new moon solar eclipse mid June, so single Aquarians looking to meet someone new will want to be sure to be out and about in the weeks around this eclipse. If you’re already involved romantically, you can use this time to initiate a major creative project, or even to start a family. If you’ve been working on a major solo project or other behind the scenes effort, the July 27th eclipse in Capricorn could bring things to a sudden conclusion, or trigger an epiphany which unexpectedly alters the final outcome late in the game.


You could decide to upgrade your digs at the July 12th new moon, whether that means starting the search for your dream apartment or beginning a home improvement project, possibly involving your basement or sub level, or plumbing. Then at the full moon lunar eclipse coming late July, your involvement with an organization, club, or association could end. Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a humanitarian issue, volunteering, or been involved with a group project, your efforts may finally be coming to a culmination in the weeks around July 27th.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Want to rock the retrograde like a BOSS? Get your copy of this invaluable guide now for only 17.99!

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