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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

June 2019 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Taurus
June 16th – July 17th

June 2nd
Mercury enters Gemini
June 4th
Venus enters Taurus
June 16th
Sun enters Gemini
June 21st
Mercury enters Cancer
June 23rd
Mars enters Cancer 
June 29th
Venus enters Gemini

June 3rd
New Moon 17° 33′ Taurus
June 19th
Full Moon 0° 52′ Sagittarius

Dates of Note
June 18th
Mercury conjunct Mars
June 21st 
Neptune stations retrograde

June 2019 Overview - Sidereal Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use our easy online sidereal calculator to find out for free.


June opens with Mars and Mercury out of bounds and several of the heavier-hitting planets retrograde. Individually and collectively we are beginning to feel the influence of the July eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, all of which combines to create a state of flux and uncertainty in which we tend to be reactionary and confrontational. This reactivity is likely to keep us on edge until mid June, when Mars and Mercury return to normal orbit on the 12th and 17th of June, respectively.


This is not a time to force things, so anywhere you experience obstacles and slowdowns or uncertainty matters are best met with an open mind and a receptive attitude towards possible solutions or alternative ways forward. Attaching to a particular idea about the way things ought to be or to proceed and attempting to impose your will about that is risky under these circumstances and could well lead to disappointment.  


Instead, take the time to observe and understand what is and then get clear about what you want and explore what the lesson is for you in the gap between those things.

Mercury enters Gemini, Venus trine Pluto retrograde


Mercury moves into his home sign of Gemini on June 2nd, bringing with him an easy exchange of ideas, information, goods, and services. If you can benefit from this kind of exchange, need to negotiate, or are entering into a contract, Mercury will support your endeavors while he’s here in Gemini, until June 21st. Use these weeks for solving problems which require a degree of ingenuity and out of the box thinking.


The signature emotional intensity of Venus and retrograde Pluto engaged in a lovely interplay the same day creates an inner depth of feeling beyond that of normal daily life. Enjoy the experience, knowing that normal daily life will return soon enough.


New Moon opposed Jupiter retrograde


The new moon in sidereal Taurus June 3rd inclines us to self indulgence in the things we personally find pleasurable. Decadence could be a theme touched off by Venus’s friendly contact with Pluto in Sagittarius at this new moon, so make plans to enjoy yourself.  


With retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio opposing the new moon, events could touch off deep emotional responses. This is a time to be very clear about your priorities versus those of other important and significant players in your life and assess whether or how you’re meeting each others’ needs. If your resources are complementary and your desires are similar, retrograde Jupiter provides a chance to reestablish equilibrium between you. If not, being clear about what you want at least allows you to put your priorities first as you choose your direction and move forward with the new moon.


Be sure to check out the video 3 Eclipse Essentials You Need to Know for an important refresher on how to navigate the current eclipse season, as the eclipse degree will be active near this new moon for some readers. And remember: no ultimatums at eclipse time. Watch the video to learn why.


Venus enters Taurus


Venus leaves Aries for her home sign of Taurus early in the month, and she’ll stay for most of June, from the 4th through the 29th. We find more pleasure in life while Venus is in Taurus, and generally want to experience a slower pace, taking time to savor and find enjoyment in our activities.  


Mercury sextile Uranus


Surprise good news, spontaneous travel opportunities, and unexpected encounters with friends are all possibilities near June 7th, when Mercury and Uranus exchange pleasant greetings.


Sun square Neptune


June 9th and 10th are a more challenging set of days as disappointment is a risk if things don’t go our way. Don’t be tempted to deceive or dissemble or the result could be more than you bargained for when found out, which can happen once Neptune stations retrograde and begins revealing our collective secrets later in the month. Things may easily be blown out of proportion at this time.


Sun opposed Jupiter retrograde


Be careful not to go overboard or exaggerate in any way near June 9th or 10th as others may find that off putting at the least or borderline deceptive at the worst. While any opposition can trigger a crisis point, the opposition of the sun and retrograde Jupiter on the 10th provides a rare second chance to either set things right or change your trajectory.  

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Mars trine Neptune, Mars opposed Saturn retrograde


Don’t fight against obstacles and limitations which may arise near the 14th when Saturn and Mars face off. While it’s frustrating when the will is thwarted, consider that what you stand to gain from any delay may be in your highest good, even if you can’t see it in the moment. You can fight, but the effort--and the energy--will be wasted. Look for ways you can be helpful instead, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.


Jupiter retrograde square Neptune, Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury opposed Saturn retrograde, Sun enters Gemini


News or information that comes to light near June 16th could alter your perception or understanding of a situation or circumstance as a consequence.


The sun moves into Gemini the same day, a four week transit focusing the spotlight on the flow of information and communication, people, goods and services, and knowledge of all kinds until mid July.


Mercury conjunct Mars, Saturn sextile Neptune


June 18th brings challenges when Mercury and Mars conjoin in opposition to Pluto and Saturn in Sagittarius, triggering the potential for conflict and power plays due to frustration over delays and limitations. A focus on speaking truth--whether that’s speaking truth to power or speaking your own personal truth--and on outcomes which reflect the highest good of all involved can help to navigate what challenges the day may bring.


Remember, oppositions often manifest as a crisis point related to unresolved issues or ongoing circumstances which can no longer continue. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis in your natal chart will provide clues as to where in your life such a crisis may crop up.


Full moon in Sagittarius


The June 17th full moon in Sagittarius may be somewhat difficult to navigate, as the outcome may be delayed or not readily apparent. There’s a potential for frustration with delays or obstacles, or even the unwelcome influence of a boss or other authority figures with the Mercury-Mars conjunction close enough to influence the outcome of this full moon. Secrets or hidden information may also be of the picture, or it may be simply that entire picture has yet to come into focus.


Some readers may uncover those details in the days just ahead of the full moon just as the sun entered Gemini on the 16th.


If not, stalling tactics may be called for should you need to make an important decision or take a significant course of action, in order to buy the time for whatever it is you need to know to come to light. Remember, eclipses reveal things--and with this full moon coming under the influence of the July lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, that news could come sooner than you think.


The main difficulty is, you won’t want to wait long to finalize what you’re working on as a second full moon in Sagittarius in July brings new challenges to the mix as an awkward sort of second chance to move through this dynamic.


Just the week ahead of next month’s eclipse, the Mars-Uranus square could touch off something quite unexpected. Emotions may be volatile and events disruptive, touching of a flurry of sudden activity or even aggression. Compounding that, Mercury turns retrograde at the same time, so navigating the retrograde and eclipse may prove challenging for many readers.


The small blessing here is that the July lunar eclipse offers an encore opportunity to try again and get right the things that clearly aren’t working in the wake of the June full moon.


One thing to note: with Mercury retrograde at the July 16th eclipse, if you choose to use that full moon to finish something important, you may have to go back and make corrections later. If that poses no real difficulty in your situation, or if you have Mercury retrograde in the natal chart, then it may be of less concern.


Ultimately, if you have something to bring to a conclusion in the house Sagittarius rules in your sidereal natal chart, you’ll have two opportunities to do so. If you need help identifying hich full moon is best for your particular situation, you can book an Ask the Astrologer mini reading and we’ll take a closer look together.


If you’re directly affected by the coming July 17th eclipse, you’ll want to keep an eye on the critical dates outlined in this blog post. If you’re not sure whether you’re affected directly, I’ll walk you through how to find out in the accompanying video July 2019 Eclipse Season: Critical Dates and Degrees to Know.

Mars opposed Pluto retrograde, Mercury opposed Pluto retrograde


Again, tensions may run high on June 19th when Mars and Mercury are both challenged by powerful Pluto. Try not to tangle with authority figures unnecessarily near this date, as it could backfire.


Mercury enters retrograde shadow


The very next day, June 20th, Mercury enters the shadow of his July 8th retrograde in sidereal Cancer. You’ll have from this date through early July to prepare for the retrograde, but you’ll want to wrap up any Mercury-ruled activities well before this date, or plan to put them off until after Mercury goes direct--or better yet, leaves his shadow--once August arrives.


Early June is a prime opportunity to think ahead to July’s Mercury retrograde and prepare, as we’ll collectively begin to feel the effects of that retrograde before month’s end.


The first half of the month is best for a last ditch push to advance Mercury-ruled activities before the slowdown gets underway, and the final weeks are a good time to prepare for the retrograde by backing up data and devices and double checking appointments, schedules, and travel itineraries.  


If you have any contracts to sign, big ticket purchases to make, or automobiles or electronics to buy, either do it now, before mid-month, or consider waiting until after the retrograde is over and Mercury is back up to speed.


If you need a refresher on what Mercury retrograde is all about, and how you can best navigate the retrograde--including contingency plans for when you don’t have the option to delay--read the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide right here.


Neptune stations retrograde, Mercury enters Cancer


Neptune will join Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde after he stations June 21st, when he begins backtracking through sidereal Aquarius. Neptune in retrograde reveals what has been previously hidden or kept secret, so watch for revelations to come between now and late November, especially in the Houses ruled by Pisces and Aquarius in your sidereal natal chart.


Mercury moves into Cancer the same day, a lengthy nine and 1/2 week long event marking Mercury’s second retrograde of the year, much longer than the three weeks Mercury normally takes to transit a sign. While that retrograde gets underway next month, in July, we’ll begin to feel Mercury’s slowdown now, in June, when Mercury enters the retrograde shadow June 21st.


Readers with Cancer sun or Cancer rising, take note--Mercury’s long tour of your sign will affect you more than it may others.


Venus opposed Jupiter retrograde, Mars enters Cancer


The 23rd evokes a self indulgent attitude not very conducive to getting much of practical concern accomplished. With sensual Venus and idealistic Jupiter eyeing each other across the cosmic dance floor, we tend to feel more inclined to live in our head, indulging in our own inner senses rather than in dealing with mundane, day to day reality. If you can, plan to use this day for something fun or pleasurable, or at the very least don’t plan to be very productive--you may not get as much done as you want.


Mars joins Mercury in Cancer the same day, galvanizing activity around domestic matters from June 23rd until early September when he moves on to optimistic Leo. If you have plans to use Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer in alignment with your natal blueprint Mars’ presence here will help give you the drive you need to make the most of it all the way through. Plan to include regular periods for rest as the lunar influence can make energy levels fluctuate more frequently when Mars is in Cancer.


Venus enters Gemini


At month’s end, Venus joins the sun in Gemini for a three and 1/2 week stay, in time to bring her favorable influence to bear on the coming new moon solar eclipse July 2nd.


Read on for customized advice for every sign. Be sure to read the June 2019 Short Reports for both your sidereal sun and rising signs for a more complete picture.  


Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, contact Phaedra by email or book an appointment.


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The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


The new moon June 3rd opens a path in your 2nd House of earned income and expenses. You may spend money on yourself at this time, improving your appearance through updating your clothes or changing your hairstyle, for instance. Take steps to give your income a boost near this new moon for long term benefits. At the full moon June 17th you could take a trip you’ve been planning, or explore new places and ideas through other means, like literature and film.


This is your birthday new moon, dear Taurus, and you get to use it any way you want. With Venus, your ruler, currently wrapping up her stay in your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, you may feel inclined to indulge in some quiet time alone with all your favorite things. Take some time to pamper yourself if you want, or at least to do something special just for you. If you were hoping to be able to rely on borrowed funds or a partner to come through financially, you may be disappointed near the full moon. Likewise if you were expecting a big bonus or a sizeable commission--the actual amount may be rather disappointing.


The new moon in Taurus brings with it the potential for beginning a brand new solo project, particularly one that could take you into new artistic territory if you’re the creative type. If you and a lover or business partner have kept your relationship low key and under wraps up until now, you may decide to make a major commitment at this time. Before you do, take the time to really get clear with each other about the big truths. You won’t want to carry unrealistic expectations into a long term partnership or joint venture, and you can use the full moon later in the month to clear away any misapprehensions by getting brutally honest with each other.


A social invitation or networking opportunity could come your way with the new moon in Taurus highlighting your solar 11th House of friends and social activities. This is the house of hopes and dreams, too, dear Cancer, so take advantage of this new moon to do something special just for yourself by taking action towards a precious dream you have. You may be finishing up a project at work near the full moon, and if so there’s a chance you’re disappointed in the result. Jupiter, ruler of this full moon, is retrograde and offering you a second chance here: spend time making improvements with this full moon and you’ll get another shot for a better outcome with the second full moon in Sagittarius coming mid July.


The Taurus new moon holds the potential to open a new career path for you, dear Leo. At the very least, you can take steps toward a significant professional project, one which may involve partnering over long distances or with someone from another country or culture. Then at the full moon be careful you’re not operating with blinders on when it comes to matters of the heart--you could be disappointed later if a partner lets you down or fails to live up to your ideals.


You may decide to do something to expand your horizons in the wake of this new moon in your 9th House of travel and higher learning. This is an excellent time to begin intensive study or research, especially involving psychology or metaphysical subjects. If you’re trying to put the finishing touches on a home related project near the June full moon, you may find it benefits you in the long run to adjust your schedule. There’s a chance you’re not fully satisfied with an outcome, and you may get closer to a result you’re happy with long term if you take the extra time to get it right.

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The June 3rd new moon in your 8th House of other people’s money could bring you financial gain or other resources through a partner. If there’s a need for funds to finance a long term arrangement, you may be able to secure the help you need. If you need to deal with a transportation crisis near the full moon there’s a risk you could pay a high cost and be out money in the end. If you can wait to put money into the issue, a second full moon in your solar 3rd House of transportation is coming in July, and you may have a clearer grasp of the problem and a less costly solution. Be careful of throwing good money after bad.


A partnership opportunity could come your way with the new moon in your solar 7th House. Watch for a offer or seek out worthy joint projects which can keep you interested from day to day. An income source could be coming to an end near the full moon in your financial 2nd House, and it could cause uncertainty with your living situation. If, on the other hand, you took steps to boost your income at the new moon in Sagittarius six months ago, you may be starting to see the payoff. Just be aware that payoff may be more illusory than it appears in the moment. This is not the time to take financial risks.


If you’re looking for a change of pace in your daily life, you can use this new moon to get creative in shaking up your routine.You may have a tendency to get stuck in a rut, so consider finding a way to reward yourself with something really enticing. The June full moon may bring something quite personal to a conclusion, dear Sagittarius, and there’s a chance you could be disappointed in the outcome. If that’s the case, use the time between now and the July full moon in your sign to determine what changes or corrections you could make for a better outcome. If you’re traveling, take care to know your route and keep your itinerary flexible in case of detours and wrong turns.


The early June new moon lights your 5th House of romance and creativity, giving you the chance to shift gears and enjoy yourself for a change. Spend time at home relaxing with a loved one or doing something that stimulates your creative juices. Take some time to yourself at the full moon in Sagittarius even if you balance that with some time out with a friend. You’ll need that time to yourself to recharge your batteries and wrap up the things you’ve been working on behind the scenes. If you’re not happy with the results, take some time to tweak and adjust and see what you have in another month.


Your home environment may be undergoing a change of some kind with the new moon in your solar 4th House of home and family June 3rd. You could change residences, or begin a home related project. Or, a parent may take a focal point in the family life with this new moon, and you may be in a position to help. Then at the the full moon you may feel the urge to connect with friends, even if you’re really just along for the ride. Spend your time with important, long time friends rather than professional acquaintances who’ll have a harder time understanding you.


A travel opportunity or message could come your way near the new moon, dear Pisces, and if so it likely holds the potential for financial gain or other personal benefit. Be on the lookout for possibilities even if the payoff isn’t immediate. A career goal may be in sight at the full moon in Sagittarius, and you may be orchestrating the finale from back stage. You’ll have an opportunity for an encore at next month’s full moon, too. Look for ways to enrich your performance between now and then.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

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