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Aquarius Sun
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October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and priorities.


Long distance travel and communication are frequent themes of the month for Aquarius as your international sector plays host to the fastest moving planets during the course of October.

Mercury square Pluto


Watch for financial news near the 2nd, when Mercury faces a challenge from Pluto in your social sector. A VIP in your social circle could be influential in an 8th House matter, although you may not immediately see the result you’re hoping for.


Early in the month you may face challenges accessing the resources you need because of it, but don’t give up–you’ll have another opportunity later. Be persistent.


Venus stations retrograde


Venus retrogrades on the 5th, signaling a slowdown in your international sector as you take time to reevaluate a situation over the next six weeks.


The 9th House, where you currently host Venus, governs ideas that reach large numbers of people over great distances of time and space, including publishing, broadcasting, foreign people and places and your travels among them, but also higher education and religious and philosophical teachings. Law and legal matters belong here, too.


This relatively rare opportunity from Venus is a chance to get clear on what is most important to you in any of these areas of life that may be coming up for you between now and the end of the year, but especially up through mid November


If you travel somewhere distant during this time, it may be somewhere you’ve been before and genuinely enjoyed visiting.


Mercury enters Libra


Mercury joins Venus in Libra the next day, October 5th, for a three week long visit to your long distance travel and communication sector. During this time you may hear news from far away, or take a trip, or even pursue a course of study or certification of some kind. You could even encounter travelers from foreign countries, likely from places with different cultures than your own.

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New Moon in Virgo


Watch for financial news near the 8th of October, especially news from a great distance or from a foreign person or place. You could find yourself traveling unexpectedly near this date, though you’ll want to keep room in your itinerary to accommodate the potential for travel disruptions.


If you are wanting to turn over a new leaf financially, borrow funds, or make a new long term investment, you can do that with this new moon. Insurance and estate matters are also supported, if you have important business to begin in one of those areas.


Make your new start in the week just after this new moon–choose the 12th or 15th to make your initiation for best effect.


Venus square Mars, Mercury opposed Uranus


With Venus retrograde self care is a common theme, and you’re no exception, dear Aquarius. You may in fact be well ahead of the self care game with Mars currently active in your solar 12th House of rest and retreat.


When these two personal planets challenge each other on the 10th, you could come to a new understanding about self love practices and how they reflect your inner sense of self worth.


You could take a last minute trip or experience unexpected disruptions and schedule changes to travel plans you already had in the making.


Or, you could receive unexpected news from someone far away.


Sun square Pluto


If you’re up against a bureaucratic behemoth near the 11th while dealing with a tax, insurance, or estate matter, or working to secure funds or other resources, you may not feel like you’re making much headway as powerful institutional decision makers control the process.


Take heart, as you may find experienced counsel to guide you through a maze of red tape.  


Mercury sextile Saturn


Keep your eye on the 12th for better news regarding your efforts, as you may finally clear the last remaining hurdles in your undertaking.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


The 15th is a perfect day for tucking into a good book by your favorite foreign author, even if it’s one you’ve read before.


Jupiter finally moves on to Scorpio the same day, after spending the past year bringing his blessings to your travel and communication sector. For the coming twelve months you’ll host Jupiter in your career sector, providing a rare opportunity for significant growth and achievement professionally.

“An encounter with an old friend or mentor could be just the valuable opportunity to socialize you need, dear Aquarius. Take in a musical performance or enjoy a meal of delicious foreign cuisine while you catch up on old times.”

Sun enters Libra


Then on the 18th the sun will join Mercury and Libra in your solar 9th House, putting international affairs back in the spotlight until mid November. Opportunities for travel, education and conversation seem to be everywhere in the coming four weeks.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


You could have the urge to travel near the 19th, and if you have the opportunity to go somewhere, find a destination near water and make relaxation your primary purpose for going.


Mercury sextile Pluto


Then, watch for good news about that financial matter to arrive near the 22nd, when influential Pluto sends a friendly greeting to Mercury in your 8th House. You may finally make some headway toward securing your financial picture.


Sun opposed Uranus


Travel disruptions are possible near the 23rd, so plan your day with extra room in your schedule for last minute changes to your travel itinerary.


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


Then, at the October 24th full moon in Aries, you could undergo an extremely emotional experience. You’re typically quite rational, but this full moon is likely to affect you directly. A sibling or extended family member may be involved, or even a neighbor. Watch near the full moon for your news.


Alternatively, you could have a genius creative insight that propels you to finish a writing project, marketing campaign, or story you’ve been working on in the days near October 24th.


An encounter with an old friend or mentor could be just the valuable opportunity to socialize you need, dear Aquarius. Take in a musical performance or enjoy a meal of delicious foreign cuisine while you catch up on old times.   


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Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


Make self care and self love your focus when retrograde Venus meets up with the sun on the 26th.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Mercury will move on from your international sector on the 27th, having delivered his news. He’s moving into Scorpio and your solar 10th House of career and achievement through the start of the new year.


This represents an extended stay for Mercury, who typically breezes through a sign in three weeks or less, however he’s due to retrograde in this part of your chart just next month. In fact, he enters the shadow of that retrograde at the same time he makes his sign change.  


You’ll feel things begin to slow down in your career sector in the coming weeks, and you’ll have an opportunity to review your professional progress and decide if and where you’d like to make changes in your plans or strategy. This is a timely transit, coming as it does at the beginning of Jupiter’s tour of your career sector–you’re being giving a chance to make sure you’re on the right path before Jupiter delivers his blessings.


For all my best advice on how to work with Mercury retrograde house by house, you’ll want to read up for the 10th House in your copy of The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. You can get a brief rundown right here and even more information in the complete Guide, on sale for a limited time.


This is a good day to meet with a mentor to seek advice on your long term goals and aspirations.


astrologer & artist

Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Watch for good career news to come your way on the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter meet up in your 10th House. You could be recognized for an accomplishment, and reward may be headed your way.


Venus opposed Uranus


Finally, at month’s end you can take unexpected pleasure in exploring foreign places and cultures, either through travel, books, or study. You may be reminded of what you love and appreciate about a place or people special to you.

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