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October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and priorities.


This means Venus’s retrograde could find you reevaluating what family means to you and who exactly you include in that definition.

Mercury square Pluto


Be cautious of what you say in conversations and emails at the office near the beginning of the month, as the risk of power struggles is high and something you say could be taken as a challenge to authority by a VIP or other influential person you work with.  


Venus stations retrograde


When Venus retrogrades on the 5th she invokes a certain sense of nostalgia, and you may spend time reminiscing about a family home in the coming weeks.  


You might be inspired to change up the look in your own place during this time, if only in an attempt to recreate that familiar feeling of home.


See if you can distill the feeling down to a few core qualities, and then see if you can’t transform the atmosphere of your own home by recreating those key qualities. Was it the smell of baking? Find a yummy candle. The look of the light coming in the windows? See if you can find similar curtains.


Go spelunking through your family traditions and history to find inspiration for how you can bring that feeling to life in your own home.


Mercury enters Libra


Mercury joins Venus in your house of home and family the very next day, opening dialogue between you and a parent. This is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions about your recollections. You might even discover a piece or two such as a painting or item of furniture from your family home is still around. Mercury will be here for three weeks, ample opportunity to have that chat.


Alternatively, you may decide much of what was once important to you about the family or home you came from isn’t any longer, and instead spend Venus retrograde identifying what really is.


Or, use this time to reconnect with self love, especially if you came from a family that struggled with expressing love, or if you have difficulty giving love to or receiving love from a mother figure.

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New Moon in Virgo


The October 8th new moon in Virgo brings a local travel opportunity perhaps, or news from a sibling, extended family, or possibly involving a neighbor or your community. You can plan a last minute trip to visit family nearby, or unexpectedly host company at your own home.


If you’ve been thinking about beginning a writing project, taking a short trip, or getting involved with a neighborhood association or event, make your new start in the week just after this new moon–choose the 12th or 15th to make your initiation for best effect.


Whatever it is you begin at this new moon, the results are likely to be unexpected and long lasting.


Venus square Mars, Mercury opposed Uranus


There could be tension between a partner and a parent near the 10th , when Venus and Mars square off from your 4th House of home and family. You may feel caught in the middle and pressured to side with the parent out of loyalty.


Impulsive and rebellious words could reflect on your reputation and impact your status withing the family.


Sun square Pluto


A VIP or authority in your work place has the upper hand–remember this if you need this person’s help on your behalf. If the answer is no, don’t challenge them now if you don’t absolutely need to–there will be better opportunities down the road. In fact it may be better to wait until later in the month for those opportunities to make your petition.


Mercury sextile Saturn


An older, more experienced coworker or a mentor at the office may have helpful advice for you near the 12th. If you’re unsure what to do about a home or family situation, ask.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


Use the days around the 15th to declutter your home and do seasonal cleaning. You can designate items you no longer need or want for donating or yard sale.


This is also a wonderful time to chat with a parent or go home for a visit.


Jupiter finally leaves Libra for Scorpio this day, too, beginning his year-long tour of your romance and creativity sector. The coming year could offer your best chances to find love and romance if you’re single and looking, dear Cancer.


Otherwise, you can use this energy creatively, in a hobby or sport, or if you’ve been thinking of having children this is a good year to try for a family.

“Go spelunking through your family traditions and history to find inspiration for how you can bring that feeling to life in your own home.”

Sun enters Libra


The sun moves into Libra on the 18th of October for his annual four week tour of your home and family sector. Your family, parents, home or property is spotlighted between now and mid November.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


Conflicts within partnerships are a risk near the 19th when Mercury and Mars face off, though you may have an opportunity to extricate yourself from any difficult situations which may come  out of it.


Be adaptable to new ideas and open to inspiration around how best to communicate those ideas in a way your partner can relate to. Put yourself in their shoes.


Mercury sextile Pluto


If you need the support of an influential coworker or VIP in the workplace, use the 22nd to make your move, when this person is likely to be receptive. If you made a request early in the month and were refused, you may be able to make more progress at this time especially if circumstances have changed since the 2nd.


Sun opposed Uranus


If you work from home or have a family business your efforts could earn you unexpected recognition near the 23rd. You may have a novel or unorthodox approach that differentiates you from others in your field and earns you notice.


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


At the full moon October 24th your career is highlighted in unexpected ways. You could experience an unexpected reversal of fortune in some way related to your reputation, status, or professional life. While Uranus isn’t subject to more challenging planetary contacts right now, we normally look to the ruler of the full moon to determine its final outcome, and Mars–as ruler–is largely unaspected and therefore unpredictable in his influence. This full moon could go either way.


To bolster your chances of a positive outcome, seek the guidance of a mentor or an older, more experienced colleague in the workplace. Make meeting a work-related commitment your highest priority.


Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


Use the days near the 26th to reevaluate a real estate deal or home improvement project, or to decide what you might like to replace, redecorate or upgrade about your living space. You may realize your existing space just doesn’t reflect what’s important to you anymore.


Or, use this day for a similar exercise, but with your business if you work from home or in a family business. Have a closer look at what is truly profitable and what isn’t moving your business forward.


Alternatively, you may have a difficult time showing love for or receiving love from a parent at this time, or find that ideas around self love and self worth come up which may be colored by your relationship with one or both parents. You may realize where you’ve internalized values which were impressed upon you by a parent but that don’t reflect what’s truly important to you.

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Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Mercury moves on the Scorpio on the 27th, the same day he enters the shadow of his coming November retrograde. He’ll spend the next ten weeks here, providing the perfect opportunity to go back and wrap up an unfinished creative  project.


Alternatively, if you are estranged from a child or lover and  wish to make amends, Mercury’s retrograde can bring the opportunity for reconciliation.


For all my best advice on how to work with Mercury retrograde house by house, you’ll want to read up for the 5th House in your copy of The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. You can get a brief rundown right here and even more information in the complete Guide, on sale for a limited time.


Step up to meet a family or work related commitment at this time, or make a commitment to your own health by doing what you can at home–whether that includes workouts you don’t need to go to a gym to do, or balanced home cooked meals from simple, basic ingredients instead of processed and pre-packaged foods.



astrologer & artist

Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Good news is possible on the 29th, when messenger Mercury and lucky Jupiter meet up in your romance and creativity sector.  


If you’re a writer, poet, or someone who works with words creatively or as a hobby, this could be your most productive day all year. Take a creative risk today and it could pay off in a big way.


Venus opposed Uranus


You could have a sudden change of heart about what’s important to you about a home or family matter, or about a parent or parents near the 31st when Venus and Uranus face off for a second time this year.


Think back to the days around September 12th, when this aspect happened the first time. It’s possible you were forced to make a quick decision about something, or that you made a choice on impulse related to your home and property or your parents.


If so, you may be reevaluating that decision as Venus retraces her steps as the month ends. Check your own natal chart for planets or points at or near 5 degrees of a cardinal sign, Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn to see how directly you may be affected,

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