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Gemini Sun
Gemini Rising

October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and priorities.


For you, dear Gemini, that examination plays out in your romantic and creative lives, and through your connections with children–especially once your ruler, Mercury, moves into Libra to join Venus there for much of the month.

Mercury square Pluto


The potential for power struggles and conflicts for control could arise between you and a partner early in the month, particularly over joint concerns in the home. Open dialogue and your ability to be flexible will work in your favor near the 2nd.


Venus stations retrograde


On the 5th Venus reaches a standstill in Libra, preparing as she is to retrograde there for six weeks, until mid November. For creatively inspired Gemini this is the perfect time to go back and finish up any creative projects you’ve left undone, whether that’s a fine art such as painting or sculpture, a musical art like composing, or even a writing project or favorite hobby of yours.


This is also a time to get clear about what is important to you in your romantic relationships and to determine how best to re-prioritize those qualities. You’ll have until mid November to decide.


Mercury enters Libra


Then on the 6th, Mercury’s ingress into Libra and your solar 5th House shifts your attention from home and family related matters to fun, creativity, and romance. If you have been diligent with your seasonal or household chores in the past few weeks, you can now focus on a bit of fun and enjoyment.

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New Moon in Virgo


A child, lover, or friend could surprise you near the October 8th new moon in Virgo, activating your solar 4th House of home and family. You might feel the urge to share something important to you with someone close. Enjoy some spontaneous fun.


If you’ve been wanting to find a new home, begin a home improvement project or even just rearrange your living space for a fresh new feel, you can use this full moon to make your start, especially so if your focus is more on functionality than on appearance and aesthetic.


Remember, especially if purchasing a home, that it’s far easier (and cheaper!) to change the overall look than the underlying structure. Appliances, paint, and fixtures are rather quick and simple changes to make in your home’s appearance, but knocking down walls or adding rooms is a big commitment of time, expense, and inconvenience.


With Venus retrograde you could expect to run into some visual duds, but that’s not what’s important at this stage. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to redecorate later, after Venus returns to direct motion.  


Make your new start in the week just after this new moon–choose the 12th or 15th to make your initiation for best effect.


Venus square Mars, Mercury opposed Uranus


Go on a spur of the moment date with a romantic partner near the 10th and you could have unexpected fun. If an opportunity comes up to earn bonus or commission income near this date you may need to act quickly to seize it.


A risk taken near this date, even a financial one, could have an unexpected or unintended outcome.


Sun square Pluto


Be careful of butting heads with an influential partner or adversary near the 11th, as this person has the upper hand and isn’t likely to budge at this time. There may be something you don’t know just yet but need to.


Mercury sextile Saturn


On the 12th you’ll have help from an older or more experienced mentor to guide you, and you may find it easier to overcome obstacles.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


Spend time completing an unfinished artistic endeavor or creative project at mid month, when retrograde Venus and your ruler, Mercury, team up in your 5th House of love and creativity.


Jupiter also moves into the sign of Scorpio on this date, providing his protective benefits for your health and no small degree of job security in the coming year while he passes through your solar 6th House of work and health.


You can expect to see your daily workload increase during this time, and in spite of that you may find it easier to establish beneficial daily habits and routines.

“For creatively inspired Gemini this is the perfect time to go back and finish up any creative projects you’ve left undone, whether that’s a fine art such as painting or sculpture, a musical art like composing, or even a writing project or favorite hobby of yours.”

Sun enters Libra


Romance and creativity really begin to take center stage when the sun moves into Libra on the 18th of October, beginning his annual four week tour of your solar 5th House of true love.


This is a time when you can find it easy to feel optimistic and enjoy lighthearted fun, through mid November.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


Disagreements over money or the best use of resources are possible near the 19th when Mercury and Mars square off over your financial sector. You may be faced with repaying a debt, or dealing with a rivalry over an estate settlement, inheritance or bonus.


It’s possible you know something your competition doesn’t and that may help you negotiate a resolution.   


Mercury sextile Pluto


If you found yourself caught in a power struggle back at the beginning of the month, your opportunity to shift the influence of power improves near the 22nd, when a VIP or other person of authority is more easily persuaded to your way of thinking. You may have an easier time negotiating for what you want if you can wait to make your petition until this time.


Sun opposed Uranus


A spur of the moment social engagement could be just the impetus you need to get out and enjoy an evening with a romantic interest just before the full moon. Do something spontaneous, fun, and romantic.


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


If you are extended a last minute invitation near the October 24th full moon in Aries, take it–your spontaneity could make you a new friend.


You could renew your commitment to a long term partner near this full moon, too.


Alternatively, get involved in a cause and show your support near the full moon. 


If you’re involved in a group project or team effort of some kind, work together to finalize the details and complete your endeavor in the ten days following this full moon.

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Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


Use the 26th for practicing self love in new and unusual ways. Go back to something important you’ve left unfinished and finish it near this date. If you feel “stuck” in terms of creative direction, Uranus could help with a sudden insight which propels you forward quite unexpectedly in a matter of days.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Mercury, your ruler, moves into Scorpio on the 27th, the same day he enters the shadow of his upcoming November retrograde. That slowdown means he’ll be here in your 6th House of work and health for ten weeks instead of his usual three.


This is an opportunity to refocus on your health and healthy habits, and to review your daily work routines to see where they need a shakeup. Identify what’s working and what isn’t and make a plan to implement changes.


For all my best advice on how to work with Mercury retrograde house by house, you’ll want to read up for the 6th House in your copy of The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. You can get a brief rundown right here and even more information in the complete Guide, on sale for a limited time.


A long term commitment to a partner in marriage or business made near the 27th could be just the kind of positive risk you need to take, and one that could have a lasting influence on your creative undertakings.


Alternatively, you could look to an older person or mentor for guidance about a romance, creative project, or a child you’re close to.



astrologer & artist

Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Put a gold star on the 29th, the luckiest day of the year for you, dear Gemini, when Jupiter meets up with you ruler, Mercury, in your solar 6th House. Expect good news at the office near that date. Check your natal chart for any planets or points at 3 degrees Scorpio to see how intensely you may be affected.


Venus opposed Uranus


Finally, on the 31st do something fun and unexpected with a child or a romantic interest in your life. Or, go back to that unfinished creative project you have waiting for you and consider taking a creative risk. It could turn out to be a visionary stroke of genius or give you just the insight you need to bring to life the end result you seek.

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