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October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and priorities.


Financial dealings are a recurring theme for you this month, dear Pisces. You may find you encounter red tape and delays around a career matter, too, but take heart–you may see more progress in October’s second half.

Mercury square Pluto


One such encounter with red tape or powerful authority figures comes up early in the month, when Mercury and Pluto clash on the 2nd in your career sector. The news you receive may not be what you really want to hear.


Venus stations retrograde


On the 5th Venus stations retrograde in your solar 8th House of other people’s money, pushing you to slow down an reevaluate your financial needs and plans.


Venus rules money, and when she’s retrograde you probably won’t be seeing things clearly–especially not the value of assets, investments, or resources.


This is a six week long transit lasting until mid November, so don’t rush to any judgments or make hasty financial decisions which could have lasting repercussions.


Mercury enters Libra


The next day, October 6th, Mercury joins Venus in your financial house, bringing news or communication about 8th House matters to your attention.


Mercury in the 8th House, which also rules bonus and commission income, can be a supportive transit for salespeople or those who earn income through bonuses or commissions.


With Venus retrograde, it may be a stronger strategy to seek out repeat business with former clients and customers rather than expending effort to drum up new business.

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New Moon in Virgo


Your partner could come in to a financial windfall of some sort near the new moon in Virgo October 8th. Or, an unexpected expense could come up, as another possibility.


If you are considering a partnership venture or joint project, Venus retrograde may not be the ideal time to make your start, even with the new moon in your solar 7th House of marriage an business partners.


However, you may be better positioned to give a previous joint venture another shot in the wake of this new moon. If your potential partner is someone you’ve had the opportunity to work with before to successful result, you can give it a shot.


Make your start in the week just after this new moon–choose the 12th or 15th to make your initiation for best effect. 


Venus square Mars, Mercury opposed Uranus


Unexpected financial news could come your way near the 10th, involving your personal income or money you receive through investments, loans, or inheritance. This includes windfalls and bonuses, too–whatever happens may be entirely out of left field or involve a sudden reversal of fortune.


You may seek out a friend or institution in pursuit of the resources you need.


Sun square Pluto


Power struggles are possible when Pluto and the sun challenge each other over the 11th. Clashes for control with a partner or a VIP in your professional sphere could arise, and neither would be likely to work out in your favor. If you’re needing the support of one or the other–or both–hold off making your request until later in the month, when conditions are more favorable.


Mercury sextile Saturn


Good news opportunities could come your way near the 12th, dear Pisces, when a more experienced colleague or mentor in your professional life may be able to facilitate a bonus or commission you’re working to earn.


Your own commitment and dedication may even be the means by which you earn rewards and accolades. All your efforts and hard work may be paying off at this time.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


You may be better off holding on to an asset or investment you’re considering selling near mid month, at least until after Venus returns to direct motion and you can be more confident you have a true understanding of its value.


Alternatively, you are much more well positioned to score a good deal on an antique or vintage purchase, as the seller may not recognize the items true worth.


If you’re in a position where a potential loss or less than full compensation isn’t going to cause you financial harm, you can go ahead and proceed now rather than waiting, if you choose.


At the same time, Jupiter makes his move into Scorpio and your 9th House of long distance travel and communication for a year long stay, blessing any travel or publishing ventures that serve to take you out of your comfort zone in the coming twelve months.


If you decide to go back to school or initiate a legal proceeding in this time frame, your efforts are well supported with Jupiter in your 9th House, his natural home.

“If you are working on a personal project or in the final stages of an activity which involves you directly, you can use the days just after this full moon for the finishing touches before you present it to the world.”

Sun enters Libra


On the 18th of October the sun makes his move into Libra for a four week stay in your solar 8th House, putting financial dealings and other people’s resources center stage until mid November.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


Be watchful if a friend requests to borrow money near the 19th, as you may not have all the information you need to make an informed decision. There is a risk of loss if you do, so be certain that you can afford to take that loss before agreeing to any terms.


Alternatively, you could learn a secret near this date which adversely affects a friendship or friendly rivalry, or which ultimately casts a social connection in an unfavorable light.


Mercury sextile Pluto


Financial news is headed your way again on the 22nd, possibly in the form of a bonus when an influential VIP in your professional sector recognizes your contributions or achievements.


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Sun opposed Uranus


Money surprises are possible the next day as unexpected events could disrupt your financial plans. You may find yourself headed back to the drawing board to revamp your strategy.


Alternatively, you could suddenly come into money, such as winnings or inheritance monies, or suffer sudden losses.


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


Watch for financial surprises near the full moon October 24th, too–only this time the surprises are more likely to be yours than a partner’s. With Uranus involved by conjunction and the ruler of the full moon, Mars, unaspected it’s impossible to predict whether the outcome will hurt or help you. You could face an unexpected expense or an unanticipated raise with equal likelihood.


If you are working on a personal project or in the final stages of an activity which involves you directly, you can use the days just after this full moon for the finishing touches before you present it to the world.


Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


Spend some time near the 23rd reevaluating your options before proceeding. You may not fully recognize the risks or the potential for reward at this time, so it’s wise to proceed slowly and cautiously, especially if the risk of losses could hurt you.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Mercury joins Jupiter in your international sector on the 27th, the same day he enters the shadow of his third and final retrograde of the year. You’ll feel the slowdown in the same types of 9th House dealings enumerated above, so this is your chance to review what you’re doing in those areas before charging full speed ahead with Jupiter to fuel you.


Mercury will spend ten weeks here rather than his typical three, so take advantage of the time to make sure you’re on the right track before proceeding on 9th House matters.


For all my best advice on how to work with Mercury retrograde house by house, you’ll want to read up for the 9th House in your copy of The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. You can get a brief rundown right here and even more information in the complete Guide, on sale for a limited time.


That same day you could be recognized for your professional achievements and any long term contributions to you’ve made to your field, when Saturn and the sun connect in a friendly way. Financial rewards may be headed your way, too.


Alternatively, if you are needing advice on a money matter, an older colleague or mentor in your professional circle may be just the right person to help.  


astrologer & artist

Mercury conjunct Jupiter


A travel opportunity could come up near the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter meet up in your 9th House. Or, you could hear good news about an educational opportunity or legal matter, or even enter talks with a publisher if your dream is to write and publish a book. Whatever comes up, it could just be the best news you’ve had all year.


Venus opposed Uranus


Finally, at month’s end Venus and Uranus face off over your money houses, triggering an unexpected event such as an unforeseen expense of some kind. If you need to make a major purchase with Venus retrograde, it would be wise to cover your purchase with some type of insurance or protection plan.


Likewise, if you intend to make an investment this month, have your financial advisor hedge your investment, too–this month end exchange between retrograde Venus and unpredictable Uranus in your financial sector is a prime example of why it would be a good idea–better to be safe than sorry.

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