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October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and priorities.


For you, dear Virgo, it’s still birthday month as October opens, and your attention is very much on yourself, what you’re doing, and things which are personally important to you, though your focus will shift to finances before the month is out.

Mercury square Pluto


Your ruler, Mercury, squares off with Pluto early in the month, when you can be drawn into power struggles in the home, or find yourself vying for influence with a parent.


Alternatively, if you’re involved in a property matter or real estate deal and need the approval or assistance of a local authority you may find red tape and bureaucracy bar your way forward. This isn’t the day to push, but take heart–more favorable days are ahead.


Venus stations retrograde


Venus, ruler of your solar 2nd House of earned income and expenses, is due to station retrograde in that very house October 5th. While it’s possible you’ll feel a slowdown in your income sector, the coming six weeks are the perfect time for a little financial self care.


This is a golden opportunity to fully review your financial health, your budget, earnings, and expenses and make sure you’re where you need to be.


You can also use this time to go through your possessions and shed what you no longer need or use. Clean out closets, go through what you have stored in the garage, the kitchen, and the rest of the house to identify what you can clear out, and either donate (be sure to get your tax receipt) or yard sale what you can. Take the cash you earn and add it to your savings or emergency fund.


Mercury enters Libra


The next day, October 6th, your ruler will change signs, joining Venus in your 2nd House of money and expenses and making finances your primary focus for the coming three weeks.


New Moon in Virgo


It’s your birthday new moon, dear Virgo, that special, once-a-year opportunity to set an intention for manifesting anything you want. Just don’t make any major updates to your appearance or wardrobe right now. Rather, consider hitting thrift stores for designer pieces in classic styles, or sticking with tried and true pieces from your own wardrobe. You can also clear outdated looks from your closet to free up space and make extra cash in time for the holidays.


Whatever you use your birthday new moon for, make your new start in the week just after this new moon–choose the 12th or 15th to make your initiation for best effect.

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Venus square Mars, Mercury opposed Uranus


An unexpected expense or debt could come up near the 10th, causing disagreements over money when Mars gets involved with your financial sector.


Or, if you or a child (or even a romantic interest) participates in sports or some other hobby, you may incur an expense related to that.


This isn’t a good day to take a financial risk, as you could wind up on the losing end of the gamble.


Sun square Pluto


Your home and family sector takes center stage the next day, though, when Pluto sends a challenge to the sun in your sign on the 11th of October.


If you’re still wresting with a matter involving a parent or property, whether property you own or are seeking to own or occupy, it’s likely to come up again near this date.


The challenging news is that you’re still up against a VIP or authority figure whose help you need to move forward. If this is a property matter, it may be an landlord, inspector, or other official whose approval you need, and whatever process you’re going through seems to have it’s share of hoops to jump through.  


Or. a parent may be trying to control you–particularly your ability to express yourself and to be just who you are. This parent may be dangling their approval or some other carrot over your head, and you may not feel like taking the bait. You don’t have to.


Mercury sextile Saturn


It’s possible an older, more experience family member or father figure comes to your aid near the 12th. You could receive a gift, or enter into a financial commitment which benefits you in some way.


Or, you may seek this person out for advice on managing your money or on making a significant purchase.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


Financial news is possible on the 15th when retrograde Venus meets up with Mercury in your 2nd House. You could discover lost or forgotten funds or money you didn’t know you had as you conduct your financial review.


Alternatively, this could be a good day to meet with your financial planner or accountant to go over your accounts and take stock of where you are financially.

“This is a golden opportunity to fully review your financial health, your budget, earnings, and expenses and make sure you’re where you need to be.”

Sun enters Libra


The sun moves into Libra on the 18th of the month, beginning a four week period when your income and expenses are highlighted even more.


Focus on making sure you’re year-end ready financially between now and mid November. If you need to change your payroll withholding, make retirement account contributions or disbursements, or make contributions to education or medical accounts or tax deductible gifts (or anything else, really) before the end of the year make sure you have a plan put together now for doing so.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


The issue of income and spending could come up again near the 19th, a day when you’ll want to avoid taking financial risks if at all possible.


Conflicts over money or expenses could come up again at this time. You might prefer to bury yourself in your work and just avoid the entire ordeal–and if that work helps boost your income, well, all the better. Just be sure to take time to focus on self care, too–you deserve that.


Mercury sextile Pluto


The 22nd is a far better day for home and family matters, and you could finally see forward motion on a real estate or property issue near this date. Watch for good news.


If you’re dealing with a parent, even a controlling one, you may find it easier to negotiate for what you want or need at this time, and to communicate your value. You can make your voice heard.


Sun opposed Uranus


The next day, October 23rd, the sun and Uranus face off in your financial sector bringing unexpected–and unpredictable–happenings your way.


You could receive money quite out of the blue as some sort of windfall, such as a bonus, inheritance, or even winnings, such as lottery winnings. Or, an expense could suddenly come up, possibly involving a work expense, health matter, or even a veterinary cost which you need to cover.   


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


Then, at the full moon in Aries October 24th, financial surprises are possible. You could finally hear about a loan application, or an insurance claim, or you could get news of a legal decision on a support payment or receive a bill for a debt of some kind.


If you’re already in the middle of a matter such as one of the above, use the days around this full moon to finalize what you’re working on–finish up paperwork or applications, as you’ll want to be sure to have them submitted well in advance of next month’s Mercury retrograde.


Just know that something unexpected could come up as you are wrapping up the details.


Also at the 24th, you could receive a gift of some sort from a father figure or someone in the family, likely older, who has been a mentor to you in some way.

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Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


The 23rd presents an excellent opportunity to focus on financial self care and issues around self worth and what you truly deserve. With the sun and retrograde Venus meeting up in your financial sector, practicing self love means recognizing your own inherent value, developing a healthy sense of self worth, and giving yourself permission to enjoy the fruits of your labors in a healthy way.


You may spend a great deal of your time and energy serving others, dear Virgo. Take some time out today to serve yourself.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Your ruler, Mercury, leaves your financial sector for Scorpio and your solar 3rd House of travel and communication on the 27th, the very same day he enters the shadow of his coming November retrograde.


Things will begin to slow down for you over the coming weeks, and you may feel your energy levels dip with that slowdown. Practice self care and make sure you get both adequate rest and healthful good food during the coming weeks.


Mercury’s time in Scorpio can bring an influx of messages and conversation, and travel opportunities to places nearby. You may be more involved in your local community, or with neighbors, siblings, or extended family such as aunts, uncles or cousins between now and the end of the year.


For all my best advice on how to work with Mercury retrograde house by house, you’ll want to read up for the 3rd House in your copy of The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. You can get a brief rundown right here and even more information in the complete Guide, on sale for a limited time.


If you need to request a favor from a father figure or older mentor within your family, use this day to do so–especially if your request is financial in nature or if you’re wanting to take possession of a family heirloom.


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Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Put a gold star on the 29th, the luckiest day of the year for you, dear Virgo, when Jupiter meets up with you ruler, Mercury, in your solar 3rd House of travel and communication. Big news is headed your way, or the opportunity to travel to somewhere quite enjoyable.


Venus opposed Uranus


Finally, on the 31st, Venus faces off with Uranus in your financial sector. You could receive an unexpected gift or influx of cash, or have a sudden insight into your own inner sense of self worth.


Alternatively, your personal values or financial priorities may be radically altered by an unanticipated change.

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