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MARCH 2018

Gemini Sun
Gemini Rising

The full moon March 31st lights up your 3rd House of travel and communication, suggesting a travel opportunity may come your way in the form of a short trip or local getaway, or that you are putting the final touches on a writing project or some other communication activity.

A misunderstanding is possible between you and someone from another culture, or who speaks a language foreign to you, though you can suss out each others’ meaning with enough cooperation. You could even learn something new.


This full moon is a fantastic time to go on television, for an interview or publicity tour.


Venus and Mercury change signs early in the month, moving into your professional sector. They’ll share this public venue for about three weeks, so watch for valuable news which can benefit you professionally, and don’t be afraid to step into professional partnerships.


You could uncover something hidden while learning a new subject near the 4th, or discover an inspirational or spiritual philosophy different from any you’ve encountered before.  


If you are involved with broadcast theater or television performance, film, photography, or painting, get your message and your work out now. Do something to generate publicity at the 4th, when the sun conjoins dreamy Neptune in your publishing and broadcasting sector. Give a video interview or presentation.

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Jupiter stations retrograde on the 8th, presenting an opportunity to go back and finish any creative projects you’ve started but left undone. You’ll have a four and a half month window to get as much done as possible.  


Mars moves into Sagittarius that day, triggering an increase in activity in your partnership sector over the coming two months. There’s a greater potential for conflict, as well–channel that into healthy competition or passion between you and a partner.instead.


Mercury, your ruler, stations retrograde this month, and you’ll feel his slowdown personally, dear Gemini, beginning now as he enters the retrograde shadow on March 8th.


You may have to go back and redo a project you’ve been working on either by yourself, or behind closed doors. Use the coming three and 1/2 weeks to get it right.

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“You may have to go back and redo a project you’ve been working on either by yourself, or behind closed doors. Use the coming three and 1/2 weeks to get it right.”

Strike a balance between career conversations and your responsibility to a partner near the 13th.  


The sun moves into your career sector on the 15th, emphasizing professional matters over the coming four weeks.


Watch for a career opportunity to arise near mid-month. If it’s a chance to do business with a past client, or to take a position with a previous employer, you can consider accepting.


If not, know that if you accept, something about the position is likely to change quite unpredictably and could leave you disappointed.


If you need to accept an offer at this time, you can always keep looking, and take an offer after Mercury resumes direct motion, in early May.


Important career news is possible near the 19th, when Mercury conjoins Venus in your 10th House of career and achievement.


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It’s Mercury’s turn to station retrograde on the 22nd, and professional mistakes are possible. If you need to complete important work, finish it before this date and use the coming three weeks for review and revision.


Proof read and re-proof read all communications for the next several weeks, and be prepared for retrograde-related delays and slowdowns in your professional sector.


The good news is that if you previously missed taking advantage of a professional opportunity a second chance may present itself in the coming weeks.


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Venus moves into Aries and your friendship sector on the 26th. Reconnect with an old friend between now and the first half of April. If you owe this friend money, you may finally get the opportunity to pay up.


Something unexpected could come up in your social sector near the 28th when Venus and Uranus meet up in your 11th House of friendship.


It’s possible you could impulsively make a financial contribution to a cause, for instance.



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Finally on the 31st, the full moon in Virgo brings a home or property related matter to a conclusion, or perhaps something with your parents comes to a head and must be addressed.


You could even decide to move or sell your home, or finish up a protracted improvement project. Use the ten days after this full moon to conclude unfinished business.

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