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MARCH 2018

Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

The full moon March 1st lights your 9th House of international affairs, You could be taking a trip, or busy making the final arrangements for one in the days around this date.

You could learn something about a sibling or neighbor near the 4th, or about other extended family. Alternatively, you could learn  or teach a creative skill such as painting or photography, act in (or simply enjoy) a community theater production in the days around March 4th.


Mars moves into Sagittarius and your solar 1st House of image, identity and appearance on the 8th, bringing an increase in activity to your life in the coming two months. You’ll find yourself more active and on the go during this time, and you could even get involved in a sporting or athletic activity of some kind.


Your ruler, Jupiter, stations retrograde in Libra on the 8th of March, a slowdown affecting your social sector over the coming four and 1/2 months. If you’ve recently expanded your social circles, use this time to get to know your new friends better.

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Mercury also enters the shadow of his upcoming retrograde this day, reminding us it’s time to hold off beginning new projects, buying expensive or big ticket items, appliances or electronics–anything with moving parts.


This isn’t time to start things, but rather a time to make corrections and adjustments to what we’re already doing.


The 13th could be a challenging day for dealing with news from home or regarding a parent.


The sun moves into sidereal Pisces on the 15th of March, beginning his annual tour of your 4th House of home and family. You’ll likely find yourself dealing with family matters, possibly involving a parent, or perhaps property related issues between now and mid April.


Watch for news on this subject near the 19th.


The new moon in Pisces will kick off new activity in your home and family sector in the days around the 17th, If you were to begin a home related project right now, it’s better to focus on repairs  or completing renovations than on new additions.

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“If you’ve recently expanded your social circles, use this time to get to know your new friends better.”

With Mercury preparing to retrograde on the 22nd, now would not be the right time to begin a new home project involving adding on anything new or installing new electronics or tech upgrades.


It is a fantastic time to make repairs, though, so give your home and property a seasonal once over and take care of anything that needs attention in the coming three and a half weeks.


Spend time to reflect on and repair whatever isn’t working anymore in your family life. Don’t be afraid to make changes or adjustments to the ways your family lives life, especially in pursuit of the life you want to live.


New readers will want to grab a copy of the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide for helpful tips for navigating Mercury retrograde cycles with grace (and a minimum of fuss). You can download a free excerpt to help you learn what to do (and what not to do) right here.  


The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Venus moves on to your romance and creativity sector on the 26th, adding a lovely atmosphere to romantic affairs, and ending exceptional beauty to your creative projects through the first half of April..


You could have a sudden stroke of creative genius near the 28th, or simply be surprised by a lover or child.



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If you play sports be careful of accidents or injuries near that date, and be wary of gambling or risk taking, too.


The full moon at month’s end brings a career matter to culmination, and you could be recognized for a partnership role. You may be uncomfortable with all the unwanted attention.

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